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SURVEY: Majority of residents’ income earnings heavily affected by COVID-19

Almost 60 percent of residents who participated in a recent BVI Red Cross survey have indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their income earnings.

The BVI Red Cross conducted a survey entitled ‘COVID-19 Perception & Impact Survey’, which received responses from 200 residents.

From the findings, 58 percent of the respondents stated that their ability to earn an income had been affected over the past two weeks.

It further found that an additional 45.5 percent of residents said their income will be severely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Little to no income pose challenge in accessing food

Director of the BVI Red Cross Stacy Lloyd noted that while the survey indicated that there was no food shortage in the BVI, it found that persons have challenges accessing food due to little to no income or restriction on movement.

She said: “Jobs have been severely impacted and due to loss of income, persons are very concerned about their expenses.”

Director Lloyd also said the survey found that 83.4 percent of respondents approve of the compulsory social isolation measures taken by the government.

According to a media release from the BVI Red Cross, the survey was designed to assess the impact of the quarantine as well as to gauge how well residents were receiving COVID-19 related information.

Lloyd said the information from the survey will be used to help the organisation better understand public perception and need.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    Winner of this weeks , No Sh1t Sherlock award.

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  2. Eagle eye says:

    Carvin time is up tell us who is the deputy premier and stop momkeying around.

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  3. tough road ...... says:

    These surveys are ridiculous – there is such a small pool you are pulling your information from it makes no sense!

    I bet that every person in these islands has lost a lot of money (if not all their money) with the exception of the Civil Service which for the most part have enjoyed a 4 week paid vacation.

    But that’s ok, the Civil Service should live it up while they can, because now that the private sector has been devastated, and so many of us our out of work, or will soon be out of work, that sweet little tax base that provides the revenues to pay your salaries is going to dry up!

    Soon you will be marching to the same beat as the rest of us that have been impacted so harshly, and will only then understand why so many of us are crying to go back to work.

    Just watch and see!

    But for now, stay critical, tell all of us that are privately employed that we must stay home, and curse our selfish ignorance, and say that businesses (even though they are making no money) should pay everyone in full for as long as it takes.

    There will come a time when the need to eat, and to take care of family will exceed all other concerns. That pain, and that decision will be coming for you too sooner than you think.

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    • oh please says:

      I am not in the public service but what I do know is that taxes are certainly collected from them, unlike the leaching private sector.

      So goback an analyse who are the taxpaying community before you make uninformed statements.

  4. Diaspora says:

    Approx 60% of residents ability to earn an income affected by the Coronavirus. Is this a surprise to any one? No. The focus now needs to be strongly on being safe and on a phased and responsible reopening of the economy. The economy is in recession so we can skirt issue that way forward will be challenging. These are unprecedented times and people are griped with fear, challenges and uncertainty.

  5. true says:

    I haven’t earn a cent since the borders closed 19th March not 1 cent so put that in your survey. 1 day off 6 weeks without earning a crumb

  6. Opinion says:

    Survey sampling is too small for a population of 30,000 residents affected by Covid-19.

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  7. Poverty says:

    The sad thing is a lot of people which is a large percentage of the population that work minimum wage can’t afford the basic human needs much less save for a rainy day so that is why so many people have no choice but to depend on government hand out.On the other hand there are those people who no matter how many people in the household everyone have car and blinging to impress and show off some of these people have their priorities backwards they also depend on government and now their lifestyle going to be ruined.

  8. Quiet Rebel says:

    Only a visitor from Mars perhaps would have been surprised with the survey results. It is the biggest open secret this year what the survey result would say. If only the economy future were so easy to predict, but it is not. The economy is in the throes of a Coronavirus driven recession with some added structural problems. There will be some ground sea like turbulence in the months ahead. Back to this survey, the sample size is too small; thus, it is flawed. What is the level of confidence in this survey? Is it 95% or greater?

  9. Poor people says:

    I always wonder what percentage of BVI landers and belongers own their own property and what percentage paying rent . Also they age group of Bvislanders and belongers living with their parents simply because they can’t afford to pay rent much less to own their own homes.

  10. Keep trying says:

    So, you empty people to do surveys with our tax money to reveal the obvious. Really. How stupid. We survive on tourism. So dumb and a waste of tax payers money. Of course we are all going to have a decrease in income. So stupid of you!

  11. Somebody has to say it says:

    This sample size is seriously flawed the larger the sample size the greater the accuracy. For health polls you need at least 2 to 5 percent of the population size. So once again we have these fakes and phonies not even doing proper research to prove their thesis

  12. Stress out says:

    When are we allowed to go back to our country.i am here not working so its best i go home than staying here depending on government hand out.The government will not be able to sustain feedimg the population when the economy is not turning anything for the govermnent.I will be out on the first flight.Home is Home .

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