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Suspected case of coronavirus in BVI | Local health officials thrust into ’emergency meeting’

Highly-placed sources have told BVI News that there is a suspected case of the Novel Coronavirus in the British Virgin Islands.

It is being reported that a local recently arrived from China — the country where the outbreak originated — feeling ill and is now undergoing testing.

When BVI News contacted the Ministry of Health on Thursday (February 27), Public Health Communications Specialist Adrianna Soverall said she could not yet confirm the report but said top health officials have since entered into an “emergency meeting”.

An alarm about the suspected case was first raised unofficially via local social media.

BVI News will continue to provide more information on this developing story as it becomes available.

Editor’s Note

According to the World Health Organization, as of January 24, there were 79,331 confirmed cases of the coronavirus globally. Roughly 77,262 of those cases have been confirmed in China while 2,069 cases have been confirmed in 29 other countries.

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  1. concern citizen says:

    Boyyyyy, what 2020 has come too, where them mask at tho.

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  2. Shares says:

    Why would they allow anyone traveling from China to enter this country? IDIOTS.

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    • @ shares says:

      If they are a national they cant prevent them from entering

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      • Sad says:

        They couldn’t PREVENT it but they could’ve escorted them DIRECTLY to the hospital for quarantine. But i guess since it is a local, they were checked by someone they probably knew so that person did not take the matter serious. Or did the standard check in

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        • @ sad says:

          Does the hospital have a quarantine area. Its better they are home rather than in the hospital to kill off people with weakened immune systems

    • ? says:

      Did you miss the part about them being LOCAL???? What would you do send them back to Asia?

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      • Locals can't spread diseases? says:

        It’s not about sending them back.

        It’s about containing the virus. Local or not. If you have the virus you should be put in quarantine.

        Or are islanders not prone to virusses?

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    • Exactly says:

      Why y’all letting those ppl enter from China, send them back just like the immigrants y’all be doing.

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    • Kno d facts says:

      The person did not travel from China.

  3. WHO says:

    Unhelpful to have a picture of a “positive” result when reporting about a suspected case which may or may not be being tested.

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  4. @ shares says:

    I’m saying the same thing. I thought once you are coming from those countries the government puts them under quarantine like other countries doing. They got to get their heads together.

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  5. Smh says:

    What the f* is that person is doin in China in the first place! Dumb mutha f**ah!

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  6. SMH says:

    Typical media trying to sir up f***ry!

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  7. ? says:

    If there is a suspected case… why are healthcare workers not informed? A plan should have been in place for possible outbreaks reaching our shores. We should be proactive in cases of worldwide outbreaks not reactive!

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  8. vev says:

    I agree, that person might be a belonger but at the same time coming from China, one of the head cities of that deadly virus, I too believe that they should have been quarantine. Lets go BVI this is a serious matter. A ship was refused entry into the BVI just this week due to someone on the ship from Italy, I read. That was a great move indeed.

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  9. I wonder says:

    I fear she probably came in contact with a lot of unsuspecting persons who was not wearing the necessary mask. And I read when symptoms come it basically gone to far.

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  10. ??? says:

    Hospital works are they allowed to leave work? The nurses taking care of the person

    • No says:

      If a nurse refuses to do their job because they’re afraid of being infected by a patient they are are being paid to care for, they should not be working as a nurse.

  11. Guest says:

    I’m here just for the dumb paranoia caused comments ???

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  12. Curly says:

    Really, media should not be able to start scaring people like this. Lets wait for the facts before we all start running round like chickens. I agree the Gov must/should have a plan in place and for those that think you can just send someone back, wherever back is, so lets just kick them off rather than quarentine and contaminate more persons.

  13. Outsider says:

    Comments like those aren’t gonna help. Government need to not fail with quarantine & testing. Which they’re already failing like china by quarantining that person at the hospital, everyone needs to use that. They should quarantine & test ppl away from it. That’s where all other countries failing with it. Keep the hospital clear of it.

  14. Great says:

    So lets just panic everyone and also cause a concern for tourists as well. If it is true we turned away a cruise ship the other week, it works both ways, they can refuse to come here as well. This should not be allowed to be in the press unless it is a confirmed case. Shame on you.

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    • No says:

      It’s important for the public to know even if it’s a suspected case. We all thought that it was automatic for a person coming from China to be quarantined for the necessary 14days but as we know see that is not the case.

    • No no no says:

      Let’s not put the tourism dollars first.

      This is a matter of public health. We can’t ignore this and pretend it didn’t happen like with Zika.

  15. vip heckler says:

    The minister will get the remainder of his masks sold now

  16. Red eye rooster says:

    People educate your all self abouth this virus stop coming on here with ar yo fearmongering in the mean time i drinking my black wattle tea ar yo good night.

  17. Caribbean guy. says:

    Well Its LOCAL you know the BORN HERE (BH) type of person. Well let’s see what happen next. I know who ain’t from tortola gonna be looking to leave if anything pop and pop off.

  18. Hmmm says:

    Hoping is not positive but if it is I would be glad if more then 4000 island people leave the BVI. Taking up space in my country

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  19. Hylas45 says:

    Why hasn’t this “breaking news” been updated?

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