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Suspended public officers are being supported

Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr.

Deputy Governor David Archer Jr has affirmed that the government is providing support to public officers who have recently been suspended, ensuring they won’t face immediate dismissal.

A number of public officers have faced suspension in recent months, either due to the Commission of Inquiry or other circumstances.

In a recent interview, Deputy Governor Archer stated that these public officers will be given the opportunity for natural and fair justice.

“We maintain the idea that they are innocent until proven guilty. We protect their employment status during that process, we recognise that they might be impacted as they go through this process and that’s the reason why the very courts are for everyone and we have to ensure things like a speedy trial,” Archer explained.

Archer said he finds no joy in knowing that public officers face these types of disciplinary action but maintained that the government must hold people accountable when it’s necessary.

“Lessons, unfortunately, are learned two ways — through good examples and through no-so-good examples. We want to minimize the number of bad examples, hold people accountable and support them. Where we can influence the process to ensure that their chance of justice happens quickly, then we will do so,” Archer explained.

He assured that innocent public officers would be reinstated, continuing their careers as civil servants.

Public figures, including former Education Minister Myron Walwyn, his former Permanent Secretary Lorna Stevens, former BVI Postmaster General Pascha Stoutt, and former Director of the International Affairs Secretariat Najan Christopher, face charges of breach of trust.

These cases remain unresolved, expected to set precedent for future disciplinary actions against public officers.

In response to the charges, elected officials have reported heightened fear among public officers performing their daily duties.


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  1. Well says:

    The hiring, interviewing and vetting process for public officers and statutory bodies needs to be reviewed. Too many questionable characters are given positions they should not be assigned. Some well meaning and degreed people are put through the ringers for public service jobs while others are not vetted, qualified and are incompetent and yet are assigned public service jobs.

    All stakeholders should be able to evaluate the performance of agencies whether online or in person as they help to pay the salaries of the people who work and run them. Whether we like someone or not, the laws of the Virgin Island need to be reviewed and updated as to whether an individual should be able to run for office if they are being prosecuted.

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  2. Big Richard says:

    Family comes first.

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  3. Fix it. says:

    Why not punish those out there working Monday to Friday for the government and being paid to run their own businesses on government time. We have people doing trucking, taxi, electrical, charters and the list goes on. If these people want to run a business full time they should resign and do so

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    • @ Fix It says:

      I have one working with natural resources who don’t lift a finger doing his government job but up and down taxiing. He has friends in high places so go figure all the corrupt figures in one place. This place in trouble.

  4. ReX FeRaL says:

    Archer said he finds no joy in knowing that public officers face these types of disciplinary action but maintained that the government must hold people accountable when it’s necessary.REALLY

    What about holding yourself and your office accountable? Civil servants get away with murder and still collect a check every two weeks. You need to stop

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  5. smdh says:

    Are there two different laws in the bvi?
    one is that you are innocent until proven guilty and the other is that you are guilty until proven innocent?
    If its the former, why are there so many on remand for 10 plus years?
    Are they guilty until proven innocent?

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  6. Wow says:

    Since when we turn the USA? Since when e innocent until proven guilty? All my life BVI known for guilty until you prove your innocence. That was known. We full speed thinking we American and trying to look and feel like a America.

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  7. hmmmm says:

    These cases remain unresolved, expected to set precedent for future disciplinary actions against public officers.

    DG for real? So you already judge and jury for these cases that they may set precedence. The DPP loses so many cases what you think may happen to the government if they lose. The amount of money wasted would be the next issue. Talk dat!

  8. Hypocrites says:

    This man is a hypocrite and the nature of the BVI society will never change .People will continue with their corrupt ways and as long as they can get aeay with it no love is lost.
    It is now an acceptable thing of the fabric
    Even going to jail for drug related charges is no longer a shameful thing
    We are losing our morals as a society

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  9. Why? says:

    The 4 named suspended public officers all have other jobs and income so why is the BVI government providing support? One is a member of the HOA!

    Perhaps these suspended officers should forfeit all their ‘other’ income to the BVI Treasury while being supported by the government.

    • @why? says:

      Innocent until proven guilty. I do believe that they can sue for the stress levied upon them over the suspension. Take it easy please.

  10. Just wondering says:

    What does “speedy trial” mean in the bvi?

  11. Ginga says:

    Those officers don’t give a damn. They are being paid their salaries while on vacation and can live better than the rest of us going to work daily. No case should be allowed to go unsolved for over six months.

    There is a young lady who worked at one of the courts and she is on paid administrative leave now for years now. If the DPP office could not put a case forward sooner, how on God’s earth they will after so much time have elapsed?

    People not in prison should be allowed to work for their living even after being accused. They should simply be put in different roles in different departments. Then if they are found guilty they be dealt with accordingly. If you speak to some of them, they are very nonchalant about their situation because they are really loosing nothing because they tell you they are receiving their salary so there are no changes in their lives. In fact they are more comfortable that those of us getting up and going to work daily.

    Other jurisdictions put people on administrative leave but for no length of time. Unfortunately, the BVI seems to be a “special needs” jurisdiction – slow in doing all things.

  12. Jackie says:

    I was home for seven years for not a damn thing but abuse of authority and here you are talking piss about being justice!

    To date, no one can tell me why department head pointed gun at me during working hours many times.

    However, why my position was not forwarded to HR department and the list goes on.

    You F**king Sickening D Archer.

  13. Jackie says:

    Justice for who is in your circle.

  14. Rick says:

    Justice what a f—ing joke

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