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Sworn in! New top cop takes aim at serious and organised crime

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards administers the Oath of Office to Commissioner of Police, Mark Collins.

Entering with a wealth of experience, the territory’s new Commissioner of Police, Mark Collins has been hailed as a ‘benefit to the overall security and safety of the territory’.

Governor John Rankin made that statement after Commissioner Collins was sworn at a brief ceremony at Government House on Monday, April 19.

“My main priority going forward will be the security of the islands and the continuing battle against serious and organised crime, which seeks to make the islands an unwelcoming environment for groups wishing to engage in any of the aforementioned criminal activities,” Collins said.

The new top cop has inherited the post at a time when the territory’s involvement in the drugs trade seems to be quite active.

He’s also inherited what seems to be a climbing murder rate for the BVI. By BVI News’ tally, at least five homicides have happened since 2021. Five murders in four months can be described as highly irregular for the territory.

Collins has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, and among other things, has held leadership positions such as Detective Superintendent in charge of the Wales Extremism and Counter-Terrorism Unit.

“I am delighted to welcome Mark Collins as the new Commissioner of Police,” Governor Rankin stated. “Mr Collins brings a wealth of senior-level policing experience and expertise into the role. I am sure he will be a dedicated public servant to the people of BVI. I look forward to working with Mr Collins, alongside the committed officers of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), in promoting the security of the British Virgin Islands.”

Commendations to Matthews

Governor Rankin also recognised the former Commissioner, Michael Matthews, for his service.

He said: “I would take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Commissioner, Mike Matthews, for all he has achieved during his term in office and for his signal service to the British Virgin Islands. I offer him every best wish for the future.”

Commissioner Collins said he was particularly grateful to Matthews, whose work forms a foundation on which to build during his service in the territory.

Collins’ Oath of Office was administered by Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards and witnessed by Superintendent of Police St. Claire Amory as well as the Premier and Deputy Premier, the Deputy Governor, the Attorney General, and other public officers and members of the RVIPF.


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  1. Tola says:

    All the best and welcome to the BVI Mr. Collins. Just remember to please wear your mask.

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  2. take a bite outta crime says:

    first day on the job he had a murder…wow

  3. we matters says:

    A law abiding female citizen was gunned down in her home and it’s very quiet from the people that was marching for black lives. So only when a black person is killed my white cops in America that black lives matter??A black woman was gunned down in her home and the lead marchers are not shouting out .what is really wrong with this society?? A black man killed this black woman and nobody is talking about black on if not all the homicide in the bvi is blacks killing blacks.Blacks are hiring blacks to kill blacks. what a set of Africans we are.We have black leaders that afraid to open their black mouth.Well brothers and sisters I am black to but we African descendants we are a terrible race.We have over 100 different nationalities here and several different races. have you black people see they fighting killing and robbing their own race?? I cannot look back a 500 yrs ago . that’s history and I will never forget. The other races living amoung us are not to blame for get quick cash and by any means necessary mentality .blame ourselves black people.

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  4. Fair and Just Law Enforcement. says:

    The BVI has within its borders, at least four ehtnic group of people.

    Do note: Members from each group of people commit crimes, engage in illegal activities and so on.

    There is no one group of people that do not engage in activities such as trafficking, smuggling, corruption, blue and white collar crimes, low and high level criminal activity, illicit drug use etc, ect.

    Yet, statistics and visible evidence alarmingly show that only one people and community in the BVI is policed and prosecuted for crimes against the law. That is the local Black people.

    Indeed, the other communities, Arabs, and other, and the European community in particular, lives a priviledged life outside of the law, whereby it is never scrutinize as the Black community is, but is given complete freedom, autonomy and priviledge to function freely outside of the law.

    When one community is selected for polcing while another goes free to do as it pleases, such can be described as seletive and discriminatory law enforcing.

    Hence, the Black community of the BVI is over policed and prosecuted while the others are free of poicing.

    Those who know of human psychology know that some members of the Black community are not the only people that step outside the bounds of law.

    Hence, it is hoped that with the new COP, the territory will withness a departure from past discriminatory law enforcement practices, and the dawning of fair and equal application of law in all communities, not just the “local Black” community.

    Fair and just law enforcement must become a standard principle of the RVIPF in the 21st century. The colonial psychology and practice of “policing the natives” must end.

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    • ITS clear says:

      Its clearly black on black violence. Full stop.
      Don’t talk no bulls about outside the law and policing targets. Do you see the whites, Arabs or or Asians shooting one another, robbing each other or riding like the hell raider through town. Take your head out of the sand and stop been philosophical and playing the victim here. Just say it as it is. Of course other races brakes the law sometimes, but, why are we blacks killing our black brothers and sisters and think its cool because the gun gives you power.

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      • @ITS clear says:

        It is sometime futile to talk to facts and analyses to people who are have a sense of moral superoity, see truths frm one side and belives that only their beliefs and facts are ligitimate.

        The argument of Black on Black crime is futlile within the argument posited. It has no relevance there.

        Meanwhile, in Arab, Asian European and other countries, are there not “local on local”, Ara, Asian, European on European crime and violence?

        Is Black on Black crime exclusive only to the Black community?

        Hence, It is sometime futile to talk to facts and analyses to people who are have a sense of moral superoity in their ignorance.

      • Just The Facts says:

        Why the forcefulnes and indignancy about it being “Black on Black crime.

        Is it any different from Asian on Asian, Arab on Arab or European on European crime?

        Asia, there is Asian on Asian crime, in the middle east there is Arab on Arab crime, in Europe there is European (white) on European (White) crime. Full stop!

        In reality, all crimes are commtted by the majority against the majority population.

        Hence, Black on Black crime is not endemic to the Black race.

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    • @Fair and Just Law Enforcement says:

      Your writing style shows intelligence whereas your content is so ignorant it is painful.

      What’s going on?

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      • @@Faair and Just Law Enforcement says:

        Sorry your ability to emphatize with the Black community and historical facts is null, void and non-existent.

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  5. Reality Check says:

    Please also address the BVI’s broken window syndrome problem by making your officers finally fully enforce the traffic laws. Parking on roadways blocking traffic, running stop signs and lights, etc. It is proven that if you want to curb lawlessness you must start by enforcing the less serious laws, all of them.
    Alternatively get rid of the laws you don’t want to enforce and modify ones that are ludicrous, like a 20 mph speed limit on the four-lane road.
    Also train your officers to obey the laws, setting examples. I followed a police officer from Prospect Reef to East End over the ridge and he ran all three stop signs, including the one beside the Police Station in East End; in no rush, chatting on his cell phone.

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    • Agree says:

      As a former Senior Police Office I do agree the the Broken Window Theory Theory can work without fail.It has to become the culture of the police Force and must be embraced and supported by Government.

    • Doh says:

      How dare you chastise our officers. They are better than you, the general public. When they break the law they are doing it for your own good and the betterment of the BVI.

      SO when they running lights, speeding, they are trying to move drugs and guns quickly and efficiently to market. The money made from these will increase the bottom line of our narco state and make life better for all.

      Carry on.

  6. God help you says:

    You’re going to need it!

  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Your priority may be organized crime Mr Collins and that is very important for the people of the Virgin Islands.
    But please do not neglect the disorganized crime, the anti social bike riders, the gun robberies that are often carried out by those same people, the burglaries that are an epidemic at the moment , intimidation and people living their lives in fear.

    These are the issues that are affecting the ordinary person in the BVI perhaps even more than drug cartels.

    I wish you the best sir.

  8. Voter says:

    I wish you well Commissioner Collins. No easy task.

    Not so much a Caribbean paradise these days …. too many of “Natures little Secrets”.

  9. @ @ says:

    We from here and we can do anything we want and if you don’t like it please leave – simple

  10. Okay says:

    First thing you need to investigate the police and prison officers. Then put back all the cameras around the BVI. Then deport all the people who are in the BVI with no status. Then start back the stop and search. BVI need to be serious if they want to stamp out crime.

  11. For a friend!!! says:

    Wait…just a question. Ain’t there black people in Wales, with the same qualifications? Asking for a friend.

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  12. Akon says:

    That black book in itself is a crime against humanity.first step is to throw away that fraudulent book.

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