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System coming for public to rate service of gov’t workers

Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr.

A secure evaluation system is being introduced whereby members of the public will be able to rate how government workers serve them.

The system, which will be on an online platform, is scheduled to launch in November, Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr has said.

Under the system, public servants who receive five or more commendations will be accepted into a group known as the Public Service Customer Service Club.

This club will comprise bronze, silver, platinum and elite members, and persons will be able to climb the various levels based on the number of commendations they receive from the public.

“On the flip side of that is: just as you can commend persons, you can also say persons have not served you well,” Archer said.

He said the system will be primarily run from the Office of the Deputy Governor by trained professionals.

This, he said, will prevent department heads and other public servants from interfering with whatever reviews they may receive.

“For example, if someone commends my department or complains about me and my department, I can’t get away from that. I can’t hide it, I can’t bury it. If it says ‘the deputy governor served me wrongly’ then that will be part of a formal record. No one is actually able to erase a record.”

The public may only access the system electronically where they will be required to fill a brief opinionnaire on how they were served by a particular public servant in one of the various government departments.

There is also the option of entering personal comments, Archer said.

“We are going to have monthly stats of the amount of commendations that come into a department and the amount of complaints for service that comes in and this is going to be centrally driven,” the deputy governor noted.

Immigration and Labour are said to be among the first departments the system will be introduced to, said the deputy governor while speaking on radio last week.

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  1. Guest says:

    We need a system to give zeros??? Let me know when you have one for us to rate our politicians and district representatives.

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    • Negative says:

      Stop your piddle. They are talking about rating Govt. employees. Everything is negative talking about politicians. Your day to rate them is Elections Day. Save your voice for that day. Next.

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    • Waldo says:

      Why not do the same with contractors who have received our money?

      To start, I propose that Walwyn label each section of his wall (the school wall that he built) with the name of the contractor who he gave our money too. (Weren’t there 70 of them?) That way we can judge who finished the job. Who took

      Everyone agree?

  2. VG Resident says:

    so will the persons who do not rate well get fired? There has to be consequences for poor performance. Otherwise all of this is useless

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    • ... says:

      And what about persons who don’t like people at all. This system leaves them open up right to getting a lot of hateful remarks. How will this be addressed?

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      • balance says:

        Negative public comments could be used internally to confirm already observable unprofessional conduct.

        Likewise, positive public comments could spotlight some government supervisors’ spiteful attitudes towards good government workers.

  3. Cromwell says:

    Excellent suggestion, in many countries, three verified complaints against a civil servant ends his or her careers and rightly so.

  4. duck1951 says:

    this could be a good barometer as long as it is not directed to a specific individual. I am a very frequent visitor and will tell you that there has been vast improvement in CS especially in the private sector among . Recently dealt with the Dept. of Motor vehicles and found them to be very professioanl and helpful

  5. Okay says:

    But your system will be bias as most employees do as per instructed. The system must allow those public officers to defend the claims made against them.

  6. Hmm says:

    So will the complaints commission be demolished?

    • Useless says:

      The complaints commission needs to be demolished as it is useless. Their only interest is to confirm if you received a response to your complaint from the department head. The commission is not concerned if that response is satisfactory to you or not.

  7. Concerned says:

    Don’t see that working in our small islands, Friends and family will talk some people up, no matter how lazy they are.

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  8. VG says:

    What is poor performance? What is considered as being served well? How fair will this be with certain departments, that do not have the human resources, technology and other basic tools to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, which would translate into good customer service. Customer service is beyond a smile and being spoken to in a polite manner. Customers want to be served in a timely and efficient manner. Customers also want to be made knowledgeable of processes and policies relevant to the services they access to avoid wasting time and money.

  9. Walwyn wall report says:

    I complain. Please advise the outcome?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I came here just for the comments lol

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