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Talks with UK to remove Order in Council deferred till next week

UK Overseas Territories Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith. (Photo credit: ©Hannah McKay/Reuters/Adobe Stock)

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has followed through on his promise to request that the United Kingdom remove the reserved Order in Council that could potentially see Britain partially suspending the BVI’s constitution and taking over the territory for at least two years.

But though talks have commenced, UK Overseas Territories Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith – to Premier Wheatley whom he made the request – has deferred those discussions until his visit to the territory next week.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley gave that indication during a press conference Monday morning, January 23, following his return from his trip to the UK last week.

“I did raise the concern about the Order in Council currently being held in reserve. The [Overseas Territories] Minister agreed that we would have a dedicated discussion on this in the very near future. While that issue needs to be resolved, I felt Lord Goldsmith was genuine about wanting a stronger partnership between the UK and BVI that fairly considers the interests on both sides,” Dr Wheatley told members of the media.

In explaining the process that would have to happen for the order to be abandoned, Dr Wheatley added: “Of course, for the Order in Council to be removed, that would certainly have to happen as a result of intervention by the Foreign Secretary who, of course, the Overseas Territories Minster reports to. Certainly, we’ve had a very good discussion with the Overseas Territories Minister. Our discussions have not yet concluded so certainly when he comes next week we intend to engage on that particular matter.”

And when asked whether he is confident that he will succeed in convincing the UK to remove the order, the Premier said he believes his government believes they are “engaging in the right way – positively”.

“We’ll give them every reason why it should be removed,” said Premier Wheatley who described the matter as a high priority.


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  1. YES TO UK says:

    So Natalio Wheatley it sounds like you have given up the drive to go independent you don’t know what you want. I hope that the Governor will convince Lord Zac Goldsmith to keep the Order in Council on because as soon as that is remove you guys will go back to doing things the old way.

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  2. Unruly children.. says:

    Hope Britain keep that order in Place as to keep these unruly, dishonest and disrespectful children in order..Moving will be like sending them back to their corrupt and selfish ways..Keep it and keep them in power in check..

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  3. UK resident says:

    The two Orders in Council are both wrong and do not reflect democracy nor a modern partnership. Both need to be removed immediately, both the one for financial services to make the register public and the other one with the suspension of the constitution.

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  4. LOL says:

    My boy went all the way to the UK for the man to tell him “I’ll speak with you when I’m in BVI soon!”..LOL!

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  5. Not nice says:

    That sound’s like puré lies

  6. Guest says:

    Even if Lord Goldsmith is minded to remove the Order in Council the Resident Brits (HE, COP et al) are going to dissuade him from doing so.

  7. Wasted trip says:

    Since the main reason for the Premier’s expensive trip to London was not achieved then the Premier needs to reimburse the BVI Treasury for ALL the expense of this wasted trip to the UK in Jan’23!

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  8. Truth says:

    Lord Goldsmith is a bullsh*t merchant who will promise and never deliver. He was made a Lord because he failed to convince his UK constituency to re-elect him as they knew how poor he was. Without a job, his party “pushed him upstairs” to the UK House of Lords. He has a name and connections, but no ability.

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  9. We Haven’t Bothered Yet says:

    “We’ll give them every reason why it should be removed.”
    Well sah, good luck wi dat.
    The Honorable Premier knows very well that VERY FEW government officials have made any attempt to comply with directives and most have straight up blocked any attempts made to achieve good governance, transparency or even change policies- it’s like a game to those in power but this isn’t a game to the people of the VI.

    It is time we all stop pretending that antics like politicians and civil servants refusing to have a full registry of interests in ANY way serves the people of the VI This is the opposite of compliance. It’s snotty and childish and damaging to our future as a Territory and nascent Nation.

    This was a wasted trip because the Premier and Governor appear to be in the minority of government officials who understand the concept of service.

  10. Too corrupt says:

    Leave the order . As BVISLANDERs we do not learn . Some of us are too swell headed. As soon as one gets a taste of power they begin to womanize , forget the struggles of their fellowmen, look down on the small man, hobnobb only with the rich ( nothing wrong in being wealthy) forget their roots, avoid their poor relatives, get snobbish, a little taste of Power in Govt get to their head . Discriminate against others, use their personal prejudice to decide who to help . We are our worst enemies

  11. Have you finished your homework says:

    No sir , then why would he do what you ask?

  12. @ Too corrupt says:


    What you have stated …happens every where or worst in the world.

  13. VISION says:

    At unruly children …6th letter of the alphabet you

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