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Taxi operator stabbed during armed robbery

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A taxi operator has been released from hospital after being stabbed during an armed robbery on Saturday.

Police are now investigating the incident and are appealing to witnesses to come forward.

It is reported that around 11pm, the taxi operator in question was inside his vehicle near the Tortola Pier Park when two unmasked men accosted him.

Police said one of the assailants, who was armed with a knife, pulled him out of his vehicle.

The taxi operator struggled with one assailant while the other took his wallet, which was in the taximan’s vehicle.

“During the struggle, the taxi driver received two minor stab wounds,” police said in a media release on Tuesday, April 10.

The assailants then got into a white vehicle and fled the scene, police added.

One of the assailants is said to be five feet, three inches tall. The other was around 5’9, medium built, and has a local accent. Both have been described as ‘black men’.

Persons with information are asked to contact Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s three-digit access number, 311.

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  1. Gumption. Official says:

    It’s sad how lazy people always trying to take from hardworking people. I’m so glad the driver survived.

  2. Interested says:

    What next Lord..?

  3. Hmm says:

    And the craziness continues…People working so hard to make ends meet in this economy and these youngsters doing nonsense like this…upsetting and unsettling.

    Thank God they did not kill the driver.


  4. Saddened from afar says:

    As the song goes, “look wah we come to….” Now, let’s suppose the taxi operator was legally armed and defended himself with fatal outcome of the two aholes. Their friends and family would probably sob and say what fine upstanding people they were, yeah right. People, their is no damn excuse or reason for such to be happening.

    • Gumption. Official says:

      I fully endorse your comment. A lot of people around here do poppy show stuff then get caught only to see a bunch of people saying ( the person is good people, them is the realest around etc. people who defend criminals who’s involved with criminal activities are the craziest people ever.

    • Scary Mary says:

      Amen “Saddened from afar”. The people who (after the thugs are caught) make excuses for them like “Oh, they made a MISTAKE” are the ones that tick me off almost as much as the thugs themselves.

      It isn’t a MISTAKE to steal from and stab an innocent, hard working person. It is a CRIMINAL ACT, and nothing less.

      I wish the community as a whole would GROW UP and insist that these young PUNKS take responsibility for and pay the appropriate price for their criminal behaviour.

      I frankly don’t care one bit what hardships these punks may have. The answer to their problems certainly isn’t to rob or harm others.

      Find them, convict them and send them off to jail. They don’t deserve to be rubbing elbows with honest, hard working people who are doing everything they can to provide for themselves and their families.

  5. Hmm says:

    Right to bare arms tola need it

  6. Hot on the trail says:

    That description should narrow down the suspects.

  7. Concerned says:

    Banning guns ain’t wokin so lets ban knives!!

  8. Enough is Enough says:

    Aim, Set, Fireeeee!!!!

  9. comeback says:

    where are the men?

    we hear of the mothers mourning or worse, sticking up for the kids off the rails. We hear the teachers have no control in the schools but we never hear from BVI men wanting to do something to turn this place about for the better. Of course too many kids are brought up without a father in the home but that is not the sole reason as many can still turn out just fine but we need the men of the country to man up and deal with this. Fathers, policemen, school and church leaders, politicians all of them too often absent. Self respect and respect for others is at a low ebb. Not man enough to take some action and responsibility?

  10. El Marko says:

    Check the Santo deh we deh!

  11. Bandit says:

    with all of the jobs created in construction, people robbing. smfj

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