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Taxi operators’ attire, vehicle condition a ’cause for concern ⁠— Rymer

Minister for Transportation Works and Utilities, Kye Rymer.

Transportation Minister Kye Rymer is calling on taxi operators to practice better vehicle hygiene and dress more appropriately while on duty.

“Sometimes you see taxi operators and the way they are dressed, I think, is a cause for concern. The way the taxi operators look and the way they present themselves to the guests is very important and I think that is something that we must take pride in ourselves to make sure,” Rymer said.

The minister further said he believes their vehicles must also ‘carry some sort of standard’.

“I know we go through inspections annually but I think once you are carrying passengers whether, from cruise ships or just picking up people, our vehicles must meet a certain criterion. It must be clean, in good working condition and roadworthy.”

The minister was speaking at a recent meeting where taxi and livery operators were invited to voice their concerns.

A number of issues were outlined and Rymer said the officials will now seek the necessary resolutions.

“The concerns are recorded. We will go back with a team and look at how we can address them because our intention is to make the transportation industry superb. We want to make sure that it works, we want to make sure that our guests — once they arrive to our territory — they have a great experience along with what our territory has to offer,” the minister stated.

Some of the issues discussed included the contention between taxi and livery service providers at the various ports of entry, the limited space available at the ferry terminal for taxi drivers to line up their vehicles while awaiting guests, the inconsistency of service prices between taxi and bus operators, among other things.

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  1. Kingfish says:

    Don’t forget the ferry boats crews also, they are disgusting.

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  2. hint hint says:

    some ah dem taxi drivers too doggone nasty…some dont bathe and some dont clean their buses

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    • Jackson says:

      Time for a fresh change. We need transparency. I supported the new team but they haven’t stepped up to the plate with what they said they were going to do. Where is the new legislation that will promote transparency? They promised a whatlwblow law. Where is it?

      • O’Neal says:

        Yes, where is the promised legislation? We voted for our representatives based on their promise to enact whistleblower laws. It’s time for them to demonstrate their integrity.

  3. No nonsense says:

    Time to stop giving licences to over retired age drivers. Health issues also need to be addressed….!!!

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  4. Not2Sure says:

    To me the biggest concern is still how the drive. Stop any damn place – set down, pick up – doesn’t matter if they block up the road, or if they are making kids run across a busy highway. Crazy, crazy stuff.

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  5. Fed up says:

    That taxi guy with that white bus by bobbies need to get a proper taxi to drive the seats are broken down and the bus need maintaining.

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    • That says:

      I avoid that white bus. I am not paying $25.00 plus a $5.00 tip, yes I always tip $ 5.00 to get to my desternation in something like that.

  6. Ausar says:

    Honourable Rymer, Im so glad you have chosen to pay keen attention to these issues.

    Hygiene, hygiene, and more hygiene, should be the order of the day. Unkempt and un-uniformed attire should be a thing of the past!

    Proper shoes, length of nails, and clean teeth, should all be a required “dress code” of the industry.

    Properly shaven faces, where applicable, and appropriate hair attire should also be considered a part of standard “attire”.

    Unsightly vehicles, dirty seating, and vehicles whose mileage are in the greater six-digiting series, should all be retired.

    These suggestions are not exhaustive, but should give concise illumination to industry-related issues that should
    be addressed.

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    • @Ausar says:

      Thank you for your comment. You beat me to the comment. I agree with you 100000 percent. The paying customers deserve to be treated better than that. Just remember, the paying customers is the ones that is putting bread and butter on your tables.

    • Totally Agree says:

      Those taxi drivers be reeking. Bad body ordor, unkept facial hair, dirty nails etc…AXE DEDORANT AND BODY WASH FOR MEN LAST FOR HOURS AND IT SMELLS GREAT.

  7. Confucius says:

    I agree that hygiene and overall cleanliness of the drivers and their vehicles is important, but more important is the condition of the vehicles and their brakes in particular.

    Is there any law that requires a taxi to change it’s rotors and brake pads on a regular basis? If not, there should be! The last time I went to the airport (from West End), the taxi brakes were squealing like a stuck pig! I asked the man to let me out in Road Town and caught a different taxi to the airport.

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  8. Uuuhh says:

    Dictatorship mentality gone wild on this one. Everybody wants to be a dictator. smh.

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  9. BuzzBvi says:

    Time for a bus service and help the territory and it’s people.

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  10. CW says:

    All these ideas and I’m willing to bet NONE OF YOU want to have your taxes increase to accomplish it. People want CHANGE but nobody wants TO CHANGE

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    • Online Now says:

      Why would this impact taxes? The taxi owners need to ensure all of their equipment and drivers are in a decent condition.

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  11. really? says:

    Think you can police people dress and habits? I guess one of the new 1000 jobs is going be a sniffer????

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  12. For Real says:

    I invested in a car for the above reasons. The taxi service is one big joke.Ungroomed drivers, bad body order, not so neat clothing you name it.

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  13. Quiet Warrior says:

    The various taxi associations and individuals should police themselves. It should not take public shaming for taxi operators, bus drivers, “Jippsy” operators…..etc to dress and look the part. You are national ambassadors; you are in the forefront in meeting, caring for and interacting with visitors. Further, you are responsible for the care, safety and protection of passengers. Keeping taxis, buses……etc in a safe, operating condition is a vital part of the responsibility.

  14. tired of seeing says:

    And don’t forget to tell them to stop taking a pee on the side of the road with passengers in the taxis. So disgusting!

  15. agree says:

    I took a taxi once and when I got home I had to throw my clothes immediately in the washer and head in into the Shower. I did not know that the bus was so dirty. I tried my best to not let any exposed part of me touch the seats. So I concur with some of the comments here.

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