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Teachers urged to vaccinate to ‘save this generation’ of students

File photo of Junior ESHS students at their Road Town campus.

Government consultant and public commentator, Claude Skelton Cline has called on teachers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to speedily reinstate face-to-face learning and prevent the BVI from losing a generation of students.

It’s unclear how many teachers have taken the AstraZeneca jabs to date, but the government has stated that reinstating face-to-face learning will depend on the vaccination of parents and teachers across the BVI.

“I’m afraid we’re losing a generation of young people from primary up to tertiary education given the happenings on the ground with COVID-19. Don’t wait for anybody in authority to tell you anything. I want you to give some prayerful thought and consideration about getting the vaccine as soon as you possibly can so that our children can have face-to-face learning because we are losing our children,” Skelton Cline said on a recent edition of his Honestly Speaking radio show.

He continued: “This has nothing to do with what political side you are on. It has to do with the salvation of our children. Please ma’am, please sir, get vaccinated so you can get back to doing properly what you do, which is to teach.”

Many have bemoaned the fact that several children have fallen behind because of the remote learning approach that was introduced when COVID-19 hit the BVI.

However, many educators have hailed the change, saying internet-based learning brings variety to the classroom and engages students in a new and exciting way.

Despite this, most of the population see face-to-face learning as the ideal model, as many parents depend on the school system to supervise their children while they go to work. Many parents also prefer face-to-face learning because they’ve been finding it difficult to supervise more than one child while working from home.

Steps being taken to reduce social distancing in classrooms

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  1. go vaccinate the politicians that you're advising says:

    Why them dont muzzle he meh bwoy?

  2. @ ASKING says:


  3. Really? says:

    And what must the parents and other family members do?

  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Some things are not a matter of personal choice. You have no personal choice about seat belts, about vehicle insurance, about the condition of the car you drive. You have no choice about not smoking in restaurants or offices.


    Because they are things that can be a danger to yourself and a danger to others.

    Why should you have a choice about vaccination.

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  5. Pandora's Box says:

    If you really gave a $hit about our students you would have built back the schools long ago! Now you believe that the teachers need to be vaccinated to save our next generation – People, that boat has already sailed! This Government, and the last, are equally responsible for the disgraceful state of our schools and education system while you waste tax payer money of frivolous and poorly prioritized bull$hit!

    I am especially ashamed of our current Minister of Education. You had every opportunity to shine and make things happen, you should be embarrassed for the further damage you have caused for many students for years to come by looking the other way!

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  6. Youth says:

    I’m amazed we have anyone who thinks they can do a job with others around when they haven’t been vaccinated.
    My kids won’t be going near a teacher unless they have the jab.
    Look at England. 92% drop in Covid since vaccination started.
    It’s so obviously the right thing to do.

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    • So... says:

      You do understand that the vaccinated teacher could unknowingly pass the virus to your child right? Ok good, just making sure. Oh my bad doesnt matter as you are also vaccinated and will pass the virus to your child yourself. Damn fools…

      Open the damn borders already. Who want to be vaccinated is. When my unvaccinated self get the virus you know what I will do? Stay home until I recover. Meanwhile you dont even know you have it and wondering why your child sick.

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  7. Teach them well says:

    The best thing we can do is go 100% online so our kids can access teachers and lecturers in the developed countries who are expertly trained in their fields.

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  8. redstorm says:

    “I’m afraid we’re losing a generation of young people from primary up to tertiary education given the happenings on the ground with COVID-19. Please provide the evidence on this statement, as I am not aware there were more death than the one lady from the Phillipines.

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  9. redstorm says:

    It’s unclear how many teachers have taken the AstraZeneca jabs to date, but the government has stated that reinstating face-to-face learning will depend on the vaccination of parents and teachers across the BVI.

    Please someone tell this honourable platform how it is that taking the vaccine,slow, prevent,cure, or stop CoVID-19. I cannot find how this vaccine is helping.

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  10. Hmmm says:

    The reason why these children are lost or behind is not because teachers do not want to put another vaccine in their body but the lack of resources they have to teach children. Vaccine has become more important than resources and providing the things that students and teachers need. From ever since this pandemic started teachers who are human beings were not speared from the pandemic. They have been treated like the Covid-19 pandemic does not affect them. Government make it sounds like teachers are to blame for students falling back. School can be opened but they are trying to find a way to push their vaccine. It is a choice. Most if not all teachers would like school to go back to normal…Skelton-Cline making it sound like teachers don’t care for their students. Is he Satans worker? He need to go and pray. OPEN SCHOOLS WE CAN COMTINUE TO SANITIZE, WASH HANDS, AND WEAR MASK. IF WE VACCINATE CAN WE STOP SANITIZE, AND WEAR MASK? Can the Vaccine present the spread of Covid-19 and the new strains? Tell the people everything about the vaccine…About the blood clots everything.

  11. Hmm says:

    What is the purpose of taking the vaccine if you can still get and spread the Rona to the students?

  12. Hmmm says:

    Muzzled is joke dump the …

  13. Set of dummies says:

    No logical thought, just follow.

  14. Idk what he’s talking about says:

    This article does not apply to all schools. There is at least one school which has been open since October 2020 with NO Covid outbreaks to date(unless government will all of a sudden find asymmetric cases). The teachers and students of said school(s) have been following Covid protocols and been doing just fine FACE TO FACE. So it’s asinine to think parents and teachers need the vaccine all of a sudden when they were just fine before school dismissed abruptly for spring break… how convenient on timing…

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