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Tearful woman recalls beating

Shawn Callwood attending court back in 2013

Shawn Callwood’s ex-girlfriend broke down in tears this month as she recalled being battered in 2016, allegedly by her then lover Callwood.

She told the court that, when she finally escaped in the safety of cops on patrol, she already suffered various injuries including a cut above the right eye and swelling to the face.

Her former boyfriend, Callwood, is now on trial for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The woman testified that things started to go downhill after she and Callwood left a horse-racing event and visited a bar.

She had a beer at the bar and then told Callwood she was ready to go home. The woman said she wanted to leave because Callwood had got into an argument with other persons at the bar.

While on their way home, the woman expressed her dissatisfaction that Callwood was reportedly involved in a bar brawl.

“I was just stating my opinion and we got into an argument, and he ended up hitting me in the face,” the woman told the court.

“I was in total shock ’cause I didn’t see it coming. I ended up on top of him, choking him… When I jumped on him, he put it (the vehicle) in park.”

The woman testified that she managed to regain her composure, and then ordered Callwood to take her home. Callwood complied.

That was just the beginning of the altercation, the woman told the court.

She stated that, when they arrived home, Callwood exited the vehicle, went to the front passenger seat where she was sitting, and then struck her.

She said they then started to fight.

“I ended up running away,” the woman told the court.

She went into hiding because she was afraid.

Callwood eventually left the property.

The woman testified that Callwood returned to her residence the following morning and was ‘cussing’ her.

She claimed that he grabbed her, but she luckily saw police patrolling outside her house.

She rushed to them for help.

The woman told the court that she sustained a cut above the right eye, swelling to the face, and other injuries as a result of the assault.

Callwood is being represented by attorney-at-law Ayodeji Bernard.

This is not the first case in which the accused has been brought before the court regarding allegations that he had beaten a woman with whom he was in a relationship.

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