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Teens reportedly burgle home, lock themselves inside

Road Town Police Station

Two teenagers who reportedly barricaded themselves inside a room in a house they broke into have been arrested on suspicion of burglary.

The incident reportedly happened this week in the Rogues Bay area of Tortola.

BVI News understands that the real estate agent in charge of the property visited the location after learning that the house had been broken into.

While doing a subsequent assessment of the property, the agent discovered that he was being barred from entering one of the rooms because the assailants had locked themselves inside.

The police were subsequently summoned.

BVI News understands that the teenaged assailants were found hiding on another section of the property by the time law enforcers arrived.

The teens reportedly had a bag of valuables believed to have been taken from the property.

One of the teens is said to be a female minor.

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  1. lol says:

    It had a “LIL MAN” in that house

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  2. Anonymous says:

    More of the fine offspring of the local population. Slap on the wrist and send them off to some fake college in the US to get a piece of worthless paper. Then return and become a politician. And the cycle starts over again.

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    • concerned says:

      How do you know they are “offspring of the local population” as far as I know some of you call just come here to breed up just to born a child for status

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    • Didn’t think! says:

      You’re too much with this comment, this is not indicative of the BVI people and community.

      Just bad judgment on their part and not thinking. College is better than prison! Give the youths more opportunities and they will be just fine!

      Hear me mr British man? Presumably.

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    • One fine Offspring says:

      Yes, as soon as they take your mother out of England and breed her. Your a sick illiterate @$$. Didn’t read anywhere that said they were offsprings of the local populace, could be the imported populace like yourself.

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      • One fine offspring's smarter brother says:

        “Your a sick illiterate @$$”?
        Perhaps you meant “You’re a sick illiterate @$$”.

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        • One fine Offspring says:

          Yes, auto correct and YOUR POINT IS….. obviously you “came” when you corrected “your” to “you’re” which is the contraction for you are? I’m glad that you are not too illiterate and knows the difference. There is hope for you after all. Always on the blogs with y’all negativity and devisive behavior. Please go ahead and break down “y’all” now.

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        • Ms wize says:

          You got the message right? Grammar police

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    • Bull Bud says:

      Why is this racist human scum @Anonymous allowed to post on this site. Take that crap back to Pretoria or wherever the hell you came from.

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      • There says:

        will soon be an exodus of readers, except for 15-20 co-horts and suppoters of “Anonymous,” and hopefully sponsers from BVI News if that news source does not curtail or block the insults, hate and slander that that individual post daily against the local populace.

        It is bone chilling to read such vile hatred being espoused by one demented individual, being supported by so many, against the majority of our country.

        That individual must be dealth with yesterday.

        Further, the whole narrative seems to be inciting and instigating racial violence against our people.

        It is hoped that BVI News is closely monitoring these developments and will not tolerate such narratives of hate to have a spot in media.

        Here, on BVI News or the Virgin Islands, should not be accomodating to hate speech, or white people freely expressing their hatred for Black people. It must stop yesterday, BVI News!!!!!

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    • BJD says:

      This is a bit of an ignorant way to start comments on a story like this though!

  3. I born here says:

    Beat dem A$$ further more the question is y were they not in school??

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  4. Anegada cry says:

    Reading these comments… I have to shake my head..

    No wonder these youths gone astray..
    Some adults set no example.

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    • Reason with Care says:

      There are two separate issues going on here. One is the crime committed, which most are not condoning and two, the other which is a very ignorant, prejudice and discriminatory remark by some sleezebag who chose to remain “anonymous”. This adult is the one who is setting a very poor example to the youths and is not fit to live among us!!!

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  5. Local populace says:

    Shhhh. The UK has no youth crimes at all. Not a single crime is committed by youths.

    “England and Wales have particularly high rates of youth custody, second in absolute number only to
    Turkey in Europe. After a period of higher levels around the turn of the century, the overall juvenile
    prison population in 2011 was close to the level of the early 1990s. There has been a shift from detainees on remand to sentenced prisoners.
    2 Key Facts
    Total number of proven offences committed by youth in 2010/11: 176,5117
    Total cost to the country of police and justice for young offenders in 2007-8: approximately £4 billion.”

    Oh dear mate, seems like you have to take the mote out of your own eye first.

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  6. How the says:

    How an outsider get in there before one of us ?

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