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Tell him retire! Fahie foresees problem in NDP

Premier Dr D. Orlando Smith

Premier Dr D. Orlando Smith

Chairman of the Opposition Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Andrew Fahie is wondering how the governing National Democratic Party (NDP) will amicably replace its current leader.

Fahie told his VIP supporters last evening that, unlike his party that is guided by a well established constitution, he does not see the NDP with any clear process of determining its leadership.

He noted that the recent public disputes that have hit the NDP also have shown that the VIP is not the only political organization that has issues to address.

“I hear somebody say Virgin Islands Party business in the media all the time and the other side (NDP) is quiet. I ask them, where you were in the last couple weeks?”

“All the talk about Fahie and Julian Fraser [from the VIP feuding], tell them tell their leader [Dr D Orlando Smith] retire, and then tell them what process they are going to use. They telling me they have a process but I can’t find it,” Fahie continued.

“You know what I like about the Virgin Islands Party? Don’t mind the noise. We are the only party that have a constitution to guide how we select the leader. All the talk they have over there [in the NDP], tell them to tell the leader retire.”

I operated outside VIP constitution

Fahie, in the meantime, admitted that there have been breaches of the VIP constitution, and he too is guilty.

“We have operated outside the confines of our constitution too long, and anything that doesn’t operate with proper guidance with laws is doomed for failure. I myself operated out of it couple times; so I am guilty too. But tonight is the time of atonement.”

Fahie did not elaborate on the breach he committed.

Fahie (right) along with his party's president Dr Natalio Wheatley during an event last evening

Fahie (right) along with his party’s president Dr Natalio Wheatley during an event last evening

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