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Territorial curfew in effect for in the BVI!

A territorial curfew has been implemented for all residents, except for essential workers.

Premier Andrew Fahie announced the curfew during a live broadcast on Wednesday evening, March 25, after it was decided by Cabinet.

The curfew takes effect at 8 pm on Wednesday and will run until 6 am the following day. The curfew will then resume on Thursday, March 26 and will again run from 8 pm to 6 am.

24-hour curfew for six days

Starting Friday, March 27, residents will be barred from leaving their homes for six consecutive days.

The Premier said: “On Friday, we are looking at the [24-hour] curfew to start from 8 pm but this time, the curfew will remain in effect for six days and go up until April 2, 2020, in the first instance; with the exception of essential workers.”

“This is a measure we are taking so that we can make sure that we contain the spreading of the [corona]virus so we can make sure we can keep the numbers limited to where they are. So, this is very important,” he added.

“I ask you to adhere to this curfew because the police will be out — all the law enforcement agencies — enforcing this,” Fahie further said.

The British Virgin Islands saw its first two confirmed cases of the coronavirus on Wednesday.

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  1. Let's all die fat! says:

    People should be allowed to go out for a walk and/it a sun bath on a daily basis. Even prisoners are allowed to. What the government is asking for is not healthy!!

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    • @Let's all die says:

      If you have a garden go pull some weeds or plant some vegetables.

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      • Oh yes says:

        My garden is my passion. Now that I am home from work for a bit, I spend a lot of time in my garden. I have so much rosemary and string beans, I made rosemary olive oil and pickled the string beans. I cook, bake, sew and do a lot of crosswords and sudoku.

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    • Heart says:

      So long as people keep a distance that shouldn’t be a problem. Some of us have health issues where we have to have a certain amount of exercise daily. I am worried about this as I live in a small apartment.

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    • SMH says:

      Walk around your yard.

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      • @SMH says:

        Some of us live in small apartments without any yard at all but right on the road and without even a balcony.There are a lot of apartments like that.

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    • Island stupidity says:

      The reason for the curfew is to flatten the curve. If large numbers become ill at one time it will overwhelm the limited medical services in the Territory. By SIP (sheltering in place) if the virus spreads it will be slower giving those infected time to get well and have fewer critical patients. Thus sit your lazy asses down, grab a bottle of rum and make like its any ordinary day where you lay around and don’t work. Don’t worry about your bills. Fahie got the stimulus…lmao

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    • To Let's all die fat says:

      Oh you want to get skinny? Great! Go and let someone infect you with the virus, I’m sure you’ll drop a few pounds. Problem solved

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    • No one is stopping you says:

      If you want to take a little walk, then take a little walk stretch your legs and go back in the house. I take my little walk two houses away from my house, go back to my house, spray the bottom of my shoes with Lysol spray, toss my clothes in the washer and take a shower with dial antibacterial soap and call it a day.

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    • But you can says:

      You can go outside and have your daily walk and exercise. Just stay your distance from other people and sanitize yourselves before you go back inside. If in doubt, wear a mask and gloves when you go outside. My granny love to take her walk down the road when the sun goes down for ten minutes, she says the walk makes her sleep better. She is very set in her ways but, we manage to get her to wear a face mask when she take her afternoon walks.

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    • My Thought says:

      Actually, I think the lockdown period should have been two weeks, not one.

      We have to look at the broader picture and realize that what the government is doing is for WE, the people. Some of us whine and complain instead of being grateful for the steps being put in place for our benefit.

      You think our regulations are too restricting? Check out those Montserrat has put in place.

      It’s for our own good. May God help us to fight this pandemic.

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  2. The Equalizer says:

    Ok i get it corona gonna be sleeping around 8pm – 6am until the 27th of march and then corona will be walking the earth too and fro 24hrs then corona will be stalked.then will decide if corona will be kidnapped or free to rome around ????

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    • oh boy says:

      The Equalizer not even God will be able to please you. If the Government had just put the 24 hour curfew from to Wednesday you would have been the same person that would have ask if they could not give the people time. Common sense should prevail now.
      It is better safe to than sorry. For me alone I would have shut down this place about two weeks ago.
      when the true figure of the amount of people that is infected in this place because of ignorance I want to hear what all like you will say.
      Mr. this is no joke, none at all. We still don’t have an idea of what is taking place. If we did we would not be fulling up the supermarkets like that but we are so ignorant.


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  3. Citizen says:

    Question… is government paying their workers early?? because I work pay check to pay check n a week curfew i dont know how I will survive.

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    • @Citizen says:

      Call the hotline. You all are really something else. I work for government too. Budget yourself better for times like these.

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  4. Hmmmmm says:

    Makes sense. Now everyone has 2 days to pile up at the grocery stores and infect eachother then lock up with their families for 6 days to spread it. Good thinking!

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    • Hello says:

      If you don’t have enough groceries by now, you really have a problem at hand. I know I am good.

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    • Silly rabbit says:

      Don’t be silly. People have had weeks to stock up. In fact no ths if they bothered to observe what was happening globally. Anyone caught unawares is either willful or sl broke they couldn’t afford extras. However what is the govt putting in place to deal with those who need assisted living? What about walking the dog?

  5. Online Now says:

    What’s the definition of an essential worker?

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  6. oh boy says:

    The reason for these immediate actions is for our Health safety and extension our life. I bet you that you don’t exercise but you asking if people can’t go for walk. The idea is to prevent social distancing ,Please, Please, Please.
    We are too dam careless. These are actions to contain this virus. That is the best thing or preventative measure.

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    • @oh boy says:

      They just want to walk their dogs, that’s all, and this is inconveniencing the doggy’s schedule.

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      • Stop being silly says:

        It has nothing to do with walking the dog schedule, I still take the dog out for his walk, he does his business, I clean up his business, dispose it, and back inside.

  7. Gregorio says:

    To the great equalizer :

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool….then to OPEN one’s mouth( or quill) and remove ALL DOUBT

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Choose life. It’s that simple.

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  9. John, BVI sailor says:

    Choose life… it’s only 7 days.

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  10. John Local says:

    Unfortunately we DO NOT HAVE ANY INFORMATION!
    As an example, on the Princess cruise lines ship that was infected, different reports indicate that a dramatic number of COVID-19 patients show NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL. Of the sample who tested positive and were selected for CT scans 72% of them had no symptoms!

    Anecdotally, (and supported by the analysis above), several sources seem to indicate that for every one person who tests positive there may be up to 5 who ARE positive but asymptomatic.

    Testing only those who show symptoms thus only confirms that the specific person is infected (or not, as the case may be). It does nothing to track or trace the 5 others who have no symptoms…

    This is hugely challenging. The concept of a 6 day curfew is valid inasmuch as the median incubation time is just over 5 days. Therefore anyone who may have been infected should show the symptoms within 5 days. The real problem is those who are infected and are asymptomatic will obviously NOT show any signs within the 6 day curfew period – and may still be infecting others…

    However, until such time as we have real rapid testing available to everyone – on a regular basis- we need to be maintaining social distancing and scrupulous cleanliness AT ALL TIMES!

  11. Eagle eye says:

    So cows dogs fowls etc can roam the earth except humans lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think it should be 14 days only because 7 days cant determine who has it……great move hon. Premier

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    • asymptomatic says:

      People can have the virus and be infectious and show no signs of sickness at all.Children do not get sick much from it and that was behind closing schools in China that they could pass it on without being sick themselves.

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  13. Jim says:

    common people let us work together

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