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Test results for suspected coronavirus carrier delayed

Residents of the British Virgin Islands will have to wait a bit longer to find out whether the territory has its first case of the Novel Coronavirus.

During press conference last Thursday, February 27, government officials said at a press conference that the test results for the territory’s suspected carrier would have returned in three days.

“The results have not returned from Trinidad as yet,” a source close to the matter told BVI News on Tuesday, March 3.

When our news centre contacted the Minister for Health, Carvin Malone, he confirmed that information.

In the meantime, BVI News understands that the results should be back by Wednesday or Thursday and will be announced in a subsequent press conference.

Last Thursday, Premier Andrew Fahie said there was no confirmed case of the virus.

He said an individual had returned from China via the TB Lettsome International Airport and was exhibiting symptoms of the virus. The person has since been tested and quarantined at home.

While there were some initial tests conducted, further tests were sent to Trinidad for further analysis.

Strengthening Territory

In the meantime, in a March 3 statement by Health Minister Carvin Malone, he said his ministry continues to ‘closely’ monitor the rapid spread of the disease.

He said health officials are applying “all necessary precautions to prevent the importation or transmission of the disease in the British Virgin Islands.”

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  1. VI Diva says:

    I’m here for the paranoia based silly speculative comments.

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  2. WOw says:

    We need to step it up and get our own Lab facility for these tests

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  3. BS says:

    Turn around time for test results is 24 hours. Draw your own conclusions

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  4. Liars says:

    These tests do not take this long.

    You are stalling to find a way to get the cruise ships to enter our waters.

    Journalists… do your jobs and ask some questions instead of simply writing down what these crooks, i mean politicians say.

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    • @Liars says:

      I am with you. The results from the test should have been back within 24 hours. Test results delayed?

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    • hmm says:

      Same thing i was thinking. …and why all of a sudden the initiative for a 3M loan is quickly considered? Why didnt they use that same initiative and ordered the damn machine last year while the damn thing began spreading wild!

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  5. Eagle eye says:

    Suppose them trini decide to lie about the results.get your own testing products what a shame.

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  6. vip heckler says:

    With all these prevaricators in government we will never know the truth

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  7. curious says:

    Why didn’t they send it to st martin which is 30 minutes away, or Dominica which is 1hr:45 minutes away for testing. these two countries have the facilities and equipment to carry out the testing. Am sure the results should have been know by now.

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  8. TurtleDove says:

    Do they know the people who he came in contact with at the airport in case they need to take further steps if positive?…hopefully all is well…maybe we should have identify these people and let them know to report to the hospital if not feeling well or know
    where to start quickely if……..Monday morning quarterback…..not complaining…..stay strong.

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  9. S.H.I.T. says:

    I guess it got stuck on LIAT

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  10. Lie says:

    Them to like it’s a shame. So ling for a result???. They did not send anything to test. Whats the sense come on air talking and a week later still no results.

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  11. Hmmmmmmm says:

    Well if he or she had COVID 19 by now you would have known. Why? Because you would have heard he or she being treated. No?

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  12. Bush Doctor says:

    Just get some bush and bathing he or she diwn in it. Marijuana might also help. We don’t need no vaccine.

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  13. Me says:

    Of all interest pls. Doc’c /All private prictioners/physicioners/pharmysicts political doc’s of past pls.put aside all evil let’s come together and make a differance.Govt.of the day is disarrayed this thing is gonna be all over.I’m very concern for elderly.Forget about ur LEGAL MARIJUANA put interest where it lies.This thing could decrease our population drastically

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    • @Me says:

      The elderly need to act them age for once. It that simple. Stay away from crowd and mischief making. Stop home and pray.

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  14. Listening says:

    Is the person still in quarantine while we await results? No cover-up please.

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  15. Confidentiality says:

    We are dealing with a human being. Non of you would like to be treated this way. Guest what? it is early in the game, and some of you through no fault of yours own may jolly well ended up being tested and I hope your test result is publicized to the whole BVI.

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    • Listening says:

      No one needs to know the identity of person/s who are quarantined. However, based on previous report, we would hope that safeguards are in place to protect the general population. The unfortunate situation was the media releasing information that should have been reserved for the appropriate agency. That way, the news release would have stated that a suspected carrier of the virus is being observed, thus the public would not be as anxious over the potential risk of being infected.

  16. Caribbean says:

    Three cases suspected in the USVI.

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