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The BVI could use more ‘Supa Cops’, legislator says

Constable Glen ‘Supa Cop’ Callwood.

Junior Minister for Tourism Archibald Christian believes more police officers in the British Virgin Islands should emulate the work ethic of Officer Glen Callwood, otherwise known as ‘Supa Cop’.

Christian, who was speaking at a recent sitting of the House of Assembly, effectively commended Callwood for what he suggested was the zeal in which the cop carries out his duties.

Callwood is known for his no-nonsense approach to motorists violating local traffic laws.

“You have one police officer called Supa Cop and everybody is on his back because he is doing his job. If you had 15 more ‘Supa Cops’ like that one Supa Cop, everybody would not feel the crunch for the one Supa Cop,” Christian said.

Super Cop doing a lot

The Junior Minister said Callwood has managed to maintain a strong presence throughout the streets of Tortola to ensure traffic laws are obeyed.

“One Supa Cop is trying to control the whole territory – he is supposed to be in Road Town ensuring that we park in the right places and we park in parking lots. And he still got to run down behind all these trucks to make sure that they are not dropping litter all along the road and, God-forbid, it don’t fly into anybody’s vehicle,” Christian said.

Callwood was relieved of duty years ago for a case of indecent assault on the job. However, he was reinstated in 2016 and, since then, have singled-handed contributed to a number of major traffic busts in the territory.

One of his most recent busts relates to a traffic stop where an accused drug dealer Malik Maduro was found in breach of multiple traffic offences and with a relatively large quantity of marijuana.

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  1. Lol says:

    More police to give out more Traffic Tickets? Is That what makes supa cop so supa?

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  2. Dave says:

    Mr. Minister, aggression and indiscretion are not ethical traits a good police officer and certainly not the standards one should be measured by.

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    • @Dave says:

      I do not agree with you. Supa Cop is doing his job and we just do not like to be told what to do because we are a lawless society. That doesn’t make him aggressive.
      You can ponder on that and try to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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  3. farmer brown says:

    I need more donkeys

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  4. Angel says:

    Call it like how I see it. They don’t care ..they jus here for the us currency .. They say we need them No. We don’t They left their country for better meant Right and their country richer than the bvi. Right So tell me this how come I ain’t left BvI. Police expats they fear for their life. But not the Us money. Tell me this now why they did not do any policing in there county. Why
    They ain’t protect their Hone Country Why why why. They come out here too take over bvi.

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    • lol says:

      Oh wow. Seek the Lord for deliverance friend He alone have your answer. We all will die with our corps taking good land space lol. Shame on yooooou. What are you doing to help the bvi economy so you pay any firm a tax??? Bvislanders are very nice people where are you from??? You may as well have expat blood in you????????????????

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    • @Angel says:

      Many have left which is why the BVI is how it is now, but we are so blinded by politics we think everything is VIP and NDP, wake up and stop with the ignorance. The BVI economy is developed around people coming here to live/work/spend/contribute, it doesn’t work any other way!

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    • Joe says:

      Who let them in and Why?

    • Observer says:

      Go learn to speak the English Language properly!

    • OOK says:

      Angel? you could do well in the Force. Come and do the exam. English is one of the required test subject

  5. BVI Islander says:

    Callwood from hereeee. You’re not gonna here send him home, because he’s a “down island” man behaving so….

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  6. Ok says:

    Especially if there was a “SupaCop” to look at Audits, Finances, and the transparency of the Government. This is what we need. We don’t need more pressure on the poor and powerless. How about equal justice in ALL areas. How about that!

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    • Reality says:

      Maybe supacop could get the Premier to issuejust one set of audited accounts then he would be known as “miracle cop”

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    • anonymous says:

      You “don’t need more pressure on the poor and powerless” but your powerless vanish when you driving, littering and bossing around.
      Nobody has to fear anything if the rules are follow.
      We need hundreds of Supa Cop to take care of all the bulls..t of yours

    • Anonymous says:


  7. VG says:

    Boy, we could sure use some traffic patrol and fines on VG. so much litter flying out of vehicles and kids driving scooters with babies in their laps!

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  8. Jasper Carrot says:

    Send him round to Carrot Bay to deal with the scooter gang and their illegal removal of exhausts from their bikes. They are a 24 hour a day noise nuisance , disturbing the peace, breaking laws with impunity.

    Act now.

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    • Oh please says:

      So I guess there are bikes passing every second of the day. Ppl here meson I don’t understand

      • Jasper Carrot says:

        Pretty much some nights, Sunday’s and holidays. 4 am at times. You can hear them for miles.

        Why Police Commissioner do you condone this criminal behaviourv?

    • Silent says:

      Do you think that Archie or any other member are concerned about loud bikes being a nuisance to society? Think again!!

  9. yes yes says:

    We need some proper cops to stomp out the crooked politicians

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  10. Eye Spell says:

    Callwood have the courage to do his job and deal wit you all. Moan about tickets but if you don’t break the law you don’t get a ticket. can’t drive like a fool and shout me born here to him can y’all !!

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  11. straight up says:

    Super cop done make my girl pay for factory tint.

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  12. WoW says:

    Go Supa Cop

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  13. Hmm says:

    Archie, I lik you but that’s a stupid comment. We don’t need the male and female super cop, much less, additional.

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  14. Uh says:

    Glen does his job..but he also suffers from m—- ——– so beware.He like so because of it.Try go have a rational conversation with him..go on try.

  15. OH LORD says:

    Archie you know better, now this guy will shut down the whole Highway to give one person a ticket. He blocks an entire lane, causes traffic jams just because he stop one person and you saying you need more of that? I mean cops should do their job but civility and respect goes hand in hand as well but when you have Mr.Festival pull horizontally in front of someone and block both lanes while he shout at a driver is not good, and you want more you say?

    I think you better point out the key thing he is doing and not the drama in giving out a ticket.

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  16. Goose says:

    That Man is an i****!!! The man will block the I-95 to give one person a ticket!! Yall want more of he!!! ya’ll smoking something mon

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  17. tickets says:

    I think he needs to give the people that catching rides and taxi in front of the post office tickets. The taxi taxis are forced to stop on the highway because the passengers refuse to go to the dedicated spot. The private vehicles that are parked in the taxi area needs to be ticketed also. There was a guy selling fish in the taxi parking area today and supa cop came to buy fish and tried to give Brian a ticket because he was blocking a lane. How will he be able to park when we are selling fish in the dedicated area for the taxis?

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  18. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Undoubtedly, Glen “Supa Cop” Callwood has the responsibility to enforce all traffic laws. Nonetheless, policing is serving and protecting the public and any police officer can used discretion in enforcing traffic laws. Attaining compliance with the laws should come at the lowest cost. Which of the following is the better option for attaining compliance (a) issuing a warning ( depends on the gravity of the infraction) or issuing a ticket?

    True, motorists have an obligation to obey all traffic laws. However, the first response to a traffic violation probably should not be a ticket. Of course, repeat, deliberate and disrespectful offenders probably should be ticketed.

    Moreover, has the Hon Christian visited with CoP Mick Matthews about putting more cops on the beat to carry out the no nonsense, black and white approach to enforcing traffic laws? Do we need cops on the beat behaving like robots or like humans who can exercise discretion? Does Supa CoP deserve a meritorious promotion for his exemplary and trend setter performance?

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  19. dagga says:

    Archie election coming and you now trying to hot up the net as if you did work for the pass years.GET LOST ARCHIE

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  20. Real says:

    Wa ayo dont say when da mon car went the sea

  21. Brad Boynes says:

    Hmm. The hill man used to do his job too. Talk that Archie because even you yourself din’t want him you be in charge of immigration for no darn reason. Double standard talk. $ITCH NOW.

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  22. The Reaper says:

    These police fear for their life. An I understand Bvi ain’t No joke. U got to be strong and stand up for Justice.Yes we need more like Supa Cops ????‍♀️ ????????‍♂️????‍♀️????????‍♂️????‍♀️????????‍♂️????‍♀️ But are these police in it for the long run or jus for the Benefits law inforcement come with. Can’t see no time after 5 patrolling the roads tho. Hmmmmm. What do u think. My 2 cent

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  23. Concerned says:

    If we would have a working postal-service tickets could be mailed to the owner of the vehicle how it is done in other countries instead of stopping the vehicle and all traffic.

  24. NA NA says:

    That man is too full of himself cause i have seen where he give a ticket to one person and because the other friend with the same offence got away what kind of officer is he a show off if u tell me .

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    • MJT says:

      Food and Rob were doing fine,you all lock them up for wonder the police the way they are. One get convicted for balls and you all give him a trophy and put him back on the road to represent the all police.

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  25. minister you are very stupid says:

    very st—– man

  26. He's an asset hole says:


  27. tek my two scent says:

    The COMMISONER OF POLICE HAS NOT RECOMMENDED ANYTHING AS SUCH or he would have being more than a constable by now!!!!! Officer Callwood probably has a red flag over his head all now. (lol)

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