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The Queen’s husband dies at 99

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, has died.

Buckingham Palace announced in a statement today that the Duke of Edinburgh died at Windsor Castle on Friday morning.

His passing comes a couple weeks after spending a month in hospital where he underwent a successful procedure for a pre-existing heart condition.

He was 99 years old.

Prince Phillip is recorded as the longest-serving consort in British history.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Prince Phillip “inspired the lives of countless young people” and “earned the affection of generations … in the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth, and around the world”.

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  1. Interested says:

    May God Comfort Her Majesty and the rest of the family

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Both the palace statement and the Governor’s statement assume that the world will be in mourning – I don’t think so. The press are running their pre-written articles but nobody really gives a dam about the death of a privileged rude old man who wasted his whole life.

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      • Wow says:

        You claim to not care but yet you actively took time out of your precious day by choosing to click on this article and commented on his death.

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      • SB says:

        Go crawl back in your hole. Prince Philip served with distinction in a world war and then devotedly served his country for the rest of his life. Talk about wasting your life, what have you ever done?

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  2. jack says:

    what was his position on slavery and did he benefit?

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    • @jack says:

      probably not. he was a penniless, stateless person when evacuated from Greece. I don’t think the Danish were massive in the slave trade.

      But thanks for your thoughts.

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    • Mirroe says:

      What’s your position on slavery that is still going on around the world and in Africa? Sounds like you are black and just as culpable as this guy who was born well after slavery ended in a country that never practiced slavery in modern times. By your accusations you are just as culpable. But, white bad right? Bigot

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      • The Shining says:

        @Miroe,”What was his position on slavery and did he benefit?” Unless you try to answer jack’s question, you can’t be taken seriously.

        If you are white it seems you are deflecting. But nobody is fooled by those tactics anymore.

        If you are black, you need counseling.

  3. We says:

    Although expected, this is sad news. The Queen has been married to him for over 70 years. This will be a huge loss to her. RIP.

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    • Whocares? says:

      Who cares about that white privileged brute? Them thief enough wealth from Africa. They think we forget? Let them come here with their F*rt. We ready for them Makazeema. Ole pale thrash people.

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