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There were sleepless nights – Top achiever Zora Williams

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Staff

It is no surprise that, of the three universities to which Zora Williams applied, all have jumped to have her enrolled in their respective medical programmes.

She however has settled with Andrews University in Michigan, United States.

The 18-year-old graduated from H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) yesterday with a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average.

Her sight is now locked on the next few years of studying to become a nurse.

“I plan to go to Andrews University in Michigan… I plan to be a doctor eventually. Maybe I will work after nursing school, earn some money, and then go back,” Zora told BVI News Online moments after her graduation ceremony.
Her eyes brightened and her smile broadened as she spoke further about her academic achievement: “I’m feeling elated and excited. I just want to thank God and everyone who helped me through, because I couldn’t do it by myself.”

Zora noted that she is especially grateful to her parents Merell and Desmond Snr who were born in Jamaica.

She also expressed gratitude to her church family, as well as her big brother Desmond Jr, who she said always encouraged her to strive for excellence.

“What everyone would tell me is ‘don’t forget God’… I have friends here [at HLSCC] as well, and before we’d start a test we would always pray together,” Zora added as she reeled off a network of supporters.

The youngster, who does not recall ever failing a subject, said two major components in her formula for success has been hard work and her faith.

She remembered sleepless nights.

“I worked hard and I believe that hard work will produce good results. If I have an assignment that’s due, I would stay up all night and try to finish it. I won’t be like ‘Oh, I’m tired,” said Zora, who added that she cringes at the sight of a B+ grade.

“I consider certain grades to be failures. So, if I get an A-, I want to work harder. And, if I get a B+, I would be like ‘no; that’s not good; work harder.”

The young British Virgin Islander, in the meantime, is no nerd. She told BVI News Online that she plays sports, and is quite active in the Road Town Seventh Day Adventist Church where she worships.

“There are church activities that I participate in regularly, and I love volleyball. Volleyball is like my passion. When I have time, I would go ahead and play that.”

“I also have various shows I like to watch, which will remain unmentioned,” the teen said jokingly.

She also offered some words of wisdom especially to younger students.

“I believe that nothing in life can be really difficult once you apply yourself. You’ll have to work hard. But, once you want something, it becomes easy. If you want to achieve something in life, you would think ‘oh, I have a goal at the end of the line, and I’ll work towards that’. That makes everything easier.”

“Work towards your dreams and goals, and you will get them,” Zora continued. “Don’t say ‘oh it is too hard; it is too much work; it is too much pressure’. Just go for it and you’ll get through it.”

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