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There will be designated places to anchor — Wheatley after criticism


Following public criticism regarding plans to make the territory a ‘no anchoring’ zone, Minister for Natural Resources, Vincent Wheatley has now said there are plans to have designated places for large vessels to anchor.

Wheatley gave that indication during a recent interview on Real Talk with host Karia Christopher.

He said: “When I mentioned, a few weeks ago, the idea of a no anchoring zone, everybody was like, ‘oh, how you mean no anchoring zone in the sailing capital of the world? How you mean no anchoring zone?’ And I’m like, ‘are these people kidding me?’ I’m a reasonable person. Why would I do something to kill an industry we worked so hard to build?”

“At the same time, you can’t destroy the territory trying to make a dollar because those same people who want to come and drop their anchor, when they destroy all our coral, they’re not going to come,” Wheatley argued.

Designated anchoring zones

The minister said “there will be anchoring zones” in the areas of BVI waters where there is no coral. 

He described those areas as having “just rocky bottoms”. 

“You could anchor here as you won’t destroy anything here. As minister for the environment, I have to do my utmost best to protect the environment to the best I can,” he explained.

“I consult very heavily with the sailing industry, I’m not in my home making up things from the top of my head. I don’t operate like that,” Wheatley further said.

What was previously said

In a previous live panel discussion, Minister Wheatley had said that recent evidence showed that many of the corals in the territory had suffered damage from anchors.

He said the evidence had promoted his ministry to consider prohibiting vessels from anchoring in the territory and instead dock and utilise moors.

He further said a full research study has to be conducted and once it gets on the way, it will allow for his ministry to properly decide on what measures will be taken for mega yachts.

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  1. Anchoring says:

    Gotta expand the mooring fields. There are not enough Mooring Balls for everyone so a lot of people are forced to anchor out of necessity

  2. responsible sailor says:

    The Minister has to understand that we sailors certainly do not want to anchor in coral. For if we do, we take away the very underwater beauty which we all cherish. It also should be mentioned that it is relatively unsafe to be anchoring in coral; as vessels anchored in coral areas have been known to drag their anchor thus endangering those vessels around them. Yes Mr. Minister; you may be prudent and responsible but we as your paying sailing public are also prudent and responsible….one must never bite the hand that feeds.

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  3. Dont Know Why? says:

    I have noticed that this New Site is focused on opposing the Government. I am not for the party system, but based on the news stories published and the angles they take, this new site is always opposing. I know this will not be posted but its just so BVI news know its obvious

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    • that is your opinion only says:

      So far everything I see on BVI News echoes conversations being held in the community. Also of late the government has been making questionable decisions which right thinking have a right to question.

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    • @Dont no Why. Find out! says:

      Your government have become very unpopular the bloggs are just reflecting that, dont blame the media, because every media sight its obvious base on comments that your govt is very unpopular… Find out Why?.

  4. vip heckler says:

    This minister is backing up like a lobster….soft!

  5. Goodsense says:

    He always have to backtrack everything he says
    stick to your positions whether popular or not

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  6. Chosen says:

    Mr minister I am a sea man and I know for a fact no ship will be secure properly on a rocky bottom mr minister you still have no idea what you are talking about y all don’t realise that the whole world is watching and listening lord send help.

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  7. Reality Check says:

    The vessels doing the most damage are the commercial vessels which are anchoring on the patch reefs in Drake Channel. All that has to happen is they are required to anchor in 65 feet or more, as the coral is shallower than that. The ship’s agents can notify them if Mr Wheatley can get legislation formulated and passed.

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  8. Sand!! says:

    Who is this guy?? Clearly not a boater. Clearly talking out of his #*+
    You anchor in SAND to protect the coral. Anchors are made to ‘set’ on a sandy or muddy bottom. You would have to have an old pirate anchor to anchor on rocks. LOL where in the BVI is this rock anchorage?
    This is all about blocking off areas for your rich friends. This is another Oil Nut Bay ‘swim area’ that really just keeps locals off their beach. DJ has been asking the gov to make the entire area past Saba Rock a no anchor zone.
    Please get someone in the boating industry to explain this stuff to you before sticking your foot in your mouth the next time. The BVI Marine Association is a good place to start.

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  9. Idiot says:

    This man is a next f**l everyday is a new thing, the are not qualified to run this island, the only taking food out of ppl mouth. The don’t have enough space to dock those boats and that the most important business that brings in money to this islands, tourist already turning away from this island the going to st Thomas and other islands and these i***ts don’t see, then again them bread well butter is ppl like us have to suffer

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  10. Chosen says:

    Mr minister you need to go back to the drawing board because you don’t know what you are talking about

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  11. Chosen says:

    Mr minister I had a lot of respect for you but now i can see you don’t know what you are talking about rock are corals

  12. Chosen says:

    Idiot well said I am with you they are trying to condemn the rest of the world but they don’t release they are killing the bvi slow

  13. Chosen says:

    Mr. Minister keep it up you and your fancy suit the whole world is watching and listening

  14. vip heckler says:


  15. Anegada says:

    This government came into power with lots of hope and expectations. We thought they were going to be working for the PEOPLE. Unfortunately, this is not so. WHY do they consistently make these premature decisions without working with the stakeholders. If the minister had involved the boating community he would have made a more informed decision.
    Instead, here we are. The boating community is outraged and the minister backtracking.

    This is not so difficult, if you involve the people in your decision process, we don’t waist time and alienate the community.

  16. sinbad says:

    Not really thought this through have you Minister?
    Why is this a recurring theme with this administration? Proclamations made on high, without consultation, then “retracted” or “clarified” or blame passed. Similar to the way they have to explain Trump’s tweets the morning after.

  17. Boss. Stand up for your people says:

    We can’t ignore the yachting industry. They have been an economical rock over the years. Find away to get them in the plan. They are quite easy to accommodate because they can spend the 3 days quarantine on board… Put a marine task force together, Just to ensure Sea vessels abide with the rules.

  18. Concerned says:

    This is good news for protecting the coral reefs. Who will enforce this and every other marine law? Yachts and dinghy vessels are not supposed to anchor in or near swimming areas and yet they do causing daily accidents and hurting our residents in White Bay and Cane Garden Bay without enforcement. So again I ask, who will enforce such laws?

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