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They need to thank me for mobile phone expansion in BVI— Fraser


Opposition Leader Julian Fraser has said persons need to thank him for his role in expanding mobile phone usage in the BVI.

Fraser’s comments came as he debated the Business Licensing Act that passed in the House of Assembly (HOA) recently.

The Third District Representative said that in 2007 only 50 percent of persons in the BVI had cell phones.

“Fifty percent of that 50 percent kept their cell phones in their bags because they couldn’t let their friends know they had a cell phone. Because if they had known they had a cell phone, they’d all be asking them to make a phone call and you can’t afford to let somebody use your phone to make a phone call,” Fraser said.

Fraser also said that a majority of persons kept their cell phones off around that time because persons were required to pay for phone calls they received as well as phone calls that were made.

“The same 2007, 200 percent of Virgin Islanders had phones, 200 percent. That means each Virgin Islander had two phones. I just want him to know, the Member for the Fifth (Fifth District Representative Kye Rymer) that they must thank me for that,” Fraser said.

He continued: “First, you don’t have to pay when somebody calls you and second, rates are down.”

Fraser has not been shy over the years in taking credit for his role in ‘liberalising’ the telecommunications sector and introducing a third mobile phone carrier while serving as Minister for Communications and Works at the time.

According to Fraser, rates were currently on the increase again and this was an issue that he needed to take up with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) which is responsible for the sector.

Fraser also called on the TRC to ensure that telephone companies are not benefitting from areas in the legislation that they should not be.


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  1. The Liberator says:

    This man helped to modernize the BVI—brought in stop lights, optional cellphone companies, cheaper constant flow of water, brought in biwater to erect 2 modern sewage plants and reservoirs, extended the runway at beef island… He brought in a huge suction dredge to fill the airport expansion with sand and also brought in a drill to install underground pipes without disrupting the flow of traffic—HON FRASER IS THE MAN, HE DELIVERS THE GOODS, A MAN WHO GETS THE JOB DONE AND NOT AFRAID TO MAKE THE TOUGH DECISIONS—–{FRASER FOR PREMIER}

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  2. TurtleDove says:

    That was your job, thank you. Your attitude sir will not encourage young people to approach you. You had wins and losses in your time….I am not going to be like you and remind you of your bad moves.

    At your age you need to be humble and pass on knowledge to the youngsters.

    Thanks for your service.

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    BECAUSE OF FRASER ALL OF AYO CAN AFFORD CELLPHONES NOW—SOME HAVE AS MUCH AS 3 CELLPHONES {digicel cct and flow} even to the little kids have cellphones. FOR THAT WE THANK YOU FRASER!!!!

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    • Liane says:

      Nobody should NEED three cell phones. One company should be enough to offer reliable and affordable service.Sadly, that isn’t and has never been the case.

      Fraser does not need any thanks or praise for his service. He has received MUCH MORE from the people than he is responsible for “giving”. Once they are done investigating him, I think he will be more humble … something that has never been his strong suit.

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  4. hog city says:

    I love it when the news show hon fraser in a positive light which is very rare

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  5. LOL says:

    People used to hide their phones??? This dude is something else …..but I needed the laugh. Since his barber gave him the Dracula hair part, like he gone b**kers

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  6. Thankful says:

    Oh Yes Minister Fraser, Thanks You.
    I remember, it was terrible.
    Thanks You!

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  7. DearGod... says:

    We have so many problems today and crusty wants us to go back in time and thank him again for what was clearly his job to do.

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  8. Lol says:

    Round of applause please ! Give this man his stickers for doing his job !!

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  9. modern devices says:

    He brought technology which is a good thing for the kidz

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  10. Resident says:

    Why should we thank you for doing your job

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  11. 3rd district massive says:

    He is loved by us in the 3rd because he is a real true leader with a strong back bone. 4 more years!

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  12. Licker and Sticker says:

    Don’t trust a man that can’t see that his barber is lying to him

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  13. yeah !!!!!!!!!! says:

    Hail him Julian “mandella” Fraser

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  14. Time will tell says:

    What utter pi**!!!!

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  15. Concerned says:

    Thank you for what? It’s your job, that’s what you were elected for, stop seeking credit for what you are being paid for. Imagine you are on the opposition side and bragging about It’s your idea to start the unity government. The next we notice is that you fully well know the 44 thousand dollars for the COI is to ease the pressure off the BVI you making a big deal out of it, wait til the dust settle man. Is people like you why I am convinced that an honest politician is not a good politician…do better man.

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  16. Hurray says:

    Seems like he wants free money while sitting in the HOA

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  17. What!!! says:

    Thank you,
    Also thanks for the traffic lights at a roundabout.

    Sea Cow Bay sidewalk to nowhere.
    Great wall of China.
    Family paid for no work on harbor project.
    Hope I didn’t forget anything.

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  18. What got me says:

    “rates are down”?

    The BVI has some of the worst, most expensive telecommunications on earth.

    Ukraine is better, less expensive and it’s a war zone.

    Strangely enough, the service on VG is better than on Tortola. Read from that what you will.

  19. Fraser in 2023 says:


  20. RATATOUILLE says:

    Has this man gone senile, you were paid and now you need praise! Sounds like a real ret race.

  21. SK says:

    “persons need to thank him for his role in expanding mobile phone usage in the BVI”.

    Thank you so much most anointed one and god bless you for al the wonderful things you are doing for BVI Love. You are special and you are loved by all. Nobody is more special than you are, the BVI, and all of the world could not ever thank you for who you are and all the great things you have done for man and woman kind…… We love you and look forward to kissing your ring. You are special and you are great. I look forward to continuing to find the AT&T bars on my phone to get anything done….. God bless you.

  22. Choops says:

    This man always looking for praise. Smh. Self praise is no praise sir.

  23. Familiar says:

    Frazer took a page out of the expats’ book. People are hired and get paid to do a job and then complain that they should be compensated because they build the BVI. Sounds too familiar.

  24. Native says:

    That’s like the water department digging up the plants on the road/median outside the festival village, not fixing it back, and bragging about what a good job they did to fix a leak, or install a pump.

    They dug up a pipe outside my house after Irma, put a cap on it without fixing it and was getting ready to cover it up. If I had not politely asked them what the “!#%k” they are doing, and taken a picture, I would still be without public water.

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