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They tried to take power from our gov’t when COVID hit

Premier Andrew Fahie and Health Minister Carvin Malone.

Premier Andrew Fahie has suggested that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the BVI earlier this year, certain political factions tried to take power from elected representatives and give it to the governor.

The current law dictates that in the event of a disaster emergency, the governor is responsible for the disaster management of the territory. This happened immediately after hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 when the governor took charge of the territory.

Similarly, Premier Fahie said his government was told to give the handling of the pandemic to the National Emergency Operating Centre (NEOC) which is the agency responsible for emergency response in the BVI and is typically headed by the Governor.

But he said his government put together its own team called the Health Emergency Operating Centre and told critics that “COVID-19 is a pandemic, not a disaster”.

“The National Emergency Operating Centre team comes into place when there are hurricanes. We were told by some that it has to be the entity to be used during COVID-19 and we said no, COVID-19 isn’t a disaster, it’s a pandemic,” Premier Fahie explained.


The Premier said his government justified its control of the pandemic using laws such as the Public Health Act (1977), which states that the Health Minister should be in charge during a pandemic.

“Had that legislation, the Public Health Act, not been put in place during COVID-19, we as a people would have not been in charge of our destiny during this pandemic because there were movements on foot to make sure that it was not so. And this government had to use those legislation along with the Quarantine Act and also the Infectious Disease Act to be able to show that the law says that the Minister of Health is in charge of pandemics,” Premier Fahie stated.

“Had we listened to those who were giving us the rhetoric that we can’t get it done on our own and that we need to go through the entity that was already proven, we would not be the captains of our fate going through COVID-19,” Premier Fahie stated.

Some sections have the public have strongly disagreed with the protracted territory-wide lockdowns, curfews and protocols the government put in place to suppress COVID-19 that infected more than 70 persons locally.

However, the government maintains that all actions are meant to save lives and stop the virus from spreading in the community. The BVI has now gone more than 40 days without a confirmed COVID-19 case and has one of the most impressive COVID-19 records in the Caribbean and the world.



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  1. Really says:

    I do not believe a d**n thing he says.If the UK had control, we would not have persons smuggling in and bringing the virus
    but you eventually had to allow them to take over the national security anyway with the barge

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    • Listen says:

      Foy we are all sorry to say that it’s time for you to head back to the field. The house is no place for you.

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    • Doh says:

      This is how authoritative governments slowly take over. A little here, a little there. No one will notice. It’s in OUR best interests. We know how to do it better. Sound familiar?

      And we’ve all see how well Dear Leader has done as he slowly consolidates power. No economy, depressed business, and a failed reopening/tourism initiative.

      Carry on.

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    • oneupthebum says:

      Saying Covid is a pandemic so not a
      disaster is like saying hurricanes are
      weather events so not a disaster.

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    • BVI no luv says:

      And it’s the belonger bringing the virus. They won’t quarantine and they hit the clubs. Then it’s all over the island. You wait and see.

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  2. The truth says:

    They did that because like most of the country can see, you and your administration were not competent enough to make the right decisions in the best interest of the BVI. Hon. Fahie, the decisions of your government from security matters to tourism matters to business matters were not well thought out. Your government’s lack of planning and consultation with stakeholders has done more damage to the BVI than covid itself.

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  3. You made a mess says:

    Foy Foy Foy.

    You made a total mess of the situation. Stop congratulating yourself.

    We had one person die due to medical errors. You never investigated this. People are dying out of poverty, you claim the economy is doing well. You talked about stimulus, you only made sure your friends are taken care of. You talked about reopening and now make it completely impossible for anyone to travel back. You talked about kickstarting the economy but only announced a lackluster plan to spend some money on infrastructure.

    You are extremely inc*******t and should have handed over the power as soon as you had the chance.

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    • @You made a mess says:

      The NDP put the broke and wicked *** woman to say what Fahie didn’t say about the economy to try to play with our minds but the majority knows better. The VIP Government handle this Coronavirus pandemic far better than how the NDP handled Hurricane Irma and that’s a fact.

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      • Stop comparing says:

        Its a nonsense and irrelevant comparison.

        We don’t live in 2017 anymore.

        We live in 2020. Fahie and the VIP are in power and they are in********t.

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  4. Black Trump is Fahie says:

    He keeps on providing us with conspiracy theories just like Trump!

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    • Historian says:

      If you study history you would know that this is no conspiracy theory but it is real. They enalsved our auntcestors the same way so try avoid ignorant Charter.

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  5. Yes we can says:

    I am with the Premier and his Government on this one. The UK is not getting the Corona Virus handled at all and so many people in the UK is dying but they want to come tell us how to handle the Corona Virus. The people of the BVI has done well and so has this Government.

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    • @Yes says:

      Nobody can ‘handle’ a virus! The fact is the VIP Government is a f***ing failure and no slave, colonialist or other talk is going to change that. They are a total f***ing failure and need to go! The worst Government in history!

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      • ... says:

        I strongly disagree and all these likes for one side one all articles speaks volumes. BVI-landers are a minority keep that in mind when you check the likes/dislikes.

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      • ... says:

        Stomping your feet will not make you right. Fact they handled it better than the UK, the US and many other countries. FACT

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      • @ @Yes says:

        Many of you truly need to go back home and blog from your homelands if you do not like our leadership. If your leaders were that good at running a country you and your family would not be in our country surviving off of our resources. Most of you are a bunch of racist people that should never be allowed in another man’s country to begin with.

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  6. Clarification says:

    COVID is a pandemic, the Government’s handling of it over the past few months has been a DISASTER!

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    • @ Clarification says:

      For your Clarification…YOUR leaders handling of this pandemic has been a DISASTER, and you and all that are given you hands ups are pleased to ride this worldwide storm in my country. What angers you all is that you sad people have no choice but to admit it and to admit that an African nation ‘under the hands of ‘Jesus Christ’, is sheltering all of you wick minded individuals and your families from possible death!

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  7. Father Time says:

    Don’t get caught in a lie, Andy. It is very unbecoming.

    Queen Lilibeth needs to make a visit and give you a stern talking to like she did Winston Churchill and that other white man.

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  8. @Yes We Can says:

    I totally agree with the comment from ‘Yes we can’ If you can’t get your house control how you going try to control someone else’s.
    I applaud the Premier and his team so far for what they have done and is trying to do to keep us safe.
    Nobody has a blueprint for this Virus, so let us pray for our country that god will continue to protect us.

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    Covid is a Panicdemic. It’s Mugfahie’s handling of it that is the disaster.

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  10. They try says:


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  11. BVI donald trump says:

    Andrew Trump please be quiet!

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  12. Alternative facts says:

    Trump please go sit down somewhere. I’m tired of you now. I am glad the people are getting to see you for the l**r that you are.

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  13. Resident says:

    Why don’t you just concede and hand over the Premier job to someone who can handle the job.You are a f*****e at the job.

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  14. sorry says:

    It might not have been a bad thing if Gus had taken over. Look at the b.s you running us in boss

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    • @sorry says:

      Gus was not elected he was appointed under colonialism, which in a few years will change along with your address and your property ownership in these lands.

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  15. Forward ever Backward never says:

    P**** gone to your head. You and CSC fail to understand that this territory is a British Dependent Territory, and it belongs to the UK. You all continue to talk bs about the UK trying to take over. Trying to take over what is theirs? How stupid. You all need to stop your nonsense. Remember when the UK took over Turks and Caicos financial operations? It was because of corruption. The UK can step in and take over border security, financial services or the whole d**n territory if they see it fit. The territory does not belong to you and CSC. Chew on that.

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    • Looks like says:


    • Please says:

      Go sit down, these lands were never the ownership of the U.K. They never purchased these lands, they just took them after you Europeans killed off the inhabitants (children, women and men) over the copper in Virgin Gorda.

      Then you made our ancestors pay you all for land you never bought to begin with. You left us here to starve to death after slavery ended because you saw no value in these islands. Gave us a few dollars after the 2017 storms and think you contributed to our survival throughput the years?

      And now that God has blessed us, you hell bound evil creatures are back for your share? You think you are bad… come and try! This is a new day!!!

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  16. Fed Up says:

    Petty Fahie, we are tired of you and your I********nt team. Move over and let Kye and Carvin take over. You are a total f*****e and d******e to our territory.

    We want Kye and Carvin. Vote Andrew Out…All the way.

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  17. deathknell says:

    praise the foresight of our forefathers in 1977. if we build it they will come.

  18. WEW says:

    Taking a line from TRUMP playbook.. BS

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  19. Windy says:

    It’s a shame it didn’t work.

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  20. Ok says:

    That’s all he could talk bout… he so power hungry…

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    • ... says:

      Nah he is hungry to see the people move forward from the colonial past & chart their future. Keeping in perspective the end of colonialism which is on the books and those that wish to undermine that path.

      He is confident and not a self hating black person.

      You all sound like spoiled children. IF not for the tough decisions lives would have been lost.

      “suppress COVID-19 that infected more than 70 persons locally.”

      An irresponsible statement… many of those people were tested positive while in quarantine after traveling in from abroad.

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  21. Comments says:

    Thats all he worried about power am sick and tired of the man how he p***r hungry

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  22. Remove says:

    This comment above is one that make me think that this bvi news online is races .that comment should never be allowed it is slavery it is talking about . I already screen shot it but please remove it. I am going to send it to other news sites to see what they think.

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  23. Yes fahie says:

    Good premier there had get that control who know if that wicked set of people like them would of force all kind of things down we throat hmmm like that dam vaccine..

  24. Yes bvi online news says:

    There set of racial ..even nature and god already condem u all race ..u lizard creature demon f**k

  25. Thoughtful Sailor says:

    Let’s just compare Governor Gus’s handling of Hurricane Irma to Premier Fahie’s handling of the economic disaster of Covid. Enough said. The Premier will come to understand that the pandemic is a disaster, and will be, for him.

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  26. Heckler says:

    So here we have an admission that they used loopholes to alter what is written in the law. Wow!

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  27. Hone boy says:

    Bvi should be ashame. Want to compete on big stage And dont have an international Airport. This is the island in the Caribbean that don’t have an international airport.

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    • D U says:

      You clearly don’t know the definition of an international airport.
      An international airport is an airport with customs and border control facilities enabling passengers to travel between countries

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  28. Amazing says:

    Its amazing that there is a general thought that British wants to take US over. England needs us like how the sea needs water. If you ask them now, England will not have a second thought to cut us loose and be rid of us. England only wants to ensure we will not become a charge on their purse. What is the importance of BVI to England at this stage that they would want to dominate us? Colonial days are over. There was a point in history when colonial dominance the key to world dominance, this is certainly not the case now. Colonial dominance is an economic drag right now apart from a few countries with strategic economic and political resources. We have absolutely nothing to offer in the present scheme of thing and needs to think more strategic to get ahead instead of colonial paranoia. That is of the past.

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  29. Disaster says:

    You are correct, COVID-19 is a pandemic not a disaster. However your handling of it has been a total disaster

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  30. Idiot says:

    Only a dummy will believe the l**s coming out of this man mouth

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  31. Brother says:

    Concentrate on the needs of your people! Not your damn vanity. If you can’t do the job have the humility to ask for assistance because this sure as hell is not working for us!

  32. @Yes says:

    U should thank GOD u still alive.

  33. Smh says:

    You just paranoid

  34. Fat trump says:

    Needs to sit down. Other people don’t have enough to eat. Clear who has prospered under the COVID situation.

  35. Stir the pot says:

    Dear Premier,

    Please stop stiring the pot. Why are you trying to pitch people in the BVI against the UK? The first 6 weeks of the Pandemic were handled well and I am pretty sure you used resources of knowledge from the UK, Carpha and the Governor had input. It wasn’t like you did it all by yourself. Since then it has been pretty messy. We all know nothing is set in stone but the its our way or the highway has to stop. You publicly admitted that you failed to consult with the relevant bodies about the private sector and we are now almost in December with people out of work or on very reduced hours since March and it is not getting better.
    The tourism season will be minimal which is great for the health of the territory but not the finances. SS still owes people but is only paying for up to June…Others still have not had their business stimulus. How are these out of work and minimal hours people supposed to survive 2021?

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  36. V4 says:

    Let’s face it, you are an … One World my unlearned colleague not one BVI. Religion should be a positive contribution to all of us not some way to create dissemination

  37. Well well says:

    Oh so this f**l just come on here admitting that his government broke the law? Current law mandates….

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