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They’re talking but we know things too, Premier warns

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has signalled a warning to his political critics that he shouldn’t be counted out, since he still has things in his proverbial arsenal to reveal.

At a Seventh District community meeting held earlier this week, Premier Fahie reeled out a list of his party’s accomplishments in office and urged residents that they shouldn’t shoot the proverbial bird in the hand while looking at the two in the bush.

“I could go on and on with things that – now is not the time – I just want to whet your appetite to let them to know that we have things in our arsenal to bring out,” Premier Fahie charged.

“Some of them are pretending that they are angels and they are saying all kinds of things about us,” he said.

“They are talking but they have not heard from us yet, because we know things too,” the Premier claimed.

“But rather than them who want to mash up the whole farm to get one fowl, we care about the Virgin Islands, we don’t want to mash up the farm at all that’s why we didn’t talk,” he stated.

Premier Fahie, who said he is confident about his team, insisted that he is willing to stand in debate with anyone about the record of his Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government.

Contractor singled out for a party affiliation?

Meanwhile, the Premier suggested that a contractor who recently won a bid to replace air conditioning units at the Multi-Purpose Sports complex was specifically targeted because of his affiliation to the Virgin Islands Party.

“We have a contractor that won the air conditioning contract at the complex and they’re trying to make it look like something is wrong because they know the contractor is around the party so they feel that something fishy has gone wrong when it has gone correctly according to the rules,” the Premier said.

“Yet, there were so many people around them that we could’ve made those allegations, we’re not like them. We’re not going to bring down people so that we can get up,” Premier Fahie argued.


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  1. 7th district says:

    I swear this guy is like a big child, dude be a leader not a child!

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  2. 1st District says:

    You are just so unethical! We don’t want to hear from you now.

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  3. heckler says:

    11 more months of all this folly

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  4. ICReality says:

    Yes We intend to GET UP…In fact His instructions were to arise!!!

    Will do, thank you for the confirmation.

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  5. BS! says:

    The contractor was specifically targeted because the price was massively inflated – don’t get it twisted, hey, hey, hey.

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  6. Shut your trap says:

    This is exactly the same conduct of his that caused the COI. After all the humiliation the country has been through he has not learned one thing. He will come with his mouth full of lies as usual for his own personal advancement with no regard for what the implications are for the country. When the COI asked him if he stood by his corruption utterances he nearly had diarrhea and he still has not learned. Election cannot come fast enough for us to get rid of this megalomaniac.

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  7. Lucifer says:

    I could see all the l**s jumping out his r**kless mouth from the photograph in the article above.

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  8. WTF? says:

    Is this an adult speaking?

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  9. What!! says:

    If a dog runs for election in the first district I will vote for it, anything has got to be better than what we have now.

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  10. Hmmm says:

    This is the same man who shouted from the mountain tops to every listening ear around the world that we had the most curruption under the NDP…Didnt care about the farm then when it was him fighting for the helm. But now theres fowl play in others doing the same. This is your political culture! One you are heavily invested in and a staunch participant of!!!!

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  11. 1st District says:


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  12. lillian says:


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  13. cap fit says:

    like he tourist plan he had to keep to him 2 years ago! it was so big didnt want others to get ideas he had wha happen to that

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  14. LB says:

    the COI have even more in their arsenal than what AF think he has. He might not even be allowed to run next election! Next couple weeks and he will know what God he serves. Get your popcorn ready, this will be a movie!

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  15. lol says:

    All of them is pappy show omg

  16. VG says:

    It hurts to know Andrew U ur the one who said NDP.was the most corrupted now U still here bawling say what U know speak your mind so they can also say what they also know.Andrew next thing I will hear U say”I’tell my mother”brau haahaa ball like a child u are.The COI is still in the house

  17. NB says:

    Somebody give him his Nestum please. My goodness

  18. Me says:

    Andrew ur full of it.I can world leaders laughing at us BVIslanders.Next.I’m hearing from U “igoing mi mother wha wha arursay” cry baby.Say what u ‘ve.on them so they can say what the have on
    REMEMEBER THE WORST CORRUPT GOVERMEMT Who didn’t the most corrupt Stimulas ,what a thing to tell the king.And.pls.stop calling GOD’S name.inna ir.all pus

  19. Big Richard says:

    This guy is supposed to be a leader ? UK please put an end to this embarrassment. WE can’t take it any longer.

  20. Really says:

    So they should shut up because he got dirt on them he can release. All of you are dirty, so let’s hear it from every one of them to get a clear picture. Not that we don’t know already.

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