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Thieves raid businesses on Virgin Gorda

Since the start of this week, a total of four businesses have been burglarised on Virgin Gorda.

The latest two incidents happened Wednesday night, October 7. Thieves broke into two business establishments, Buck’s Supermarket and a business office. While nothing was reported missing from the supermarket, a significant amount of cash was taken from the business location.

Earlier this week, two villas on Virgin Gorda were also burglarised, one in Spring Bay and the other in Mahoe Bay. Flat-screen televisions and a mattress were stolen.

Head of the Virgin Gorda Policing Division Acting Chief Inspector Selwyn Rock is appealing to the public to come forward with information that can lead to the arrest of perpetrators.

He said the crimes on Virgin Gorda are being committed by a few young people.

“Our desire is to bring a quick end to these burglaries by arresting the individuals responsible and restoring the Virgin Gorda community to its former tranquil existence. There are just a few, mostly young individuals responsible. We are asking the public to give us the help needed to identify these individuals,” Inspector Rock said.

Persons are invited to call Inspector Rock directly at 368-9138.

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  1. Me says:

    Andrew said only a few smugglers,now only afew young individuals meaning they are known pls.pls.pls get to the core U expecting Dec.1 opening ,this news is WORLD WIDE Get u priorioties week 2 arrested coming to VG.with arms this sends.a message

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  2. NDP says:

    It is the VIP fault

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  3. Business Owner says:

    It is got to the point where I just purchased a fire arm to protect my business and my employees. I am going to shoot first and ask questions after the fact. You Mothers you need to have a serious talk with your sons. One try to rob my business, I don’t want to hear that your son was a good boy after I blow him away.

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    • Local BVISLANDER says:

      I am a license gun owner with a thriving business on this island, if anyone of these illiterate lazy thugs try any foolish crap at my establishment, I will empty my gun on them, I am not afraid to bust a cap in these strag dogs behind with my eyes shut, you all want to see over kill let them try me.

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  4. Nature says:

    BVILove to steal all your possessions. Tourists please bring a lot with you so we can Rob it from you. The new secret of the BVI

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  5. More to come says:

    Ppl are hungry most ppl depending on the borders to open especially the sea port to St Thomas that’s where business comes in from, does fahie ever sit and think what unemployed ppl going true the are force to turn to robbery, the ppl begging you to do a earlier opening but you are not listening to your ppl and you claim that you are a government for all
    Stop using covid-19 as an excuse it is not going anywhere anytime soon
    You protecting the island from corona and turning the ppl in to bandits
    I guess you don’t know the meaning of being hungry and becoming homeless
    It is not easy when your children ask for food and you get none to give them
    It 7 months now ppl jobless

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  6. BVI business says:

    Crime and unemployment are the direct result of a monumental local government failure.
    We could have opened up months ago were we not led by this arrogant politician who failed in his basic duty of protecting the people.
    It is instructive to compare Fahie with Trump-
    *Unbelievably incompetent handling of Covid – check
    *Blame of any agency who offers help – check
    Infighting with all agencies to deflect criticism – check
    *Refusal to collaborate with qualified experts and stakeholders like BVICCHA – check
    *Reliance on unqualified and secretive “consultants” – check
    *Overweaning and paranoid self-importance, private security guards, armoured car – check

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  7. LG says:

    this is not about being unemployed or hungry!
    These are young thugs that know they can get away with it because nobody will say anything!
    Somebody knows who they are and are holding their tongue.
    this is bad for the whole Island, It is affecting everyone’s wallet. Tourists are not coming to a place that is lawless.

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  8. lol says:

    maybe the guy bail went to finish his mission

  9. Even if caught what happens says:

    What happened to those that were caught robbing VG Scotiabank a few months back? Did they ever make it to court?

  10. Bvi strong says:

    These police officers on vg need to be moved

  11. You know says:

    People know who these punks are. They just won’t give them up because of their so-called code of silence. That makes them complicit. It also means that they are OK living in a den of thieves. Another one of those “Nature’s Little Secrets”

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