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Thirty locals land jobs at newly-opened Petrus Plaza via govt’s employment programme

Thirty locals have now obtained employment at Petrus Plaza through Premier Andrew Fahie’s ‘1,000 jobs in 1,000 days’ initiative.

The Fish Bay-based plaza recently opened to offer car wash and petrol services to the motoring public.

“I thank the Petrus team for investing in the 1,000 jobs in 1,000 days programme. That is one less person who is off the streets, one less person who does not have to worry and one less person who would not have to turn to crime,” Premier Fahie said while delivering a brief address to mark the occasion on Tuesday.

He continued: “We promised that every single citizen who wants to be trained, who wants to be employed, even Belongers who want to contribute to the economic survival of this territory would be able to do so.”

Owner of the company, Allison Petrus, stated that he decided to buy into the idea of hiring all locals because he believed in the government’s programme.

He said: “We understand how economics work. If you want to grow an economy, the economist tells you that every dollar that is in a community circulates about seven times. The best way to have your money circulated is by hiring locals — people who are going to live here and spend their money here — because of the circulation of that dollar is how an economy thrives.”

“It is something special that we saw about this project as a whole because in the final translation it meant jobs coming to the British Virgin Islands,” added Petrus — a local businessman who also owns businesses in neighbouring United States Virgin Islands.

The ‘1,000 jobs in 1,000 days’ programme was launched in August last year, and according to government, about 77 persons have been employed through the programme to date.

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  1. Interested. says:

    Don’t have an issue with your hiring practices as long as you don’t have an issue with my buying privileges. You hire only locals good on you. You call that good business sense. Then only locals should support you. Expats need to ensure that they spend wisely. Support who support you. You have lost one potential customer already. One might not be much but it is one too much. Maybe one more might think like me. Maybe a few of us expats will decide not to support this service.

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    • @intrested says:

      Well go back to your country expat, why you wasting your time an energy hating.

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    • Why? says:

      Why is there always this division going on? This is the BVI and the government should look out for its citizens if your country isn’t doing that then too bad (and its probably why you are here). If you and a few other expats don’t want to support the gas station because they’ve hired locals then go haul your a**! Everyone else will! I know I have, loved the service provided by BVI citizens working there. OneBVI. sc**t

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    • Problem says:

      The only problem with hiring locals is who is going to pump the gas? Well, we all know that they will only show up for work when it suits themselves. The owner can’t fire them. Maybe it’s why he hired 30 people for 5 positions. Need lots of extras…lmao

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  2. Question says:

    Can a person live off wages and hours they offer?

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  3. SMFH says:

    Even if Government didn’t have the programs they would’ve had to hire the people. I am glad to see the local youngsters working and hope they take it seriously.

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  4. Truth says:

    The Territory is in rebuild mode from Irma and many businesses are opening or reopening, so the Premier will take credit for the jobs created by these?

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  5. patriotic says:

    the private sector is doing its part . now the govt need to step up and widen the road ,eliminate blind spots , street lights and general ambiance and aesthetics since fish bay is going or is a major commercial and shopping area.

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  6. Jane says:

    “The best way to have your money circulated is by hiring locals — people who are going to live here and spend their money here — because of the circulation of that dollar is how an economy thrives.”

    Does Mr Petrus live here in BVI or in the USVI? Does his income circulate in the USVI or in the BVI? I smell some hypocrisy…

    I dont care where he lives but please stop this hate on us migrant workers who actually pay rent here, buy groceries here, and oh yes, buy their gas and get their cars cleaned here.

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  7. Ausar says:

    “Jane”, there are many expats who own businesses in this country. So, should us Belongers, refuse to patronize them because they’re not from here?

    I think you should carefully reconsider your statements. I understand your sentiments and do agree that all persons seeking employment should be employed.

    But this country is about Belongers, FIRST, and I must support the hiring of my people, FIRST!

    Thank you Allie and Beverly, for investing in the BVI!

    This truly is a great day for our country and the people of these islands!

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    • Agree says:

      We welcome the Petrus Family and their business to Fish Bay. Pretty confident that they will take it to another level and yes we encourage the hiring of our locals and trust that they remain serious about their jobs and the opportunity made available to them.

    • Jane says:

      @Ausar: no you should not boycott a business if the owner is not from here. But, following Mr Petrus’ logic (not mine), you should boycott a business where the owner is not resident here. My point is that I dont agree with his logic. Migrant workers spend their money here, they produce a significant net positive impact on the economy.

      Personally, I dont subscribe to this divide and conquer mentality where my friends and neighbours are dissected between those who are local or not. We are all human beings, whatever the lottery of our birth location tells us.

      Spend your money at the places which sell you the goods and services you want to buy, at a price acceptable to you, and with customer service that is acceptable to you. I really wish we could evolve the mental slavery of Belonger / Non-Belonger which fuels so much hate and division and proffers only those who have their hands in the cookie jar of the public purse.

  8. Me says:

    Govt program aint got a damn thing to do with no hiring want to put them hand on every f kin thing

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