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‘This is hard but your turn will come soon enough’, Premier tells grounded businesses

Premier Andrew Fahie

As the British Virgin Islands enters its first phase of internal reopening following weeks of a daily 24-hour lockdown, Premier Andrew Fahie is urging business owners who have not yet received approval to operate to be patient and understanding.

In a late-evening address to the nation on Sunday, April 26, the Premier said every business will eventually get their opportunity. 

But until that time comes, they are reminded not to take any chances, despite any temptation.  

“Do not go down that road. Your turn will come soon enough – and it will be sooner once we are all working together and abiding with the rules,” the Premier stated. “Let us not be too hasty to push the envelope with COVID-19. This is a phased reopening. We have to start with some businesses and then expand in a systematic way, over time, based on the progress that we make and based on how the international situation evolves. For some whose businesses are not yet cleared for opening, I know it must be difficult.” 

“I look forward to a successful first phase of the reopening of business, and the timely graduation to Phase Two in the not-too-distant future,” he continued.

 Wearing a protective mask outdoors mandatory 

In the meantime, the Premier is imploring residents to be vigilant and adapt to what he termed as the ‘new regular’.

And while noting the daily 6 am and 1 pm window that is now being allowed so residents can leave home to access food, banks and other pre-approved essential services, Premier Fahie said residents must remember that the territory, is ‘not out of the woods yet’.

“That is why we are proceeding in a cautious manner — reopening in phases. We must remain vigilant. We must strictly uphold the guidelines and the protocols that have been laid out for us. These rules were not decided upon by guess. They are informed by scientific data [and] research conducted by qualified professionals and approved by the relevant international bodies,” he stated.

The leader of government business further said the rules are designed to reduce the possibility of other persons in the BVI contracting and spreading the virus.

“Remember, you must wear a face mask that properly covers the nose and mouth area when you leave your home to conduct your business. Please maintain social distancing of six feet apart. Use the hand-washing and sanitising stations that are provided. Wash your hands for 20 seconds and sanitise frequently. While you are all outside, please hold each other accountable to safe practices,” the Premier pleaded.

Beaches are closed!

He also reminded residents that all beaches are closed ‘until further notice’.

He further reiterated that social gatherings must not exceed 20 persons, and if utilising public transportations such as the ferries, taxis and buses, social distancing protocols must be upheld.

“I must urge you to adhere to all the guidelines and regulations because deviating from them can undo all the progress we have made. Let us continue to further limit the impact of COVID-19 on the territory and on all of us. Let us continue to work together because this is the only way to overcome COVID-19,” Fahie said.

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  1. Know what? says:

    Mr.Premier, you did your best to keep this place safe and people is still B***hing, let them do what they want, they will be helping to lessen the population. Less population, less stress.

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  2. Soon says:

    “Eventually get their opportunity” we need a timeline! Businesses, especially small ones cannot continue to operate, a number of small establishments won’t be able to survive another week. A lot will have to get rid of thousands of dollars worth of stock, pay rent, pay bills, pay staff.

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  3. Wishful Thinking says:

    I wish that we could keep the scooter guys with the loud mufflers off the road (in permanent quarantine). They are again becoming a royal nuisance.

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  4. Watchman says:

    The use of the word grounded in the HL is incorrect. Grounded does not mean not open, or prevented from opening. it can either refer to a plane or punishment. The businesses are not being punished.

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  5. idea says:

    The more businesses open the more spread out customers will be across the island.

    The longer hours businesses are open, the more spread out people will be throughout the day.

    The more beaches and parks open the more spread out people will be for their exercise. (Plus not on the road, in danger of getting run down.)

    Please someone explain if my logic is not correct for increasing social distancing and preventing community transmission.

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    • @Idea says:

      Their actions contradict every single thing that they have said about preventing COVID-19 spread. How do you limit people to 3 hrs to conduct their business after being locked down for almost a month and not think that you will have a problem? What changed so dramatically that they diverted from the initial phased opening which would have made so much sense?

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      • Exactly says:

        Of course this is the first thing that comes to mind…shorter hours, less time to get $hit done, results in more crowding. – what can be Govts explanation/ reasoning for this poor decision. The longer the hours the less crowding – it’s fundamental

  6. Phoenix says:

    My beach is being used right now.The people on it must have special privileges.

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  7. Soooo says:

    When is Andrew going to tell us if those several folks passing away died of CCPVirus?? This is no time for secrets, Andrew, time to address the BVI and answer questions.. Governor why. WHY are’t you telling us what those deaths were from? Why no questions at briefings? Scared you are going to get asked a question you don’t want to answer? What EXACTLY is this Government hiding??

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  8. Gov says:

    Y’all want food and salon to open up where you plan to get the money to visit these establishments if you can’t pay rent and bills? Stay home and cook your food you’ll save a lot for other essential things.

  9. Really says:

    We will be catering to the employed and those that can afford to pay!

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