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Thomas shot ‘old friend’ 5 times in self defence, court hears

Dillion Thomas (centre) being escorted from court on Friday, July 13.

After turning himself over to police, Dillion Thomas reportedly claimed he was acting in self-defence when he shot his long-time friend thrice in the chest and twice in the leg.

Those were the allegations outlined on Friday (July 13) when Thomas appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards for the attempted murder of Rudy Vanterpool. He was also charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

It is said, on the day in question, the two met someplace on Virgin Gorda where they had a verbal altercation. The argument escalated and Thomas allegedly pulled his weapon and opened fire on Vanterpool “in broad daylight” and in the presence of others.

The Crown said Thomas voluntarily turned himself in roughly three hours later. However, the firearm in question still has not been found, the court heard.

Authorities suspect Thomas dumped the weapon at sea or discarded in some other way, the court heard.

He was subsequently denied bail.

The Crown had presented a number of reasons why the accused 28-year-old should remain on remand.

They said Thomas should be denied bail to ensure the continued safety of the victim, who is still at the hospital undergoing treatment.

The Crown further said the reported crime was ‘serious’, especially because it was allegedly done in the presence of others.

The other reason hinged on the Thomas’ character. The prosecution said he was no stranger to the court. The accused Virgin Gorda resident is said to have an ongoing matter in relation to possession of eight grams of cannabis, for which was on bail.

Thomas’ attorney Corine George did not make a case for bail on her client’s behalf.

Importantly, Thomas was not made to plead during Friday’s court appearance because the crimes for which he is charged are known as indictable offences. That effectively means the matter may be heard in the High Court before a jury.

He is scheduled to return to court on August 31.

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  1. Confused says:

    He allegedly almost murdered his “old friend”, I don’t want to know what he would do to an enemy…you do not settled disagreements with friends or enemies with guns.

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    • BVIYoungman says:

      EXACTLY, He could of simply picked up A ‘Big Rock’ and buss his head.


      everybody in the comments below, defending Thomas needs to Stop and STFU.

      I guess if yall Sons, Cousins or Friends out there troubling people, THEY SHOULD GET SHOOT ALSO?! Tell ME

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      • BVIYoungman says:

        Because basically yall saying Vanterpool trouble Thomas over and over so its like he got what he deserved!!

        And that is very nasty and inimical to your children and the society as a whole.

        No matter how high of a ‘breaking point’ someone has reached, TURNING TO GUNS IS NOOOOOT THE ANSWER AND WILL 100% BE UNACCEPTABLE IN THE EYES OF MYSELF AND ALSO, THE LAW!

        20+ YEARS IN YUH ASS

  2. Hmm says:

    This could of gotten both ways, nobody ain’t talking about the times when V——— bullied T—— multiple times and had came into his friend apartment and beat them up. I’m not saying Thomas isn’t wrong but they must look at the bigger picture as to why he reached his breaking point. And plus they wasn’t even that close of friends so stop assuming that they were. I hope that Rudy comes out of the hospital safely.

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    • vg says:

      the police knew about the bullying

    • Silent says:

      What’s his excuse for having the gun? Having the gun was an illegal act and if he didn’t have it he could not have been charged with the crime that he has been charged with. Two wrongs will never make a right.

  3. Oh says:

    Man still fighting over a bag of Doritos.

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  4. What!! says:

    Shot 5 times “in self defense” ?????

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  5. Tony Wigs says:

    He must have buss that gun like how I see Popcan in the video. 5 shots? Dude still eating breakfast lunch dinner Smh introducing …..VG badlands you can’t make this up????????????

  6. Brad Boynes says:

    Some kinda friend you turNed out to be.

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  7. Richgdgy says:

    Hell of a BAD shot!

  8. Charnele says:

    When V—————- stabbed T—– it did not make news and continue to threaten him and using death threats regularly no one warned him to stop. People have breaking point is kill or be killed. I am sorry for what happen to ————- I do hope he stop with his ignorant behaviour. It’s because of his threats T——— think he had no other choice.

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  9. lol says:

    ok, I think that we get that V—- is for Vanterpool and T— is for Thomas.

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