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Threat of COVID-19 will not stop Lobster Fest

File photo of a previous staging of Lobster Fest.

With the annual Anegada Lobster Festival happening this weekend, the government has acknowledged the looming threat of a COVID-19 outbreak but said it is not prepared to halt the economic progress of the territory and prevent the festival from going ahead.

The Premier Andrew Fahie said the government has done everything in its power to control the spread of the coronavirus and advocate for the vaccination of residents.

However, he said the government cannot, in good sense, make the fear of a small outbreak stagnate the progress the BVI has made over the past year and a half.

He noted COVID-19 will not continue to hold the economy of the Virgin Islands hostage and affect business within the territory.

“Let us be safe and vigilant during Lobster Fest and let us maintain the good habits we developed while we go into the holiday season,” the Premier stated.

Meanwhile, Anegada Representative, Vincent Wheatley urged people to follow the protocols in place as everyone seeks to enjoy the festival.

“I want to appeal to all the boat operators, the plane operators and all the businesses going this weekend to follow our health protocols. Anegada is a very large island. Avoid large gatherings and spread out among the island and circulate. The Premier said we have no intention of shutting down again so please observe all protocols,” Wheatley said.

The Premier noted he has had numerous questions about the concern of COVID-19 infection rates increasing in the aftermath of one of the largest events in the territory. This comes after the Ministry of Health and Social Development confirmed on Monday that positive cases of COVID-19 were recorded from people who attended mass gatherings earlier in the month.

The Fish Fete which was held on November 13 at the Road Town Festival Grounds and the Phi Theta Kappa Honour Society Induction Ceremony held on November 15 at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College were the two events.

Earlier this month, the chairman of the Anegada Lobster Festival Carnel Clyne had revealed preparations for the event were coming along well and the main reason the event could go ahead was the conversation he had with industry partners.

He said they made a commitment to be responsible and observe COVID-19 protocols.


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  1. Please says:

    What is the current number of active cases?

  2. strupes says:


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  3. Vaccination rate too low says:

    With the BVI vaccination rate of just above 50% we are at very high risk for a major covid-19 outbreak. We are globally on the list of least vaccinated countries in the world..

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  4. Jones says:

    I hope it doesnt make for an unhappy xmas. Be safe and vigilante folks

  5. wow says:


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  6. super spreader says:

    Anegada nah see me tal

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  7. Crazy! says:

    This is crazy! Money seems to be more valuable than human lives. We have a global pandemic still going on, pending outbreak and new variant worst than all the others. The world is implementing restrictions again but by all means let’s all hop on a over packed ferries and pack into venues to party all day and night. This is perfect. Oh, and all this happening to heavily vaccinated populations and non-vaccinated. It’s coming in on the ferries and flights to be further spread. Hope it’s worth it.

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  8. Hmm says:

    That’s an ignorant statement from a Premier. SMH

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  9. Anonymous says:

    New Covid-19 variant discovered in southern Africa triggers sudden global alarm and travel bans…..

    South Africa has a 29% vaccine rate. No surprise that the virus is mutating there.
    More concerning is that this virus is heavily mutated with 50 mutations 30 of which affect the spike protein the target of our vaccines.
    It is a scary situation………

    Don’t trust, verify.

    May want to check where this new variant came about.

    The media conveniently leaves out that it originated in 4 FULLY VACCINATED individuals.
    But don’t trust, Verify.

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  10. The New Attitude says:

    It seems that the new attitude is “Who live, live and who dead, dead”. A sad state of affairs.

  11. New Variant says:

    Please test all incoming travelers from Anegada(after lobster fest) for the lobster variant.Anyone found with the stew chicken,baby back ribs,pork chops,veinna sausage variant etc. needs to quarintine.Lets promote Lobster fest.

  12. sluxxin says:

    Where can i find those variants? you gah me hungry now

  13. ALL AH THAT says:

    yep with all that drug money 💰 floating around ( COVID ) has put a damper on them , so any little chance they get they going to show off themselves /SO, who dead , DEAD

  14. praying says:

    for the residents of Anegada who knew this was a mistake but may have to pay the consequences of the actions of their most greedy and worthless counterparts. And for those who think this is about Anegada, we are ONEBVI, if it affects them it will affect you. The people from these islands mix up daily as they travel back and forth. Pray everyone.

  15. @ all of that says:

    where is the drugs money at boy I need some right NOW. send it my way

    too many people at Anegada and no spacing out

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