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Three arrested trafficking ‘suspected cocaine’ near VG

Not the actual drugs mentioned in the story.

Three suspected drug traffickers are now in the custody of authorities in the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands (USVI) following an operation that led to the seizure of multiple bales of “suspected cocaine” near BVI waters.

The US Coast Guard (USCG) captured the suspects today with assistance from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) and at least one other local law enforcement agency.

The RVIPF said in a brief press statement that “the USCG supported by RVIPF Marine Branch, Customs and US Customs and Border Protection pursued and stopped a vessel approximately 23 miles east of Virgin Gorda.”

The police did not specify the number of suspect drugs seized. However, the RVIPF said at least two of the three men in custody reside in the BVI. Their identities have not yet been released to the public.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. See says:

    The ex coach AKA the fat narco king of Tortola is not here to protect the drug runners any longer. All of y’all gonna get catch. The Coast guard and the DEA is watching from the skies and the sea. Everyone that comes down here from the BVI is being watched. Thanks to the ex coach AKA the fat narco king of Tortola. He destroyed the BVI reputation out of greed and for the love of money. The DEA HAVE TO MUCH EVIDENCE ON HIS BEHIND. FOR SURE HE WILL BE SPENDING SOME TIME WITH THE FEDS.

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  2. @see says:

    You sound soooo hateful and foolish. Everywhere in the world has drug issues so do not make sound like BVI alone.

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  3. To see says:

    Check the Uk news on their drug problems that keep increasing and it will be clear that BVI is not the only place with these matters. BVI do not make the drugs and ship them.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    All tola plp good fast money and murders

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  5. 23 miles says:

    east of VG is well outside the 12 mile BVI legal jurisdiction limit so these smugglers are going to US federal prison. Maybe the feds will open a prison wing for all the convicted BVI smugglers!

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  6. @@see says:

    Shut the F up already. How a person can sound hateful for saying facts.yeahhhhhh, the big fat Wally walrus is right where he should be for destroying and bringing shame and disgrace to the territory. And by the way? Wally walrus was allegedly doing this for a long time him and his w**e. I’m surprise they did not charge mice face as well.

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  7. Hey yoooo says:

    Shots fired at engines from the bird in the sky, you all better take heed. The coast guard is watching y’all like hawks. The Drew kingdom has tumbled. Every last one of you is going down. You all really think you all can go up against the FEDS, DEA AND THE COAST GUARD with all that high tech equipment that can detect and see anything on the water for miles or from the air? You may not see them but they are watching.

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  8. @Anonymous says:

    If you feel so strongly about the BVI people being involved in murder and drugs then leave.

    Your problem will be solved. Boy, girl bye

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  9. @see says:

    Some of you is some truly in denial set of people. Let the DEA sock it to you all. This time the coach is not going to get away like the other three that was running drugs on US soil on its way to the BVI. Big brother is watching like a hawk.When you are in the drug game, there is only two way out, jail or pushing up daisies. So go ahead and pick your poison.

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  10. Well sah says:

    Look at the population of the Bvi what comparison is that . So it makes it right for the Bvi to have a drug every three or six months

  11. Smh says:

    Don’t forget rationalizing, and justifying wrong doing. They have made it an art form of talking about who else did xyz when they get caught as if that validates their actions. “Well this other country does do it to soooooooo ain’t just we”. ????

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  12. Local says:

    The best the BVI doing let the US go with tgem once its a chase from international or US waters carry them seeing the drugs was destin for the US.Real jail life not balo joke jail. Ikimbal the boss open up your etes to big money he gone and you turn traitor you deserve the 15yr you will get in Puerto Rico if they have space.

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  13. True but says:

    For sure, lots of places have drug problems, but consider the scale of the problem in the Territory. Last year financial services brought in something like $ 150-250 million in revenue, and the Territory’s annual GDP is $ 450 million. The last big haul of Columbian products was 2,500 Kg, or $ 250 million street value (so 50% GDP +/-). On the other hand, a bust that size in the UK, while still huge, only represents 0.1% of the UK’s annual GDP of around $ 2.4 trillion

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  14. I second that says:

    He destroyed and shamed the BVI for sure. He put all of our lives in danger by allowing drugs to come into the territory ports, the agency that is responsible for our safety. Then the pig in lipstick that was running ports was aiding him in the wrong. Bet they will not be seeing this side of the Caribbean for a very long time.Greed is going to take all of them down. From rags to riches, and from riches to rags, what a hard arze fall.

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  15. ??? says:

    Doesn’t make it right or excusable.

  16. Go back to the 80s n 90s. says:

    Spend money. Stop being greedy and too tricker happy,, Spend to get protection and help.The Coach had the perfect plan but that FN lady brought her little show off sun In De ting F.up de ting running he damn mouth..I blame de Coach from the time he hear the little boy involved curse the mother out for getting him involved and back out that level was not for him..

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  17. @See says:

    See that’s the problem with people today. They don’t read or listen to understand/comprehend. And the spirit of denial is heavy here in the BVI. You have stated nothing but the truth and the facts are plastered all over the World Wide Web for all to see. Nobody said here is the only “drug heaven” in the world…it is just finally being exposed.

  18. To @@see says:

    “mice face” that was a good one. LMAO thanks for the morning laugh.

  19. DropNews says:

    Now some of the bloggers are very biased toward BVI people. I usually would ignore some of the comments but it’s truly ridiculous. There are lots of ex-pats involved in some of these drugs runs so don’t come on the blogs making it a BVI thing. They wash money and send the same drug money back to their home country. Let’s start to investigate all the Spanish cashiers, cleaners, and custodial workers with mansions in the DR. Let’s investigate the same amount of Jam… with 6 bedroom houses working a simple 9 to 5. Let’s investigate the Guyanese that has houses both here in the BVI and back in their home country. Let’s investigate the vincys that have houses both here and in SVG. Tell me now that I sound stupid. A lot of people here the majority are ex-pats and BVI people are the minority. There are people with mixed nationalities how do you classify those? I’m not sure why all the hatred for BVI when a lot of people gain a lot from being here. Some might get the shi$$ end of the stick because we all can’t get a piece of the pie and that’s the problem, we all want a piece regardless of status. I’m not saying that there aren’t bad apples in the BVI but show me one country on the map that doesn’t. The US, Canada, and other countries are facing a Fentanyl crisis (Drug). Right on the other news site a Jamaican was arrested in Nigeria, one of the biggest bust in Nigeria. I work hard for mine and there are others that do. There are lazy people allover the globe and high unemployment rates all through the caribbean and some of it is by choice. Ex-pats send out money to their families to stay at home to maintain or keep their mansions in their country. Talk dat.

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  20. @see says:

    expats live on these news site just to comment as both local and expats.

    May God Comfort your heart.

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  21. @@Anonymus says:

    They are the same criminals spewing their crap. They can’t go back where they come from, but still can’t STFU

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  22. DryCrix says:

    Phew chile. That’s some tea. Thanks.

  23. Bella Donna says:

    Ikimball Watts
    Miguel Sedhouse

    Named by USVI as the latest duo arrested and residing in the BVI.

    Evidently they are members of the cursed set installed
    to ” build us up”

  24. Mmmmm says:

    Because dem have nuff ambition dem build house in dem country. Mind you not all a dem run drugs dem work hard and save nuff

  25. hear this joke says:

    the Taliban took all the drug addicts off the streets and cleaned/cured every addiction. what is the other governments doing wrong??? you can research this

  26. ?‍♂️ says:

    President Joe Biden’s son has drug issues. I wonder when we’re going to see him in cuffs. Drugs are a not a Tortola problem, it’s a global problem.

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