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Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit appointed Acting DPP

Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit

Principal Crown Counsel Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit is now acting in the capacity of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

BVI News understands that as the most senior prosecutor in the department, Scatliffe-Esprit was placed in charge of the department since United Kingdom native Kim Hollis departed from that post on December 13.

Permanent Secretary in the Governor’s Office Sharleen DaBreo-Lettsome confirmed the appointment when contacted on Thursday morning.

“That is correct. Her (Scatliffe-Esprit’s) appointment was around Christmas time,” DaBreo-Lettsome said a statement on the appointment is being prepared to be released to the public soon.

Hollis wished for Scatliffe-Esprit to succeed her

On the eve of Hollis’ departure last month, Opposition legislator Julian Fraser said Scatliffe-Esprit should be her successor.

“I had that conversation with the DPP about succession planning, and she felt that, at the end of her contract, her Principal Crown Counsel should be her successor,” Fraser said. 

He continued: “I applaud her for that. That’s growing our people. Everybody who comes into this territory has a responsibility not just to be here, work, make money, and have a good time. You have a responsibility to grow us as well. You have to look back and say I did that, and I am proud of myself for doing that, and the people will be proud of you too.”

The post of DPP, like many other top government jobs in the BVI, has mainly been held by expatriates. 

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  1. BVI says:


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  2. Yayyyyy says:

    Excellent choice. Yesssss.

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  3. Boss Lady says:

    Great news, now she needs a competent team.

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    • NOPE says:

      Worst thing they could have done. Tifunny always running from the work…cant win a case, all about money money. Sorry for government

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      • Oh dear oh dear says:

        … thank goodness there will not be any jury trials in the near future. Hopefully somebody competent will be appointed before the new jury list is announced.

  4. Ah-ride says:

    Big Things Tiff. When all else fails, finally give the local a chance….

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    • Ah-ride says:

      Best thing you ever said “when all else fails.” That position is for a person who can think on their feet. we will always have problems when the right person is not in a position..T—- was fighting for this position for a long time just because of from here foolishness but we all know —- w—- don’t know h– foot from h– head….the bullying will continue…I have to continue to endure this. S– will fail. Ask her for her track records…how many cases she has prosecuted and won for the Government. FROM HERE WILL NEVER CUT IT

  5. Ausar says:



    Finally, a BVIslander in such a prominent position of POWER!!!!

    Thank you Premier Fahie, and all of you who made this day possible!!


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  6. hog city says:

    I saw fraser’s name in the article but you’re thanking fahie?

  7. Kitchen Table Focus Panel says:

    Excellent, we the panel group is elated. She is going to do very well and we wish her the very best.

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  8. SMDH... says:

    Heaven Help Us.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh lawd

  10. Faith says:

    She has been employed in that Department for many years, so why is she acting instead of being appointed to the post without the Hollywood title in front of it? All the other expats in that position were not actors. Government’s HR Department always trying to hold back their own people

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    • My two cents says:

      Well the fact that they gave her an acting appointment clearly speaks a thousand words about the confidence they have in her. Evidently not much or they would have appointed her outright as the position is vacant. Her track record must speak for itself. What are her accomplishments to date? What cases high profile or not has she prosecuted successfully? She has to have substance or a high profile to leverage off not merely the fact that her navel string is buried here.

  11. deserve role says:

    To Mrs. Scatliffe-Esprit, you are worthy of the position and it is about time. May the almighty continue to bless you and the team, under who you will bring to a level of greatness.

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  12. BVIlander says:

    lets be real t—- dont know — head from — tail for this job…

  13. ?? says:

    Mrs. Scatliffe-Esprit now this is your chance to shine and demonstrate all that you have learnt while coming up through the ranks.

    Prove to all that you are deserving of this opportunity and not just because you are a daughter of the soil, but that it is about justice and due process and that you have what it takes to get it done.

    Congratulations colleague from another department!!!

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