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Time to talk about reducing Governor’s powers, portfolio

Dr Kedrick Pickering

Former NDP legislator Dr Kedrick Pickering believes the time is ripe for discussions to be had about reducing the size of the Governor’s portfolio.

Speaking on the Honestly Speaking radio programme on Tuesday, Dr Pickering said this was one of the top issues locals wanted to be addressed during the territory’s constitutional review more than a decade ago. However, that did not happen.

“There were a couple of issues which were debated that could have gone either way that had to do with ministerial powers and how best to divulge those powers from the UK side of the administration to the local population. But maybe the timing wasn’t right,” the former Deputy Premier said.

Some of the issues had to do with the Governor still chairing Cabinet, as well as being responsible for the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force and civil service.

“I think we didn’t necessarily get it right, but it hasn’t harmed us in any significant way. But we could have been a little further along. During the constitutional review, it was one of the big issues we had looked at, and I believe in any constitutional talks moving forward, it will be one of the bigger issues to be discussed,” he said.

“I think we have arrived at that place in our development that has to be one of the top issues that have to be discussed,” Pickering added.

Potential for conflict

As it relates to the civil service remaining the Governor’s responsibility, the former legislator said there is room for disagreement.

“There was an issue with the public service being under a minister and not under the Governor that was debated heavily that we could have made some progress on that and that could have probably made a difference at this time. But I think the jury is still out on it as to exactly where we are going,” he stated.

He continued: “We had thought diligently to have that put under Premier if not any other minister. [This is because], in the administration of government, the minister has responsibilities for the overall running of the ministry but ultimately the civil service reports to the Governor via the Deputy Governor, so it still leaves the possibility for conflict.”

Pickering was an elected representative for some 20 years before failing to get re-elected during the February 2019 General Elections.

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  1. sam the man says:

    20 years of irrelevance and desperate attempts to try and achieve relevance on the back of others who didn’t necessarily achieve a lot but at least they tried! there is good reasons for why he failed to be re-elected and he should remain in the background…please stop beating the independence drum….

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    • RT says:

      Bahamas went independent and now China owns them. The locals have lost their businesses. The Chinese have ruined them. Crime and poverty that’s what Pickering is routing for go away Pickering. Go play with Branson.

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  2. TurtleDove says:

    Government should look at computerizing much of their activities and reducing the number of employees through attrition. Meaning not filling certain vacancies when employees leave or retired. Reorganization may have some merit but I don’t see that as an issue from my thirty thousand foot view.

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  3. Governor's portfolio says:

    I think it a mistake having Police in the Gov’s portfolio, he cant fight for a budget and have no actual police force on the ground. On the other hand Finance would be a great portfolio for the governor to oversee!

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  4. Hmm says:

    Why is this man in the news. He really plan to run again

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  5. E Scott says:

    Ar this time I believe the governor should be give more power and investigate the financial irregularities that have been going on a prosecution for those who done wrong.

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  6. H**l No to Picko says:


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  7. Waster says:

    Biggest waster in the BVI- all he want do is travel first class- well he can use he own money to travel now

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