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Timelines for restoration of all gov’t infrastructure being prepared

As the general public and government workers grow more eager to get public infrastructure restored, a calendar is being prepared to give timelines when all government projects will be completed.

Deputy Governor David Archer announced recently that the calendar will be released in a matter of days.

“We will be able to publish for the entire public and for the public servants exactly when thier offices will be up to passable standard.”

“This is being done internally with the competencies that we have within the public service,” Deputy Governor Archer said.

The initiative is being done to improve the public’s confidence in government.

Based on Archer’s announcement, the calendar is expected to give an accurate timeline of projects across government departments and throughout all islands of the BVI.

“What we want to do is hold ourselves accountable. We want to be able to say the Admin Complex will be finished at this date, Water and Sewerage this date, Virgin Gorda this date,” the deputy governor said while speaking on radio recently.

More than a year

It has been just more than a year since the Hurricane Irma smashed into the territory and caused extensive damage and destruction across the BVI.

The delay in getting public infrastructure restored and redeveloped has to do with the funding that will be used for these restoration projects.

The Caribbean Development Bank, for instatnce, is yet to release the $65 million it approved to lend the BVI nearly a year ago.

Other delays surrounds the approval of the Recovery and Development Plan being debated in the House of Assembly. This plan is interlinked with the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) and the $400 million loan guarantee that the United Kingdom is offering to the BVI.

Some legislators have expressed reservations about this relationship between the execution of the plan, the RDA, and the UK government.

It is widely believed that the relationship is a way for the UK to seize more control of the BVI.

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  1. Hmm says:

    Are you telling me that a little over a year has passed since the passage of the hurricanes, and government is now preparing timelines for completion of this building? This should have been done a long time ago so that some government departments can cease infringing on people’s buildings.

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    • Sam the man says:

      Not surprised but there will be a delay in issuing it because of some excuse! Why would the No Direction Party want to expose itself to further ridicule? They have already shown how incompetent they are, as for the UK taking over – absolute nonsense. Like the banks that have money ready to lend they want good governance and that is a huge problem for the NDP because they don’t want accountability ! All smoke and mirrors from the Dr and his cronies….

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    • Albion says:

      I am not sure why they prepare timelines at all. It is not as if any Goverment construction project has ever been delivered on time (or on budget).

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  2. Total Rubbish says:

    The UK has no interest what so ever in taking control of the BVI. There is nothing to gain for the UK all this talk is a nonsense smoke screen. Whilst I don’t like the phrase its FAKE news to distract the BVI people from whats really going on. IF the UK has to take control it will be to stop corruption and get the country back on track as it did with TCI where it took control and could not wait to get out again. The UK TAX payer will not stand for it either .
    Two loans both delayed because the BVI GOV is failing to offer audited accounts and can offer no guarantee of the management of funds to be spent wisely and without corupt contracts and theft.
    The next FAKE storey will be about colonial power and the BVI being told what to do. Another smoke screen. BVI people don’t you realise your chain is being pulled time and time again over emotional NONE issues that are not real or true to get you all running around like fools. UNLESS somebody can give me any real reason why the UK would benefit I rest my case.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Absolutely. Why would the UK want to take over the BVI. ?
      If you ran a Brexit type referendum on the OTs the result would be an overwhelming vote to be rid of them. They contribute nothing to the UK , cost money and are a PITA. Brits have no rights whatsoever in them , especially in the BVI, and yet are expected to contribute when they get into trouble like the BVI post Irma.

      Stop biting the hand that feeds you.

  3. Sick & tired says:

    And the timeline for the timeline ? The Caribbean Development Bank hasn’t released the monies because the government doesn’t want any oversight on how the money is spent. ( They want to pocket some ) Same with the U.K. 400 M . Meanwhile the rest of us suffer and the islands look like s**t. By the way it flows into our waters untreated. ????

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  4. it's more than a year later says:

    It’s more than a year later and we are now preparing a calendar.

    Good job. Really, good job.

    (In case you didn’t notice, this should be read in a sarcastic way)

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  5. Jane says:

    Surely an assessment on the reconstruction for each piece of infrastructure has already been done by now so preparing a calendar should be an easy thing? Are we seriously saying no-one has started looking at this yet…

  6. Political Observer (PO) says:

    A year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit and still no project list and still no project schedule. Strupes!!! Well, just “is chife”, for any construction project rarely comes in on time, on or under budget. The majority of projects are inflated; taxpayers get raked over hot coals. Further, contractors are not held accountable for their bids. Some under bid, mismanage their contracts/projects and expects taxpayers to make them whole. Further, rarely, if ever, are any liquid dated damages assessed for not meeting the terms and conditions of the contract. The construction projects procurement process(s) needs revamping.

  7. Reason says:

    The UK wanted to help to rebuild when their second ship was in. And the government said that they will take care of rebuilding the country.

  8. Want2Kno says:

    Ok, a year gone…the NDP…which one we’re really talking about? The one that was? The one that that split a few months back? The NDP 2, from the group that’s forming?

    They’re too busy jockeying for position and too much $$ have been wasted to get anything done!!

  9. Just ice says:

    Meanwhile the people west still breathing poison air and drinking poison water

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