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Too hard to do business in BVI

Claude Skelton Cline

Social commentator Claude Skelton Cline has argued that doing business in the BVI is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Speaking on his Honestly Speaking radio show, Skelton Cline highlighted several challenges that entrepreneurs face in the territory.

The talk show host pointed to the bureaucracy and red tape that continued to stifle business growth and innovation and highlighted the need for a more efficient system to support local businesses. 

One major issue is the lengthy and complex process of obtaining permits and licenses. Entrepreneurs often face significant delays, which can derail plans and increase costs. Skelton-Cline called for a streamlined process to make it easier for businesses to operate. “It’s too difficult to conduct business in the Virgin Islands. Just getting a trade license is difficult. There’s too much bureaucracy,” he argued.

The clergyman also touched on the lack of support for businesses. “I have called on the government before. I want to continue to call on the government on behalf of the people to create an environment that is conducive for facilitating the ease and the efficiency and the proficiency of the private sector to do what they do best, which is to conduct business,” he said.

Skelton Cline added that things take too long to get done in the territory and that banking is too hard in the Virgin Islands. He urged authorities to provide more resources and assistance to help businesses thrive.

The difficulties in doing business in the BVI have been a longstanding issue, with the local business community calling for reforms to address these challenges. The government has acknowledged the problems. However, progress has been slow, leaving many entrepreneurs frustrated.


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  1. Dove says:

    I do not care whether CSC speaking sense or not. I don’t want to hear him. He is yet again trying to weasel his way back into society for his own benefit. Anyone who listens to this loud mouth needs to have their head examined. It is time to rid the public of the influences of the likes of him, Dr. Pickering and many others. They are only interested in themselves.

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  2. Obviously not says:

    I shouldn’t think that government Cronie is Speaking from personal experience with his long list of no bid contracts paid for no work done.

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  3. Observer says:

    It’s clearly not because you keep getting government money for doing nothing. Maybe you need to teach a class in easy business.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious about the proposed and funded renovation of the bathrooms in Brewer’s Bay and how two years has passed and nothing has been done. Nothing has been done to fix the horrible condition of the beach/parking area due to TS Philippe

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  5. Truth says:

    The bvi is doing its best. It hard to do business in the bvi because it’s not developed it’s limited in resources and clients don’t blame bvi I has it’s limits it’s too small so you get small business. Do business elsewhere and treat the bvi as a place to go to the beach. It’s not the government fault it’s not nobody’s fault the bvi is just limited.

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  6. It's hard says:

    if your law abiding. Dead easy otherwise

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  7. This Man says:

    This man have some balls. WTF? why the hell is he still in the media? Go sit down.

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  8. Hog Tied says:

    By greed ,envy, and bureaucracy.

  9. Plus says:

    I don’t study De-Cline much but I agree it is hard doing business here.
    The biggest reason he does not mention is that because we are a global rogue outlier that is proud to be a centre of tax avoidance, money laundering and secrecy, we can’t set up basic international payment systems like PayPal, Venom, Revolut, Wise etc etc.
    So many business have to work around this blacklisting or just make do with slow, expensive and difficult ways of taking money from our clients.

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  10. WTF says:

    Difficult when you have to do it the honest way, huh?

  11. Majestic Life Watch says:

    He should change his words to read that it is difficult to do business legally and honestly. Its not that hard when your source of funds is street based and you launder.

  12. Si Mon Pow Err says:

    Ask The Pastor what happened to all of the money that he got from then Hon. Andrew AND the churches for the one and done summer program?

    He needs to take a walk on the wild side for profit.

  13. Busy Bee says:

    One thing the BVI does very well: It will bureaucratise something to death if given the opportunity.
    The Hon. Deputy Premier held a series of meetings across the territory last year, and she heard stories to the issues cited in the article at each town hall meeting.
    Alas, the French have a saying: “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

  14. One way says:

    Let’s take up a collection for a one way ticket to Detroit for this moo moo. Man of the cloth. Yeah, a St Maarten butt towel

  15. Still here?? says:

    Please leave the BVI Mr. De Cline. Your opinions are irrelevant in the BVI.

  16. Ok says:

    I think we should put aside how we feel about the messenger and really try to understand what he is saying. He is talking truth.

  17. Please debunk says:

    Is this individual,a non BVIslander and knowingly a fugitive from American Justice?
    Is this false rumor?
    Is the BVI harboring a fugitive?

    Yes or No
    Thank You
    .not being mischievous. Simply desire clarification.

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