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Too much noise on a Sunday!

Douglas Wheatley

Douglas Wheatley

There is an appeal for Government to take action to ensure ‘there is a period where there is quietude in the society’ instead of allowing people to work and make noise from Monday to Monday.

Social commentator Douglas Wheatley made the appeal while be bemoaned the fact that even Sundays are no longer quiet.

“The government needs to do something about this because we can’t have this kind of situation in our territory. There needs to be a period when there is quietude in the society,” he said.

“I remember being in England in the early 60s, and London itself was very quiet on a Sunday. But, in the BVI today, on a Sunday, you have big trucks operating carrying this and that and the other. You have speed boats in the harbour revving up and sailing at fast speed and so forth – nothing but noise; nothing but noise! The quietude that you had back in those days is gone.”

Wheatley, who raised the concern a few days ago during his 3D Show on radio, stated that he is forced to wonder why there appears to be a wild rush to get things done in the British Virgin Islands.

“It’s just as if we have to complete certain things in a hurry. And, therefore, it means that we have to work on Sunday and Sunday night, or Saturday night and Monday night and Tuesday night – one long thing, working, working, working – noise, noise, noise all the time. No time to relax; no time to say ‘the Lord is mine’. We had that break earlier on when Sunday was a day you just relax.”

Wheatley further stated that, some time ago, someone complained to him about the noise experienced even in the vicinity of the Long Look Methodist Church.

He noted that, according to the churchgoer who is now deceased, there “were several machines in the neighbourhood working and he couldn’t hear a thing in church”.

Wheatley added: “I think eventually he (the churchgoer) left. He said it was useless being in the church because you couldn’t hear a thing.”

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