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Too soon! Expats accessing NHI after one month in the BVI is ‘wrong’ — Fraser

Opposition legislator Julian Fraser.

Third District Representative Julian Fraser is not happy about expatriates having access to the National Health Insurance (NHI) soon after moving to the territory.

The Opposition legislator raised the issue during last Friday’s sitting of the House of Assembly.

He said: “What can you say about the NHI? Hardly anything positive. We have a situation where persons come to this territory and within one month have immediate access to our NHI.”

“Something has to be wrong with that picture. I don’t know when you come to the territory what you brought with you and you are on our plan immediately after one month? I think the word is out there that if anything is wrong with you wherever you are, come to the BVI. And at the same time, our people here cannot even get access to healthcare. By the time you get access to certain areas of our healthcare system, it is useless because you are ready to go.”

Fix it!

Fraser then called for the matter to be addressed.

“I think a proper review of that particular system needs to be had,” he said.

According to the NHI’s official website, their health scheme provides coverage for all legal residents in the British Virgin Islands.

It is provided against the cost of a defined benefits package of health services to improve health, prevent illness and provide treatment. It is based on two principles, one of which is that contributions are shared based on ability to pay regardless of health risks such as age, occupation and pre-existing health conditions.

The NHI was established in 2014.

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  1. Crab Lot resident says:

    So if you come to the BVI to work, why can’t you access the NHI.

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    • ok NOW says:

      I think 3 months is sufficient because enough should have been paid in to cover the first doctor visit

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      • Honorable. says:

        Stop calling these crooks in the government Honorable. They have no idea what the word means. If the government had only Honorable people the entiire government would be vacant

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    • Pay says:

      So the good Belonger enslavers want the slaves to come and work while the slave owner takes half the pay but you don’t want to let them have health care. How dare you racist pigs say anything of what was done to your ancestors. You are no better

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      • @Pay says:

        You got some nerve, comparing a devil to an angel. FYI, there is no comparison between the relevent issue here, the abhorrent history of your slavery, your racist devilish mind, and the pig mentality you so eloquently demonstarte daily.

        Go home and evolve beast. You have no right to sit at the table of humanity, much less a comfrotable existence in the BVI. You should be ran into the sea and extinguished.

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        • @@Pay says:

          I just love the response. The truth hurts huh? You treat the Black man from other islands like dirt and garbage and you get your short Belonger hairs stuck in your undies. Say it’s not true that you racist enslavers require a Belonger to hold the work permit of an expat and then rob hi of a third of his pay. Say that isn’t true you piece of s**t

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          • @ @@Pay says:

            Please trying to play advocate …try this with the Asians. Not going to work with us. How can you distinguish between the Black men from the BVI and that of other island groups when you all walk down our streets and turn your heads as we say good morning? To you Black is Black on the streets and in the board rooms.

        • 2# @@Pay says:

          I love ❤️ your reply! ‘Go home and evolve beast.’ This is also to all who agreed with that psychopath‘s statement. No doubt they will be joining the faith of their ancestors ‘ in hell’ unless they find a heart.

        • LOL... says:

          There is no human beings in this world that can put a white man in his place better than a black man. That’s why many hate and envy this race of man. Listening to this conversation was like observing a parent disciplining his child, when he tries to ‘control’ a situation with mischievous lingo.
          Well… we are the first race of the earth. LOL…

          Your words cut to the heart… straight through the fake, polite demeanor of heartless intellectual evil.

      • Gasson says:

        @ Pay… You sound so dam ignorant. Bring better beef to argue or go home.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      NHI is insurance.

      All insurances start the day you pay the first premium and continue as long as you pay the premium.

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  2. son of the soil says:

    Now that so many of them were given belongers they will bring their sick mother or father here to burden us. Some are going to bring all their children and grandchildren and may even adapt their nieces and nephews. I agree with the politician PLUG ALL THE LOOPHOLES!!!!!!!

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    • @son of the soil says:

      without thinking of the consequence, the size of our country and economy and the inherent ill effects such decisions will have on this our country, this current goverment, for the hopeful sake of securing future votes, have rendered our future, our social, cultural and political fabric absolete.

      AS the saying goes, it is your own that always destroys you first.

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      • Thank goodness says:

        Oh so glad that you and your relatives and families will become absolute. Perhaps if you and the worthless offspring you brought into this world got off your lazy a**es then you wouldn’t need expats to do your work. Learn to wipe your own a**es.

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        • @Thank goodness says:

          Well, if your lazy ancestors had gotten of their flat A…S and made themselves someone resembling a human being for those hundreds of years they had my people enslaved, you all would not be envious of our people’s God given rewards for enduring such an inhumane existence far so long.

    • Really? says:

      The BVI is hardly a medical mecca….I’ve never heard of anyone coming here for the amazing medical care/treatment, yet many choose to go off island for care….

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      • @Really says:

        You are totally on point. The Belonger takes his sorry a** to the US with his illegal passport and citizenship and then leaves his medical bill behind for US taxpayers to pay. But it seems that’s what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. Trust me nobody still breathing wants to enter your hospital. Not suited for dogs

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        • Stupid Comment says:

          What doctor excepts patients with out insurance coverage in the USVI? Please tell me and the 1500+ New citizens, and I will inform the other BVISLANDERS!

          ..and yes We will be waiting in line. I will also alert our USVI relatives was well, that’s just about the entire islands, except for you of coarse. Iol….

      • Ausar says:

        “Really”, you may have struck the right note on this issue!

        Many Belongers access health care here in the US Virgin Islands, up to, and including, prenatal, dental, and even eye care services!!

        Truly, “these beautiful islands that we call home”, seemingly has a long way to go of convincing it’s own citizens of much needed health care services,inclusive of visitors!

    • Goodnews says:

      I always think son of the soil was an intelligent person. You probably are not educated about this BELONGER status. It doesn’t work that way. How can one bring their sick mother here? Who will pay for Nhi? please get some education about this status

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  3. he should've been the premier says:

    I agree with fraser…Some came HIV positive and already being treated freely at our expense

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  4. BVI says:


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    • Rubber Duck says:

      It would be better if his mouth had a brain attached.

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      • Concerned says:

        He has a very smart brain attached he is saying what a lot of ignorant people do want to hear and they will remember and vote for him. Remember how people moved into the 3rd district just to be able to vote there?

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  5. Ok says:

    That’s fine. I just hope he doesn’t expect expat the pay NHI tax while not being able to access it. You can never tell with fraser

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  6. One World says:

    Move your ugly mouth stash and stop this stupidness, you are finding every way to hurt foreigners who is working in the country paying insurance out of there pay check, they work for it, u rat face man go and sit down and leave the people alone , too much pressure on them already .

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  7. NHI SCAM says:

    NHi needs a big overhaul and they’re not doing their proper checks and balances. For instance I go to the doctor they give me a bill they send NHI a bill. That patient does not see a monthly or yearly statement of any transaction to prove I did indeed have a visit, any rogue Medical establishment can submit bills to NHI that never exsisted in the first place (fraud). I know people that attend these so called therapy that NHI covers 100% and they never get any bill in hand to say how much has been paid or even sign off on any document but yet a bill is submitted to NHI. All they do is ask for the NHI Card you walk in therapy walk out empty handed and that’s it. Isn’t something very wrong there?????????

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  8. Citizen says:

    If you leaders have so much problem with these people that come here to work why did you allow them to come in the first place ? Stop pressuring them I am sick and tired of you leaders treating these expat like shit , every day is something new ,if they are paying their insurance why should it be a problem for them to get health care access , I think these people should strike from every work establishment for atleas 2 day’s and let their voice be heard, why hateing on these people so much why why why.

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  9. CW says:

    Typical BVI thinking. Other people coming to BVI to contribute to the economy and being locked out of even basic services.

    Sound familiar?

    Like visa sponsors keeping a third of expat paychecks kind of familiar?

    Like STRUPES

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  10. Peace says:

    Do you want us to work pay the insurance for your health benefits? Because I know for sure I have to pay for that insurance out of my pay check so I have dam right to access health benefits, just like a belonger

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  11. God knows says:

    Mr fraser im have to keep praising God fot not allowing you to be our premier
    You just like the ndp .i Glad when you leave the vip party .selfish and only gor you and yours few .go to h!!!$

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  12. Haha says:

    He does have a point. Imagine only being in the BVI for one month there is no way that your contributions so far are able to cover your cost of Healthcare. What’s worse is let’s say they are only here short term they can actually rack up thousands in expenses to NHI while only contributing an insignificant portion. So not only do they cause a deficit for their own expenses but they don’t even contribute enough to help the system work efficiently as intended.

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  13. Tallgirl says:

    Why do people always take everything so personal and think everyone is against them?

    All new employees must wait three months before you can access the insurance. There is nothing different in what Hon. Fraser is talking about. We all need to put our differences aside and do what is best for the country and everyone living here.

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  14. Logic says:

    No such thing as a perfect system, sure some more people might need to use the nhi after a month…oh well. Let’s count the many thousands who contribute for years and hardly use anything. It more than compensates. Fraiser just stiring divsion and hate.

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  15. son of the soil says:

    Why you ungrateful outsiders always getting vex when a bvislander is looking out for bvislanders????????????????

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  16. Fact check says:

    This a straw man argument. Insurance is insurance. If you buy a car and insure it, then one day later you have an accident, you expect the insurance company to pay up. Insurance works through volume of coverage, not on an individual basis.

    As for those coming to the territory with HIV as one person stated, the medical required for a work permit to be granted should be picking up on any pre-existing conditions. If those medical conditions are not seen as a barrier to being allowed into the territory then again, they should be allowed to contribute to and access NHI.

    There is every chance the NHI system needs an overhaul but not because of the reasons stated by Fraser and being forwarded in some of these comments.

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    • Can Can says:

      Not if you are at fault.

      • Fact check says:

        Oh dear. This is dangerous territory.
        Firstly, if I have comprehensive insurance, I’m covered for that accident regardless of fault.
        As for medical cover and fault:
        I eat 30 chocolate bars a day and get diabetes. Whose fault? But still get treatment under NHI.
        I go running and break my ankle. Whose fault?
        I lift up my child and damage a disc in my back. Whose fault?
        I smoke cigarettes everyday which are legal and I pay tax on, but get cancer. Whose fault?
        I drink Guinness all day on my construction job, fall of the roof and break my arm. Whose fault?
        Healthcare insurance and fault are not related, unless the insurance system takes into account risk factors and charges premiums tailored to individual circumstance.
        As I said before, NHI may need an overhaul, but not for reasons being suggested.

  17. Piss says:

    More and more these elected fools does p**s me off when they open their stupid. So why it ain’t to soon for NHI to tax them Fraser take your s****d self and go sit down you sound so s****d. Them paying the NHI they should use it. I sick of these small place and small minded fools.

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    • hog city says:

      Boss fraser dont need people like you so to love him because he has his wife to do that…We elected him to do a job and he is doing it to our satisfaction…That is why he is always re-elected

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  18. gomez says:

    they come with all kinds of health issues what do you expect?

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  19. Too wise round here says:

    So I go to national bank, take a loan buy a brand new car, in less than a month someone run me down and total it, I suppose to lose everything, is that fraser saying? Well Fraser and colleges when you guys take up a new job, tell the boss don’t pay cause is only a month you work, idiot. Ayo be thinking mehson, once your payment up to date u suppose to get service, they should of know the consequences before approaching it

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  20. Slave mentality says:

    There are always the downsize in any decision such as the belongers status recently given . All these people were living and contributing over 20 years . What you want people to do ? Leave them by the ER door to die . This would be a national disgrace . Why do you think this way about your black brothers and sisters . A country who boast about loving God and has more churches than supermarkets. Shame on those who think like that . People deserve better not to be treated like animals

  21. JYD says:

    I am only asking a simple question have any of the BVI landers ever go to any other country or to the USA as them like to go so bad and get work?
    How would you feel after there for 2-3months and find out that you are sick or got injured and is rejected by the health saying you not qualify
    How would you feel and you have only pay in 1month to the insurance

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  22. couple cents says:

    Employers of persons entering the Territory already having severe health challenges, should be made to take out private insurance (expat insurance) for those workers, they should not be on NHI.

    • Ohhh says:

      But you aren’t supposed to be working if such is the case. When you do you medicals it would state such. But if that’s the case neither should they be made to pay into NHI then. Only into the private insurance as you suggested.

  23. Wow says:

    People you need to stop behaving like the BVI is the only place that has laws and policies. If you go to the US and not a citizen you are unable to get helath care and have to pay everything out of pocket. I am talking from experience. Was living in the US legally and was unable to get health insurance. Medication was very expensive. It is a long process to also get a work Visa in the US…even when you go to other countries it is not free…same process I the BVI is al over the world so please stop bashing the BVI on its laws and policies… They are put in place to protect everyone’s future…and I can say that their are more expats than BVIslanders living here now. Not a Bvislnder or belonger but I see the negative way people think about the BVI…I hope Hon. Fahie and the rest government people are taking notes of the comments…I do agree in some areas expats need to get taken better care of. On the other hand expats need to take better care of the bvi and not just look at it as a cash cow…I am so fed up of the negativity alot of us expats give off. If the BVI is such a horrible place and life was better back home why dont you go back home. I am here to work because the opportunities are better and I did not call down the BVI because I need them as much as they need us.

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    • you see says:

      you see we don’t have a problem with expats that are humble like you. The problem lies with outsiders disrespecting us and our rights in our home. they call us all kinds of names, call down our home, even go as far as trying to get us fired. But I don’t blame them, I blame the rich Bvislanders who made all this disrespect possible. If outsiders hate us so much, and if we are such vile people, why do they fight so hard to live amongst us and to gain status?

  24. smh says:

    Just wondering how the BVI is a CASH COW?

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  25. Belonger says:

    What Frazer has said is not surprising. He is just plain anti- foreigner. He has proven this over and over again. Just recheck some of his comments about expat lawyers etc. He can never see the other side of the coin – the benefits the expats bring.

  26. real says:

    its a cash cow because bvi is the only non American island in thee Caribbean that uses American dollars and most Caribbean islanders can go to with strong immigration policies. for instance they smuggle to st Thomas to work and some dont even go to medical there because they illegal. what they do is come beck are too access nhi. I know of inlanders getting strokes in there home country and lie on the medical. or even sometime the bvi permit process takes so lol person feet medical condition while the reprocess is pending

  27. Playing the race card says:

    Seems to be a rather racist point of view.
    So if Mr. Fraser doesn’t liek the present situation, perhaps we could go with a “no play – no pay” scenario for expats. With no access to the system, then they ought not be charged for it.

  28. Local says:

    So when you first own car and insurance company do same to expat

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