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Top cop concerned about some officers’ honesty, business conflicts

Commissioner of Police, Mark Collins.

Police Commissioner Mark Collins has expressed a marked distrust for some officers in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), noting that their level of honesty and their business interests were of particular concern.

Collins told the ongoing Commission of Inquiry (COI) in his appearance yesterday, June 22, that while a majority of the officers are fine, others within the force need greater scrutiny.

“I need to be very careful with my language here because it’s a small police force. But on any given day, 80 percent of my officers will come and do a very good job and support and protect the community. But I have got concerns about a number of officers in terms of their honesty and the way that they carry out business interests and the way that they interact with the public. When I say the public, I mean with some criminal fraternity as well. So I’ve got some concerns and that is why I want to review the professional standards and be very clear about what my standards and expectations are,” the Commissioner said.

Collins said he currently has nine interdicted officers from the RVIPF — many of whom are currently before the court. He told the COI that there would be more to come.

His proposal, he told the COI, was to upgrade his professional standards department to address several of the concerns he had.

Conflict-of-interest security businesses

According to Collins, one of the things he found quite difficult to come to terms with was the different business interests that persons have outside of being a police officer.

“So you’ve got people working in security–having their own security businesses. I certainly as a Chief Constable in the UK wouldn’t be signing those off as a business interest that was compatible with being a police officer,” he said.

Collins said there was a clear conflict with being a police officer and having your own security business and agreed with the COI that there is an inherent risk that something untoward may happen.

Insufficient vetting of cops

The police commissioner further stated that there is currently not enough vetting and background checks of officers to determine if they are suitable enough to be part of the police force.

He felt that this could be resolved with the addition of a recruitment officer who is trained in that capacity.

The top cop added that addressing some of the internal challenges that affect his department would allow the force to be better able to investigate internal complaints and deal with issues in a more robust and timely fashion.


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  1. serious says:

    It’s a very serious concern, they should not be allowed to do so. It is wrong for someone in the ministry of works or working PWD to have a construction company and get contracts from the government.

    These officers are making big money and allegedly using their job and influence to get contracts.

    If they benefit from having jobs as security officers or providing services for security installations, would they really work hard for a safer BVI where the need for such services will not be needed as it was not too long ago?

    Or if they find a client who pays big money for their service would they report that client if they are found involved in crime. These are serious risk officers fall in when allowed.

    I just didn’t understand Mathews he really was something else.

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  2. heckler says:


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  3. 3be3na says:

    And nothing is continuing to smell more horrible than that photo, what it represent, its horrific history and symbolic terror.

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  4. Hmmmm says:

    Seems like the UK has sent in the clean up crew, things won’t be the same again!

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  5. Exactly says:


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  6. Resident says:

    The cops are Corrupt

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  7. Nikita says:

    RVIPF IS OVERWHELMED WITH CORRUPT PRACTICES. Mr. Cop you need to looking to this 2021 promotion process. It was rigged . Some top brass leak exam papers to cronies. Victimization

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  8. @ Resident says:

    So to is the colonial system. Why is that its only contribution so far to civilized society in the so called dependent territories are jails, police stations and court houses after centuries of rule, whether direct or indirect?

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  9. Watchees says:

    What they need to do is pay the police a proper salary so they wont have to go out there and look another job. When u have all kind of police u don’t see on the street working g and getting triple the salary of those who are actually doing the work.

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  10. Jawbone says:

    Cop people wants to come forward to expose corruption in the force but afraid because of the individuals involved.

  11. We have enough tax paying security company says:

    Let Security company do their job and let police focus on their Job..

  12. LILLIAN says:


  13. Yop says:

    This man shove the bvi under the bus. One push ?

  14. Guy Hill says:

    The police needs to develop a culture where the corrupt officer fears the incorruptible officer and not the other way around. This should be extended to the wider Virgin Islands community. Be Brave.

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