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Top gov’t officials’ link to criminal gangs helped prompt COI — Jaspert

Former governor, Augustus Jaspert

In a shocking revelation, former governor, Augustus Jaspert, said high-level government officials have allegedly been linked to drug dealers and criminal gangs in the BVI. 

Governor Jaspert made the disclosure during a hearing before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) yesterday, October 20, noting that it helped to prompt his calls for the ongoing inquiry. 

“Most concerning [was] also allegations of links to organised criminality and to those involved in the cocaine trafficking trade as well, including allegedly, amongst those in the highest holders of office,” the former Governor told the Commission. 

Jaspert, who did not disclose any names, was at the time being asked the reasons that prompted him to call for the COI. 

According to the former Governor, the COI’s origin came largely as a result of the cumulative concerns that were being presented to him about good governance, several of which were covered in some of the audit reports that were given as evidence before the Commission. 

Jaspert said his concerns were not based on one single report such as the failed BVI Airways project or the controversial Elmore Stoutt High School wall. 

One of the most difficult decisions

The notion of a Commission of Inquiry, he added, had also been put to his predecessor, Governor John Duncan. 

“I should be very clear that, as governor, one of my most difficult decisions was to call the Commission of Inquiry. It is not a step that I would’ve ever wanted to have done or undertake, should there have been any other way to avoid doing so,“ Jaspert told the Commission.

Among the allegations he said were received from credible public officers and leaders of some of the territory’s institutions, were serious concerns of intimidation of public officers and concerns about decisions being directed outside of normal processes. 

Jaspert related that some of these allegations also came from credible members of the public. 

Outside of the rampant abuse of tender waivers that he said was being continued, the former governor said he also saw instances of the government employing consultants without competition, and appointing persons to statutory boards with little transparency or openness in the process.


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  1. HUH! says:

    If what Gus has said is right about his concerns in calling the CoI, why didnt the terms of reference contain anything about drugs, and why has the CoI not looked at any drugs related issues. Is Gus making it up as he goes along? He did admit that he acted in breach of the Register of Interests Act!

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    • @HUH says:

      why do you think the security barges are constantly being questioned?


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      • Tola says:

        We all knew it all along. Was just waiting for it to come out…. these COI guys are smart …they started with the simple things about not reporting assets but its the drugs they really were gunning for…. there is much more evidence to come forward. Put on the coffee pot and have the pop corns ready

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        • Idiot says:

          An idiot knows that

        • People learn says:

          Knew what Gus was over the police force and the civil servants which AG is part of.

          If he knew all this why the necessary steps were not taken.

          As far as I see colionalism has not stop. The UK continue to keep their feet on our neck.

          The UK over the years have had corrupt governments. It is just that alot of us in the BVI are not knowlegable about what goes on.

          For the past couple of months the UK has seized way more street value drugs than the BVI.

          So this former governor need to stop why he dont say that the UK leaders running a drug and gang tracficking ring? Why he dont say that the UK leaders are corrupt?

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          • To people learn says:

            At least they ain’t as dumb as the the bvi premier did they get caught? You fools here still fail to come to the hard facts that he did wrong and if his followers don’t swiftly come to terms with that too bad plus no one should ask him to resign he should have voluntary done that already if he so love his people as he claims.
            This is not going away and if it do can he really expect to come back to continue being premier go by the church ask for forgiveness and become a new man again .not not

      • He truly cares says:

        I see nothing but a man who truly cares. There were definitely multiple reasons for concerns and the governor could not work with the people because they did not want to work with him, well at least the one who kept writing stupid letters against the governor. Thank you Governor Jaspert. Now can someone confirm when is the snap election taking place.

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        • Anonymous says:

          You are a real idiot if you think he really cares. These governors serve their time and leave and never come back to visit or even check on people that may have developed a relationship with.

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          • Haha says:

            I do not usually respond to folly but I can make an exception in this case to anonymous. The premier does not give a beeeep about me, except come election time, and he lives here. He called me a fowl that eating scraps but spending my fowl earned money. Just BYE

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        • 1EYE says:

          Don’t let your tribal thinking get in the way of common sense. He truly cares about what? You? Your children? Your situation? The BVI?
          You all keep hoping that this will give you back the election you lost, like Trump. It might dig a deeper hole for those who you support. I think Jaspert has hurt his own self.

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          • 2eyes says:

            One eye cannot lead two eyes. Governor Jaspert,you are a good man and you have proven this. The premier on the other hand, he has proven himself to be everything else except good. Case closed.

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      • People learn says:

        I does really type sh…t the waters out there are already guarded by UK ships and the coast guard what we do not see.

        Get you all facts straight and stop typing sh…t

    • Suspicious says:

      The Governor appears very shifty in giving his evidence. What is it with starting and finishing every answer with “Thank you”. The Commissioner is clearly very biased in his favour and tried to save him from his admission of criminal conduct yesterday, but any other Judge would not find his evidence credible.

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      • @suspicious says:

        What you call “shifty” everyone else calls “polite”. Perhaps you could learn from Mr Jaspert.

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      • Suspicious how says:

        If the governor is suspicious, the premier must be blatantly glaringly guilty. How you call people fowl one day then turn Martin Luther king jr the next about you have a dream to see reparations for all the Caribbean people. Out of control.

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      • Anonymous says:

        That behavior represents a deep relationship of two people who are well informed including about knowledge of the final outcomes.

      • Please says:

        That is a fact he strayed from the agenda set. He was responsible for the police force. If he had all this knowledge why not take action?

        Why he did not discuss such with his cabinet back then when he said Andrew and his cabinet met and this would be included with the plane, pier park, the wall with the NDP administration?

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you asleep or just reading what you want ? how many active police are under arrest for drug smuggling ? they are not going to do shite for him when they are the smugglers

          you need to do what the french do with their islands, the police are rotated out every six months so they can’t get corrupted by the crims offering large sums of money

    • Puzzle pieces says:

      With high members of government involved with those criminal activities I guess maybe we know why the government never pushes for justice for victims of unsolved murders. One can just wonder……

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    • @Huh says:

      The COI terms of reference did include the cocaine trafficking issues, go back and read.

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    • Bumpy says:

      Boi your cut must be big. Paradise has gone to hell. Self Interest Rules.

    • not asleep at the wheel says:

      as we thought, it seems we’re being actively driven over the cliff on purpose. No-one can question that Gus has the BVI in his heart after his stalwart performance post-Irma, apart from the toadies and conspiracy theorists. He has no conceivable axe to grind in his testimony now. The metaphor of our “leaders” idly rearranging the deckchairs as the iceberg looms now seems naive. If true this would explain the explosion of drug activity, the deafening official silence, and refusal to protect our borders.

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    • Wow says:

      Does anyone research documents? It’s very odd that nothing is documented. This is not the only island in the world. Take a look. Learn grow up. Wow the comments are so childish. Reading is always good.

  2. wow says:

    I guess the governor noticed who the tenants were that the big chief rented land to

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  3. Wait What!? says:

    These boys involved in drugs??
    Well YEa! That’s the way things work here in the Caribbean. These drugs been coming here for 30 years. How the government going to have any control unless they have a piece of the action!?
    Not sure how this is going to change these drugs rolling through the BVI. The reason they roll through is the demand for drugs in the USA. Last I heard this is not changing anytime soon.
    But good on you Jasperts for paying attention! Maybe the COI can sort out some of the money stealing. But man have his hand in the cookie jar for many more years than that COKE runner been coming through here….I think that habit is going to be hard to break for these BVI Politicians.

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    • Second Look says:

      Perhaps you are right but we have to do what we can to prevent this. Who wants to live in a deteriorating criminal narco-state? Think of what the poor people of Mexico have to endure.

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      • @ Second Look says:

        Not condoning the drug trade, but where there is a demand, the is supply. See UK, USA, EU and else where.

        Last, no one has anyone tied up here. All are free to leave when living here displeases them. It assured that the same narco activities will be found in their country as well, from top to bottom.

        So, down with hypocrisy.

  4. granny says:

    yo only see a fowl botty when the wind blows

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  5. heckler says:

    You’re known by the company that you keep.

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  6. Goat says:

    Corruption starts from the top.Always did & always will.

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  7. Huh says:

    NO WAY.


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  8. L Ipton says:

    Wonder when or if he shall release the names of those high ranking public officials.

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    • here one says:

      think an old top job guy had a boat worth $3/4million back in 2004/2005 with a job only paying at the time less than $50k and now back in that job and the tonnes of powder rolling back in through the very place he works… time for a new boat again

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  9. NDP says:

    Top VIP government officials linked to criminal gangs? Birds of a feather really flock together.

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    • LIX says:

      Don’t throw stones fella. There is more proof that the NDP were closer to those who were to be extradited. So stop it. I don’t believe we have any elected officials in any organized crime. Jaspert has no credibility on this. Governing isn’t listening to rumors and filling the gaps with your own imagination. That is market women gossip. He better call names and bring facts.

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      • Deh Watcha says:

        Brother, none of us know what has really been given to the COI and I am not talking about information they getting from IRU.

    • @NDP says:

      Top past NDP ones as well.

  10. Obvious says:

    We’ve always known this. Thank you for confirming it. Our government is in league with some nasty dudes.

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  11. hm says:

    school children been calling names for YEARS

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  12. Rubber Duck says:

    I dont believe a word Gus says. Just because he got caught in his ra**st behaviour he now making up stories

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  13. Bombshell! Fire!! says:

    “allegations of links to organized criminality and to those involved in the cocaine trafficking trade as well, including allegedly, amongst those in the highest holders of office”

    What? These are very serious allegations.

    The public needs to know who these individuals are in the highest holders of office involved in the cocaine trade.

    If these allegations have legs, this territory cannot continue to have such persons holding government offices. Cannot. They got to go like yesterday.

    These people have to be rooted out, and criminally prosecuted if the evidence is there. We all have witnessed these repeated drug finds in the territory and the thought that any high government official is involved with this is untenable.

    It’s shocking that such allegations are being made. The public deserves answers.

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    • Indeed says:

      Nothing new or shocking about the cocaine running in the BVIs. It’s been going on for decades. It involves a lot of cash money that corrupts fast. Is it believeable that govt officials over the years knew nothing about this?

  14. Negrito says:

    Government officials at the highest level linked to cocaine trafficking gangs? Why it so easy for these young dudes to own everything in the WEST and in EAST? Building monstrous homes? got ten businesses and not even 30 years old? NO WAY THAT IS GOING ON HERE.

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  15. PT9 says:

    There you have it, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, UK please send help we can’t go on like this.

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  16. hmmm says:

    So why not call it when you were in office and monitor the progress if you were that concern.

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  17. Rubber Duck says:

    Next years entertainment will be the trials. It’s better than Netflix.

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  18. love BVI says:

    The COI in not a trial and is looking at governance . Any issues to investigate Drugs is for the police. notice how carful the COI is being on this because there is defiantly an ongoing criminal investigation.

    everyone in BVI knows who these people are but the threat to personal well being allows it to continue.

    establishing the links through the COI is a part of the jigsaw to breaking the chains of command and fear.

    this is being done in plain view with total unbias and professionalism.

    Be patient BVI

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  19. King says:

    So the former Governor said that top high ranking officials link to the drug lords of this country. He did not say current but made it clear that his predecessor was already looking into it.

    You all forgot who was in power??? NDP!!! You all forgot who’s family members were caught and in jail and set free???

    Now you all want to spin it on the current Premier…

    Spin it as much as you want but the COI will have to justify what Gus is saying because they are all allegations. If that is so the Royal Virgin Islands Police (RVIP) that he was a head of and also found his police officers internally smuggling the drugs is the BIG failure here.

    Gus is deceiving the public once again to justify his reason for blasting his mouth overseas before even speaking to the same cabinet he was chairing. He is the one who leaked the papers to many of the news outlets. He is the one who was asked to leave before his time was up when the found evidence that he leaked private information according to law to the public.

    Now why isn’t the COI getting to the meet of the matter and only dealing with his so called allegations? Bring the evidence to justify what you are saying.

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    • Queen says:

      Oh a**e of a King. You must be King of Morons. Gus well know who he is talking about. The public knows too.

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      • Kingdom says:

        You got to be the queen of idiotic statements. If Gus knows he should say. Your notion that the public know is your assumption of stupidity where you don’t know your a** from your elbow.

        Since when you can determine for a public? You want to put out as if all that is happening is with the current administration but just like how you are a self acclaimed queen of idiots well you want the public to be an idiot like you.

        Wheel and come again daughter of a witch but not in this Kingdom!

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    • @king says:

      Don’t worry, England will get both sets of criminals.

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    • King says:

      You foolish and want to point fingers ndp as usual but you know the biggest drug burst going on rite now is during this administration. Keep calling wolf and you going see . Everybody want to know how the criminals lock up for the worst crimes and free on bail next day this wutless administration. I know they can’t sleep at nights

    • Yes says:

      He investigated his own departments. That doesn’t make him complicit moron.

  20. 1EYE says:

    It’s not true just because he said so lol what a load of BS. Told you guys he misled the COI which is why they switched their investigation.

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  21. The Truth says:

    Ah yes. The white man said it, it must be true.

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  22. The Nation says:

    Dear Heavenly Father you see and know…do what is best for the people (past, present and future) of this territory. Uncover, uproot, expose and pull down the demonic strongholds that have taken root in the fabric of our society and administration and build up forts of righteousness. If it must be judgment, let judgment come but do not let us be oppressed by those who live in glass houses and those who themselves are not without sin. Chastise us for your Word declares whom you love you chastise, but show us mercy and revive us in the times of refreshing.

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  23. Interested says:

    But Gov Jaspert,where is the proof ?

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  24. . says:

    So why no arrest have been made if they are linked

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  25. Johnny says:

    So after all of this COI thing, what will happen? Will they take over like the locals want?

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    • @ Johnny says:

      Speak for yourself. Not all locals.

      Some do not want a set of greedy, hateful and racist people coming in and domineering them again, and rendering them less than human..

      The sooner every local learns and understands the nature and natural ways of the beast, the sooner they will want to stay clear.

  26. Proof? says:

    Where is the proof? Gus in smart suggesting is the government ministers. Where is the proof?
    New colonial tricks from the sl*ve masters.

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  27. BOY says:

    you really trying hard to convince people who already know you are since in 😒school , what next ? Some lipstick and bleach , nails 💅 more to come

  28. lol says:

    Gus bus their guts

  29. Green tea says:

    After every person is being questioned , more and more dirt is uncovered in every sector in the public c service . TRANSPARENCY From
    Government shady processes to the Governors deliberate delaying tactics . What a shame in the period of the BVI This is transparency at the expense of the now premier . The country is getting a transparent look
    At all the crooked shades Of how Govermnent works

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  30. Drill Deeper says:

    Why did da chief have a credible treat on his life after taking office that he needed private security ????
    People in da west know why and who ?

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  31. asking again says:

    Where did the generators for Postal Workers disappear I did not get one am still waiting. IRMA come and gone.

    Nor did I sign any paper indicating I receive mine.

    don’t mind them Jus the truth will soon shine through

  32. Alleged says:

    So this COI was called based on allegations and no facts? Allegations alleged. This article is riddled with this word

  33. Mark says:

    It doesn’t what what Gus says, all it seems like is a bunch of jealousy. Black people should not live like how hard working BVI people are living. I guess everyone in the BVI is doing drugs?

    Why haven’t the COI press that issue and identify those who are suspected to be involved, I guess Gus didn’t send them that memo? Drugs is everywhere, wake up my people they have been watching the way we live for and what we have for years now. I guess Its only them should have big multimillion dollar properties. Please look through that BS.

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