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Top Priority wins contract without waiver or retroactive approval

This article has been updated

Top Priority Security Services Limited has been issued another contract for securing the transport of government funds around the territory but the circumstances under which this contract was offered appear to be different from previous ones.  

Over the last few years, the security firm has won several government contracts without being made to go through the legally required tender process. And in some cases, retroactive approval by the Cabinet was only given close to the end of the life of the contract.

This latest contract — valued more than a half-million dollars and approved on April 27 — is one of the first in a series of government contracts offered to the security firm over the past few years that did not entail either a retroactive approval or a waiver of the tender process by the Cabinet.

In a post-Cabinet meeting release issued yesterday, May 12, Cabinet said it accepted the Central Tender Board’s recommendation to award Top Priority Security Services Limited the contract on this occasion.

It was not made clear in the release whether there were other bidders in competition for the contract.

The release further noted that the contract was for the supply of security services for the transportation of government funds for a two-year period on Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada in the amount of $693,392.

Cabinet further decided that the Ministry of Finance instruct the Attorney General’s Chambers to vet the draft contract prior to its execution.


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  1. Jack says:

    Business as usual the new government must go

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  2. smh... says:

    Here we go again with the corruption..

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  3. sad face says:

    The REPT… for the 5th looks sad in this photo.

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  4. So says:

    nothing has changed. Why am I not surprised…..

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    And on it goes.

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  6. vg resident says:

    Why would anyone have to pay a security firm to bring money for deposit to a bank.Cannot a person go to a bank with an armed policeman to make a deposit?

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    • Tola says:

      Police was doing for free and someone in the inside force the police to stop to it corruption at his highest…..

  7. vg resident says:

    Why would anyone have to pay a security firm to bring money for deposit to a bank.Cannot a person go to a bank with an armed policeman to make a deposit? Why is the government accepting cash anyway. Do it with checks, bank transfers and credit cards.

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    • Slim Jim says:

      Having experienced first hand what its like to carry monies from a business office every day to the bank deposit box, I say “no”.

      It’s a changed environment we live in (rising crime and less care for law and order) and it’s less efficient and a safety risk to public officers to ask them to make 1-2 daily trips to deposit government funds. Persons of crimminal intent may note the daily routine and personnel involved, and plan for them. Also, the police should be focused on community work and crime prevention not acting as a security firm.

      Regardless of which firm gets the contract, this is a sensible move.

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    • Well… says:

      ..check who owns it

      Clear now?

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  8. Elmoseacow says:

    This man who owns that company is not tr**tworthy, I have his history from the police

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  9. Under reviee says:

    Every new contract being awarded should be under strict review and should not be awarded until this is done. Enough is enough.

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  10. heckler says:

    and the beat goes on. Same game different players

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  11. SNAFU says:

    And the games go on.

  12. M. SMITH says:

    Top Priority CEO cheap bad, he collecting big money and still allegedly cannot pay his workers good. Them securities does be work hard but nevertheless it is the biggest security company that is well equipped than other firms. If other security firms is equipped they too can stand a chance of getting theses big contracts. Let’s eat a little and live long.

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  13. Jamie says:

    The only contract being issued should be to enlarge Her Majesty’s Prison to handle all the new residents!!

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  14. Strupes says:

    Even though he can do the work the process should have through due diligence
    Make the tender public
    Not a good start … Same thing former govt did

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  15. Anonymous says:

    The article indicated that the matter was rendered. What making the tender public will accomplish? My only concern is that he is being paid more than he is transporting, so is it cost effective 😭

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