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Tortola businesswoman attacked, assualted by husband

BVI News understands that a man from the Parham Town community was recently arrested and charged after he attacked and assaulted his wife, who operates a business on Tortola.

Highly-placed sources say the couple have been separated for some time now. It’s reported that on the night of the incident, the victim first observed a vehicle that pulled up close to her establishment around closing hours.

When she arrived home, her estranged husband alighted from the same vehicle she observed earlier and began hitting her all over her body. Our sources say persons nearby heard screams and the commotion as the incident ensued.

It’s understood that the assault continued until someone opened the door to the woman’s house. That’s when the husband reportedly let the victim go and she ran inside and called the police.

Our news centre was told that the husband quickly drove away from the scene but later returned and drove his wife’s vehicle away.

It’s understood that the woman sustained injuries, however our news centre was not able to determine if she received medical treatment.

The cause of the assault is unknown, but the accused abuser was later arrested by police. It’s unclear whether he’s been offered bail and when he is set to appear in court to answer to charges.


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  1. Fool says:

    Leave them Woman for the streets, un marry, Divorce N Stack your Paper, These womans r useless n Bums in these Times, Pay 4 Wife N Keep Moving Is Cheaper than Being With Em

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  2. Feo Gomez says:

    True story

  3. SMH says:

    It said that he pulled up to her establishment which means she makes her own money, how is she a bumb? You are a retard.

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  4. @SMH says:

    Exactly! “Fool” dem is a bunch ah pokeyholes calling dem self man. Dats the trouble wid day wurl today. Every man want to BE a pu**y…wearing pants wid no belt exposing dem panty!! LMAO wha real man does walk around like that?? Yeah, ayo could really keep to ayo selves cause ur not missed FR

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  5. Street says:

    If is one thing this news media outlet can cover up a report when it’s about the locals. Keep it up

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  6. @ Street says:

    Im quite surprised that they cover up for locals meanwhile the other site bashes them that they don’t care about locals.. At this point I think the bashful people of the other site are living in their own world..

    This woman beater’s name needs to be released to the public and women need to stay far from him… Like Mr Fool up above… Women can also entertain and actually satisfy themselves with less stress lol.. that is If thats what they are into however..

    And the craziest thing is that most of them only have hands for women when other men be putting blows in them skin…

    This is why people need to get divorced and not separated.. Separation causes confusion and entitlement… If you want to work things out later then go remarry if its that important.. give the other person the chance to move on in peace cause a lot of times the one who caused the separation is the one holding up the divorce….

  7. Messy. says:

    Why marry over 40 years and end up in that mess.

  8. Junie says:

    Because it was 39 years of hell!!!!

  9. ReX FeRaL says:

    Husband is No kinds a man at all. Sparrow sung about him and lashing does bout he.

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