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Tortola Ladies Club seeks $10K in ten days for FSN

The Tortola Ladies Club (TLC) has initiated a 10-day challenge to raise $10,000 for the Family Support Network (FSN).

The challenge started on Tuesday and will run through to April 20.

Executive member of TLC Sharon Burrill told BVI News that their main fundraiser called ‘Dancing Under the Stars’ is usually held in January at the Government House.

However, the event received several setbacks largely due to the impact of the September hurricanes so did not materialize.

“We felt that we really needed to do something quickly and effectively to get money to FSN,” she said.

$3,000 donated so far

The TLC has a total of six sites set up for accepting donations.

They are located at Studio One, the Watering Hole, Red Rock Restaurant and Bar in East End, Deloites, Beans at Tortola Pier Park, and Conch Charters.

Donations can also be done online via or given directly to members of the club.

“We are just getting such a positive response, so far. I think people recognize the importance of the work that FSN does.”

“We are only 24 hours into it and I think we already got about $3,000 so far,” Burrill added.

FSN needs the help

Meanwhile, President of the Board of Directors at FSN Judith Charles has also added her voice to urge persons to support the cause.

She said the donation will be channelled towards the upkeep of the FSN.

“FSN doesn’t have the staff really to do a lot of fundraising efforts, and while we have gotten a subvention from the government, we basically need $150,000 to run the programme,” she noted.

“That money comes from private donations but the biggest fundraiser that is done for FSN is done by the TLC. The money is to keep us running, so it goes into the general fund and pays staff, taxes, phones if we have to pull somebody out of a situation and put them in a safe house etcetera.”

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  1. Sigh says:

    Why they dontvask for what they need i stead of money? You need a bed? Ask for it! You need a fridge? Ask for it! You never know what people really doing with the money.

    • lol says:

      Can you read, this is why it is needed:
      The money is to keep us running, so it goes into the general fund and pays staff, taxes, phones if we have to pull somebody out of a situation and put them in a safe house etcetera.”

      • Juicy J says:

        Yeah right, Clinton and friends did the same thing in Haiti.
        Please people when it comes to giving out your hard earn two coopers take everything with a grain of salt, even if it’s the church you giving it to.

        • Tiny Tim says:

          In a country where hardly anybody does anything if they are not getting paid, that’s a interesting comment for you to make. So how you really think FSN running? You think it’s a bunch of rich old retirees going in there every day handing out stuff? They actually have employees, that’s how things get done. If this article was about giving money to Red Cross or Visar you’d think they should be asking for what they need when they need it? People actually work at Red Cross and Visar, for a paycheck as well. FSN has a facebook page that they actually ask for things for people.

  2. Gumption. Official says:

    Will do what I can do help you guys. Keep up the good work. I’ve known a few people who’ve you’ve helped before.

  3. Seashelle says:

    Years ago when my (now ex) husband was beating me up they told me they could do nothing, I should go to the police who had laughed at me as my husband was a good friend of a lot of them. A couple of years ago I reported a girl for being abused by her father and grandfather, there was no mother there. FSN said she should go to Social Services who said if she got an apartment they could help with the rent. She was only 16.
    Recently a young lady whose mother was hitting her with an iron pipe was told FSN would help her but no, same thing, go somewhere else. It’s all very well collecting money to employ staff to tell people where they should go, but what about help????

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