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Tourist Board hosting scaled-down ‘BVI Food Fete’ this year

Deputy Director of the Tourist Board, Rhodnie Skelton (left) at a previous staging of a BVI Food Fete event.

After some deliberation, the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB) has decided to host the month-long BVI Food Fete this year, but in an unconventional COVID-restricted manner.

This was revealed during the recent launch of the now revamped event now entitled BVI Food Fete Dine Out.

During the ceremony, Chairwoman of the Tourist Board, Kenisha Sprauve gave insight into the environment residents can expect during the November 20 to December 13 event.

She said: “When the occurrence of COVID-19 seriously challenged the staging of this year’s BVI Food Fete, the Board of Directors asked our team of professionals at the BVI Tourist Board to consider this an opportunity to showcase our culinary legacy in an unconventional manner. The team rose to the occasion and came up with a concept that would work within the parameters of our many protocols in effect with our food and beverage sector.”

“The event presents an opportunity to stimulate our palates while testing our protocols for restaurants and bars in preparation for the reopening of the territory to international guests on Tuesday, the 1st of December,” Sprauve added.

An intimate and personalised experience this year

The tourism chairwoman also said that because of the COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s scaled-down event will present a more intimate and personalised experience for all attendees.

“In a demonstration of BVILove, we have organised the events to avoid crowding, create an experience culture for our palates. As an added bonus, we will have the members of the award-winning BVI National Culinary Team presenting special delicacies at select venues,” she stated.

Schedule of activities

Meanwhile, BVITB Director Clive McCoy outlined some of the scheduled festivities in store for the four-week event.

He said: “On the 20th to the 22nd (November), we will have our culinary team at the participating restaurants on Tortola and on the 27th to 29th we will have them over on Anegada for the Lobster Fest.”

“Most of the restaurants that are participating on Anegada would have lobster dishes, we will provide some entertainment on the dock and it’s a different event than we have seen before. But, again, it’s still somewhere we can go and experience the culinary prowess over at Anegada, especially with the lobster,” he added.

He also said the dates for Virgin Gorda will be December 4 to 6, while Jost Van Dyke will be the final location from December 11 to 13.

All COVID-19 protocols will be heavily enforced.


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  1. Having says:

    Having a good time without the white tourists to fund the event? The whites have been reading the news to get info about the reopening and they are amazed at the racism and hatred of whites by the BVIslanders. Tourism is doomed in the BVI and it’s not because of Covid. Covid will pass. The racism and hatred will remain.

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    • Mirror mirror says:

      If you keep referring to people by the color of their skin you are racist yourself.

      Can we please accept that we are all people?

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    • Sad truth says:

      I’m within the industry and your told no lie. A few tourists once brought it up. I felt so bad. But it’s clear to see and feel.

    • Narrow-minded People says:

      In every Nation/country/territory/Island there are acts of differing beliefs, stereotypes, prejudice, racism, classism etc. People stop bulking all in same basket they are very different.

      However, each individual can not represent the whole. Why are you generalizing all BVI people? You have a narrow-mind. The same thing those individuals may have done, you are doing here. Also note BVI is home to many ethnicities. If we was so racist why does it have many whites living among us peacefully? As a BVIslander I respect who respect me.

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  2. To Having says:

    First, stop your reverse racism.

    Second, stop Trying to make a non racist people racist.

    Black people nor BVIslanders did not invent nor practice racism for centuries to date, get that straight.

    Your post reeks with racism and you should look in the mirror and begin healing your mind.

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    • @to having says:

      There is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism no matter who is practicing it.

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      • VIsLander says:

        That’s actually not true but I agree with the point you were trying to make. The proper word is prejudice b/c racism has specific requirements. But I smell what you’re cooking, carry on.

        • Convenience says:

          It’s convenient to call one thing racisme and the other prejudice.

          But no, in both directions it is racism. And in both directions it is completely wrong.

      • @@tohaving says:

        Geeze, why demonstrate lack of knowledge like that?

        Should leave some subjects alone until sufficient knowledge is garnered to extrapolate upon.

        A crash course in psy. 101 would suffice.

  3. @@tohaving says:

    Geeze, why demonstrate lack of knowledge like that?

    Should leave some subjects alone until sufficient knowledge is garnered to extrapolate upon.

    A crash course in psy. 101 would suffice.

  4. How says:

    How are restaurants able to participate in the Taste of Tortola? Surely the invite should be for all, as it is the people of the BVI coming? Who gets to decide who gets the publicity from this event?
    Would it not make sense to include all genres? That way people could visit places they would not normally go to.

  5. Rubber Duck says:

    A complete waste of time and money. Just trying to find ways to spend the budget. And as usual none of the restaurants I would usually go to , those that are considered the best in the islands, are involved. Only the cronies once again.

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  6. Father Time says:

    @ To Having

    There is no such things as reverse racism.

  7. @ Father Time says:

    And there is no such thing as a flat earth. Psy. 101 and beyond will inform the uninformed on such matters.

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