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Tourist Board to host virtual event showcasing BVI local attractions

The BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission (BVITBFC) will be hosting a ‘Golden Virtual Roadshow’ — an online initiative geared towards showcasing popular local tourist attractions to travel advisors across North American region.

A media release from the Tourist Board on Monday said the initiative was developed by their North America Promotion Marketing Office and is set to run from February 16 to 18.

Among the attractions to be showcased are the Bitter End Yacht Club, BVI Sotheby’s International Realty, Necker Island, Oil Nut Bay, Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort and Saba Rock Resort.

Scrub Island Resort Spa & Marina, The Moorings, Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals and Wyndham Lambert Beach Resort are also on the list.

Director of Tourism Clive McCoy said the initiative presents the territory with a perfect opportunity to further network at the international level.

“In response to the challenges currently being experienced with face-to-face promotions, our dedicated team is proud to offer this opportunity to our travel advisors …This virtual event is an ideal way for us to network in the North American region and showcase our beautiful destination,” McCoy stated.

Several virtual activities on card

The virtual roadshow will include a series of presentations which will allow viewers to participate in multiple activities.

These include a “cocktail making class with Mixologist Robert Swain, Jr — owner of ‘On the Rox Bartending’; a yoga session with Amanda Georges — owner of ‘Frangipani Dance Studio’; a cultural music extravaganza with the Heritage Dancers and the Razor Blades fungi band; and a Happy Hour jam with DJ Lady Mix VI (Ayana Phillips).”

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  1. Hotelier says:

    So all the big internationally owned resorts are featured while locally owned independent business are ignored. Typical I am sorry to say..

    There are Marriotts and Wyndhams everywhere and I thought chain hotels were not allowed in BVI?

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    • Lmao says:

      So you are going to host a virtual event to try and attract Tourists but you won’t let them in. You just can’t make this s**t up.

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      • BuzzBvi says:

        I think they are just trying to incite a riot. Why not everyone else is doing it, even happens in the Washington DC from time to time so why not here. IT has happened here before also.

      • Yup says:

        Total bulls**ttrry…

        Yes let’s showcase our beautiful islands, but ohhhh no, you can’t come see them in person…

        Oh the hypocrisy…

  2. yogee says:

    Can we get local Tisa donovan on the card. she is a yoga instructor and Doula

  3. Zeus says:

    Why bother?

  4. Tourist Board? says:

    Why not dismantle the tourist board?

    It is quite clear the the government is trying to kill tourism. So until further notice the tourist board can be dismantled as nobody is coming in any way.

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  5. Please says:

    All anyone wants is confirmation the ferry starts 1 March. This will increase tourism. It not hard

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  6. Tom says:

    Its a good sign they care and they understand the need to promote the BVI however …

    the attraction is not the issue. The problem is getting into the country.

    As states are easing up and people seek to vacation – there are many places to go with far less friction.

    that will be the BVI challenge – ease up or …

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  7. Yesss says:

    I can’t wait to see it. This should be wonderful. Excellent!!!! What a nice thing to do.

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  8. closed says:

    Please mention all the BVI resorts, restaurants, marinas, hotels, etc. that are closed now because there are not enough tourists here to keep them in business.

  9. really says:

    so everything owned by Billionaires are getting free advertisement yet none of the home grown resorts, hotels, restaurants, trips, boating are all left out.

    This guy is a joke , the board is also a joke and needs to be looked into by the commision as they were chosen by 1 person who ignored the insight of a monister who had years of exerience in the field.

    What a waste of time the TB has become!

  10. Local girl says:

    WTF, you can make this $hit up of you want to, who the hell is running this island? What is this? A Mickey mouse club?I’m just so freaking frustrated with this Government now.

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  11. thug life says:

    it just me, but this guy looks like DMX in this picture lol

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  12. RED TAPE says:

    It is too expensive and difficult to vacation in BVI with the Covid 19 regulations. We are killing the industry.

  13. BuzzBvi says:

    Why? When no one in their right mind would go through the torture to get here. You advertising in Guantanamo Bay? They may be interested – but even they may be put off by the BVI Gateway to Hell Portal. Unless of course it is different for Ultra Rich people.

  14. Me says:

    The bvi has local attractions ?? I never knew that

    • local attractions says:

      What about the Callwood distillery, the copper mine, foxy’s , the pottery place at josiah’s bay, the conch shell island and the horse rides in anegada?

  15. WTF says:

    What makes up three quarters of tourism? Sailing! Yet again, not a single thought about it. Talk about throwing the golden goose in the wood chipper.

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  16. West says:

    The government of the day constantly talk and promoting *SMALL BUSINESSES * I dont see any mention of them. Most tourist are just like the regular BVILANDERS. Why promote the high end hotels. Are we saying that travel is really for the ^RICH??^

  17. Drop News says:

    Every now again I read the news and clearly persons have so much FEAR they’re blinded. The CDC INDICATED that once vaccinated the 24 day quarantine is not necessary. Since this pandemic the BVI GOVERNMENT along with other regions have being following Guidance by the WHO, PAHO etc, which in most cases CDC protocols. The UK sent thr Astrazenca vaccine and even though they say it’s a choice this government probably made a promise or was given a mandate to have what started off as 73%, jumped to 90% then the Sinister of Health said 100% of the population. The BVI economy which was already open to tourist, still making it difficult even though someone is vaccinated to go through all the same hurdles. This seems like they’re holding the economy hostage until they’re in line with the 75% minimum which I personally think shows the level of shady characters we are dealing with. This is inhumane and somwone should be charged with crimes against humanity. People’s lively hood are at stake while they play a game of chest. This whole pandemic globally has been used to put draconian measures in place and FEAR has blinded the masses into submitting alot of the flip flop nonsense that we read and see everywhere. No one takes the time to read documented facts but rather come in these forums to sound intelligent discredit facts as conspiracy or misinformation.
    FEAR have the masses line up without knowing their rights and the only excuse is I want to travel. These people have no integrity or Balls to tell the truth and they know. They tell it to close friends and their side chicks and their side chick’s have a side person and so on. Information filters through somewhere or the next and sometimes you pick sense out of nonsense.
    This whole thing if you are WOKE and do your own reading analyze the data and documented information then we will see whats up. Thousands of doctors Globally who oppose alot of the measures who are just or more qualified to speak about these topics. We listen to one source and only that WHO, CDC etc. Almost anyone can be bought, blackmailed or corrupted. The ones who break the chain and come forward shows bravery and integrity. Enough with the GAMES and let my people go, Stop thr madness have some balls and all you sheeple who ran to take whatever that controversial politic mess in your right arm good luck….Have a great day everyone……might have some grammatical errors but who cares…..

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  18. villa owner says:

    It is widely known how amazing the bvi is to visit.

    The simple question people as is “what is the protocol to get in.” When the answer is 3 tests and a 5 day quarantine most run to other islands.

    The BVI needs to open now. Don’t assume people will automatically just come back once you open the doors again. 8k vaccines is about 1/3 of the population and I’d bet most of the high risk population.

    Follow the USVI process. It works.

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