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Tourist tests positive on Day 4 in the BVI

Positive coronavirus test sample

A tourist has tested positive for COVID-19 on Day 4 of quarantine in the British Virgin Islands.

Health Minister Carvin Malone made that announcement during a late-night COVID-19 update on Monday, December 7.

The visitor, a male, was quarantined on a vessel in a controlled environment with one other occupant (a female) awaiting their fourth-day quarantine test.

After testing positive, the tourist was made to return to the dock and transported into a quarantine facility where contact tracing measures are being undertaken.

Upon arrival into the territory, all travellers have to undergo a COVID-19 test before they are allowed into the community. They’ll also have to take another test on the fourth day in quarantine. The government received heavy criticism for implementing those safety measures.

In the meantime, more than 200 visitors have entered the territory since the BVI reopened its borders for tourism on December 1.

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  1. Island peep says:

    The tourist processing at the airport is very good. But then the taxis jam people in one vehicle going to different locations with no social distancing. This defeats the whole purpose of the carefully-planned process. This needs changing immediately.

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    • What says:

      What can you expect from the Belongers. Once money is involved all safety is thrown out the window. Stuff the taxis full so they make more money per trip. Now let’s see. If a tourist arrives wouldn’t it be safer if each group traveling together used only one taxi. Wouldn’t it be easier to do contact tracing if people were separated? Also, returning residents and Villa owners have their own vehicles on island. Why is it they have to take a taxi jammed full of other people but can’t use their own vehicle that was left at the airport for them? Oh I know!! Pick me!!! I have the answer!! It’s money of course!!!

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      • @what says:

        who are you? What are you doing here if you feel that way? – Oh I know!!!!! Pick me!!!! You’re just here to sew strife from the sofa of your double wide in the Michigan woods….

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  2. Well says:

    The majority of people want wealth over health…no surprise here

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    • Bolly says:

      Imagine a disease so deadly that you have to be tested to know that you have it.

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      • Yellow trousers says:

        The positive side is we now have measures in place to catch Covid , this whole situation is going to happen again and again however it’s under control.
        We have to do something, let’s get going.

        Hope we can get ahead with the ports opening soon and our main source of revenue moving, need people back to work food on the table.

        People going down slowly.

      • scubaty says:

        Wow, you really don’t understand at all.

    • 2cents says:

      actually you need some wealth to have health. Its not one or the other

  3. You Surprised? says:

    The visually impaired could’ve seen this coming.

    Who came up with this 4 day number?

    So many people out and about not wearing masks then bragging on one of the Facebook pages for BVI travelers that all residents are following protocol.

    Having to take a test within 5 days of travel:

    1. Could’ve tested negative and gotten the virus between then and the 4th day of quarantine

    2. Could’ve tested negative upon arrival only to have gotten the virus at the previous airport the same day of arrival

    3. Could’ve tested negative on the 4th day then test positive on any of the days after quarantine

    4. How many would be unknowingly spreading the virus thinking they’re negative?

    5. The weather is changing and it gets chilly around this time of year. Sniffles may be seen as an effect of the cold fronts and not given a second thought.

    All these social media pics with no masks, spending money here there and everywhere then complaining about stimulus cheques…do better.

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  4. Lipidee says:

    Government never attracts the brightest ??‍♂️

    Taxis are also transporting multiple persons for secondary testing on day 4 – IE in the same taxi.

    Should be a minimum requirement for leadership ??‍♂️?

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  5. Mike says:

    IF the plan is to continue on to Anegada, will one have to leave the air port? Or be checked at the air port and continue on to Anegada. Are there checkin protocol on Anegada. Arriving from STT on VI Air Link.

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  6. Doh says:

    And here we go…

    The multiplier effect about to kick in and we close again.

    Thanks for coming.

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  7. Its a shitshow says:

    There are so many holes in the process and not enough control mainly due to crap planning.

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  8. Health says:

    No worry, you will see around 100 more cases by Christmas and some bad news too if you behave like this

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  9. 55ŕ says:

    The problem is when tourists or returning residents receive false negative tests or contracts the disease during travel.

    That could potentially lead to problems.

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  10. Hodgie says:

    We all dead now because of few dollars. Close the borders until all get vaccinated.

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    • Meow says:

      Until who and you get vaccinated? You would better go from here with that crap..they are losing too much monies treating it on the rats so they now want to be running their experiments on we. Go some other place with that.

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    • No sa... says:

      @hodgie… well you could take the vaccine for both of us cause i sure as hell dont want it…So go ahead boo shoot up!!!! lol

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      • @No sa.... says:

        do you carry a smartphone? Ya chipped!
        Have you ever eaten a chicken nugget? Ya braver than me!
        enough already….we virgin islanders are catching bad information way faster than we’re catching the virus….

    • @Hodgie says:

      Yup hopefully you’re all dead now. What a wonderful world it can be.

  11. Go idea says:

    Let open taxi like safari run only with half there capacity

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    • Exactly says:

      You are exactly correct and should be made at the very least the Heaktg Minister because the existing one is too s****d. People should not be stuffed like sardines into an enclosed vehicle. Open air safari type vehicles with no more than 2 people per bench should be used only. The driver is isolated from the passengers and the passengers are in the open air. Malone you’re a d*****s.

  12. mo says:

    1/200 could easily mean false positive.

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  13. lol says:

    How many will continue to test positive on Day 13 and 14 like in the past couple months?

    Wait we won’t know because we are only testing up to day 4!

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    • Day 4 says:

      That’s what the tourism industry wanted, ccha and the opposition so here we are . They all moaned and complained about the first set of protocols. Then they formulated the steering committee group to shorten the requirements and lead us into a hot mess
      Be careful what you wish for !

  14. Dman says:

    Want to bet he was from the U.S?

  15. Mask up! says:

    If the person who tested positive was following all the protocols, why contact tracing? Would they have been wearing a mask at all times? Just wondering

  16. 007 says:

    This is fake news because the expert commentators said nobody was coming to the BVI.

  17. Movement says:

    Limit access to the main islands

  18. Hmmm says:

    Like is only tourists and expats getting the coronavirus in the bvi

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