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Traffic cop in fatal accident was taken to hospital

Nathaniel Wheatley. Facebook photo

Nathaniel Wheatley. Facebook photo

The best-known traffic cop in the British Virgin Islands was taken to Peebles Hospital after he was shaken up late Saturday evening during the motor-vehicle accident that claimed the life of Nathaniel Wheatley.

The police officer, who BVI News Online unsuccessfully tried to contact via telephone, was driving his personal vehicle when it was hit by Wheatley’s red jeep.

At the time, Wheatley’s jeep was reportedly overtaking other vehicles.

When the red jeep collided with the one operated by the traffic cop, it apparently got out of control and careened off the roadway at Slaney, Tortola.

It ended up in the sea, but not before Wheatley fell out.

Wheatley was taken to Peebles Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The traffic cop was released from the medical facility relatively soon after he arrived there.

Members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, up to yesterday, were at the crash scene carrying out further investigation.

Meanwhile, moments after the fatal crash, a resident of the Slaney area took to social media to appeal for a speed bump to the placed on the roadway near the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

While recounting what she saw in relation to the fatal crash, the resident, who uses the Facebook name Jane Metcalf, said: “I heard the collision happen. I saw the car [driven by Wheatley] seconds later roof down in the sea. I called 911 immediately and told them to send an ambulance and fire brigade. They arrived within 10 minutes. I am so sorry for his family.”

“I also heard and watched the final movements of a taxi and jeep car colliding at the same place very recently. People from both vehicles had to be cut free by the emergency services. One man from the taxi had to be flown to Puerto Rico as his injuries were so severe. Very regularly we hear cars screeching by the church, avoiding a collision with other cars,” said the resident.

She continued: “What can be done to make this part of the road safer? Speed bumps would slow the traffic and prevent cars overtaking on a blind bend or driving too quickly by a public space – church. These dreadful situations are preventable. Who in Government is willing to assist and stop needless death and suffering?”

The accident scene. Photo provided

The accident scene. Photo provided

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