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Traffic lights remounted along Waterfront Drive after 2 years, works ongoing

After being knocked down and damaged during Hurricane Irma nearly two years ago, the traffic lights at the intersection of Administration Drive and Waterfront Drive in Road Town has finally been remounted.

They are not yet functional but Transportation & Works Minister Kye Rymer has said his ministry is working to get the lights fully operational as soon as possible.

“It is a matter of urgency from the ministry’s standpoint,” Rymer told BVI News on Friday.

The minister further said cameras will also be installed to work as an adjunct to the lights.

“The cameras use detection that would assist the traffic in terms of traffic management. So, the process is to put up the hardware. We have to run the wires, we have to set up the cabinet, then we’ll go towards turning the lights on in order to have the traffic management started and the traffic flowing throughout the intersections,” Rymer explained.

He said the lights should have been reinstalled sooner but was halted to accommodate the 2019 Emancipation Festivities.

Work on the lights commenced on Tuesday, August 13.

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  1. Reply says:

    Good. Progress.

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    • No no no says:

      What a very silly idea – the lights just cause more traffic problems.
      What we need to fix is the inability to turn right onto the highway from the moorings. All that traffic has to go all the way into town before it can go east.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Traffic ran better without them.

      Put mini roundabouts in instead of traffic lights

      One hundredth of the price and much more effective.

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      • Amy says:

        That would be a lovely idea, except no one knows how to use roundabouts properly here. At least with a red and a green light it’s pretty obvious what to do…

  2. Jones says:

    They need to have number plate recognition cameras so that fines can be issued to those that jump the lights

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  3. Faith says:

    Mr Minister we need lights at the junction by the tamarind tree by the Police Station in Road Town please. They dont have to be those big overhead ones, they can be those that stand on the ground at the corners. I am literally afraid to turn right at that intersection

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    • @Faith says:

      Vehicles in that area need to STOP coming from behind and pulling up beside the vehicle (whether on the left or right side) by the tamarind tree when the vehicle is yet to make a turn right or head straight into Botanic Station.



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    • Sirius says:

      I agree with Wickhams Cay 1. Get those lights back. Nonsense going West to go East.


    If you are putting lights back up by Pasea, make sure there is a turn of third lane first going East and heading West from holding up traffic with a stop light.

  5. ndp heckler says:

    What was the NDP doing for the last 2 years other than filling their pockets????

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    • @NDP Heckler says:

      Seems to me you hecklers can only function on throwing salty shade. Your shade throwing is so passe and lame. Go have a extra Virgin Pina Colada,enjoy,and have a wonderful day.Can’t say I apreciate.

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  6. Gandalf says:

    In all honesty I’ve felt traffic has flowed better since most of the traffic lights have been out of service. I agree that the lights up by the Red Cross are needed though. However, by BVI standards people have been extraordinarily civil at the lights by First Caribbean and far less hold up.

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  7. Wickhams Cay I says:

    Before that is done , they need to put back the lights by entrance to go to the moorings. too much traffic back up sometimes all back to delta just to get to town and not only that! you have to go down town and come up, if you want to go to the eastern side! especially if your leaving work from the moorings side and have to go EAST END.

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  8. hmm... says:

    Oh gosh. traffic was flowing nicely without the lights. That money should have been allocated to somehing else. Traffic lights are not needed in that area. Please rethink that decision.

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  9. hint says:

    An old tire worked liked a round about years ago consider a round about not lights….if lights allow right turn on red

  10. Try says:

    Roundabouts are just as effective at controlling traffic and use no electricity. If properly built, they also control speeding. If you’re going with traffic lights, why not cameras to catch those who run them, and you know they will.

  11. Roundabouts says:

    Definitely – at least the Wickhams Cay II junction should be a roundabout to keep the flow of traffic going as well as calming the driving at that point and allowing better access including Sports Club Robb and RTW area of Pasea.

    Plus it could be a sponsored and beautified thing with signage to businesses in WCII. Let’s plan this

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