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Traffic reform | One-way routes being implemented in and around Road Town

Plans are underway to reform traffic routes on Tortola to create one-way roadways in and around Road Town.

Transportation & Works Minister Kye Rymer said these plans are in an effort to ease the current congestion in the capital city.

“As the school term is about to begin, I want to start to sensitize the public as to what will be coming on stream in terms of transforming the traffic in the Road Town area,” Rymer said while making his contribution in the House of Assembly recently.

“When you are coming from the West End area and you are heading east at the Admin Complex, we will erect (traffic) lights and we intend to turn Waterfront Drive into a one way (lane) heading east. Upon approaching the roundabout, you would be able to turn left or go straight on to the dual carriageway.”

He said the one-way traffic lane would also continue in other areas. 

“When you are leaving the dual carriageway and heading west, traffic would then be heading towards Bobby’s (Supermarket) down on DeCastro Street. That would be a one way (lane) heading in that direction, or you can continue around the roundabout or go over to where the LIME (Flow) building is at.”

Loop around town

The Transportation Minister said this new system would create what he described as a ‘loop’ around Road Town.

With this loop, he said the traffic would be heading west into DeCastro Street and motorists will have the option to access Waterfront Drive by making a right turn onto the street where the Cutlass Tower located.

The other option is to drive along the road that leads to Banco Popular.

“We also intend to turn the traffic in the opposite direction by Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park so that road would be heading west instead of east and then you would make a right on the Admin Drive [next to the Admin Complex].”

Traffic transformation will also move to Main Street, Rymer said.

“It is also the intent to turn traffic on Main Street from Jose’s Hill in the other direction — a one way. [We] hope to ease some traffic congestion [there],” the Transportation Minister said.

The public will be involved

While he did not indicate when the proposed traffic reform would come into effect, Rymer said residents would be part of the transformation.

He said this would be done through public meetings, among other avenues.

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  1. Virgin islander says:

    This is a lunatic idea, if you really want to do something with the traffic extend the dual carriageway to macnamara. Think is idea is another craze scenario like the lights on the roundabout. This government seems just like the last one shoot first ask questions later. If public consultations were sought before even putting out the intended route maybe we could of come up with a compromise solution. This government has done nothing in hindsight to improve the lives of the citizens and residents thus far.

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    • To Virgin Islander says:

      Change will always meet resistance. I am with Minister Kye on this one. Let’s get some new ideas like this one so that we can solve some of the problems in the BVI.

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      • There's Only One Problem says:

        The only problem is that people don’t know what to do when they reach the round abouts. It’s as if they freeze. That’s the main problem. I have been to may caribbean islands and they way those people drive around those round abouts is amazing. In Tortola persons block the flow of traffic at the round about which makes no sense whatsoever. They wait until they get close to the round about on the west bound lane and then all of a sudden decide they want to switch to the right lane which only push persons in that lane further backwards.

        There are many people with driver’s licences but very few are actual drivers.

        Has the minister taken into consideration those big trucks around those tight corners and how they would perhaps hold up traffic simply because they may have to back up once or twice and jack knife the trailer before they can actually get around that corner by the Waterning Hole (especially with a 40ft trailer?)

        I think the minister needs to go back to the drawing board with this one on a serious note.

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        • Traffic sense says:

          If de castro street is made one way then that road from the bank to it should be turned round cause its one way onto de castro street and you might has well make turn round , no trucks will need to go past the watering hole since the other road will be avalible

        • Kenna says:

          The way traffic uses the roundabout is ridiculous. People should use the roundabout as roundabout should be used. The way it is being used îs not correct.

        • Rubber Duck says:

          First off, kudos to Kye Rymer who was excellent at the DMV and is proving to be a dynamic minister.

          A one way system is well overdue. Also make the roundabouts smaller. More roadway at roundabouts means more traffic flow.
          And look at mini roundabouts for other junctions.

          Keep up the good work.

    • Seriously says:

      This is nonsense

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  2. Devon says:

    First thing needed is for drivers to stop blocking the flow of traffic when their route is blocked and stationary.. First thing needed is those areas marked on the road where you cannot enter or be stationary in the painted zone area.
    It works well in London and other cities around the world.

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  3. lol says:

    Seems like he wants more traffic to flow in front/around his m****r in l**’s place ??

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  4. mark my words says:

    I could remember very well when mark vanterpool made noise and prevented alvin christopher from proceeding with the 4 lane highway from the roundabout downwards

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  5. Reasonable Man says:

    I actually this would work well as far as the rerouting on Water Front and De Castro goes. Fewer people will be entering the Round About during rush hour which is the primary bottle neck on this road.

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  6. waste ah time says:

    More assishness

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  7. vip heckler says:

    Can you all imagine seeing concrete trucks,dump trucks, trailer trucks pulling heavy equipment and 40 ft containers in front bobby’s and the banks {our commercial zone}?????? This is the height of stupidity. Just continue the dual carriage way down to macnamara and problem solved

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  8. Dman says:

    Preliminary study to be completed in May, 2031.

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  9. Traffic says:

    How about hiring a traffic engineer from the US. You start off by doing traffic counts and wait times. Then look at solutions. Creating loops where to go from A to B you have to make a giant circle is ridiculous. You morons know nothing and just change traffic flow to benefit the one who is making the change. You people never learn. Just amazing.

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    • Haha says:

      As soon as a US engineer is hired people like yourself and VIP heckler will be the first to say negative things about the deal.

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    • Django says:

      For god’s sake don’t involve the Yanks. They overengineer everything and we will end up with 8 lane freeways and ugly signage. They have no sense of our culture.

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  10. @Traffic says:

    How you know what persons that are trained in traffic issues are being used? The BVI will never move forward with persons like you but it is good that you are in the minority.

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    • @Django says:

      Heh dumba**. Who’s Villas had the least amount of damage after Irma? Over engineered? No!! Correctly engineered. YES. Try a novel approach and try doing this right the first time you bunch of morons

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    • @@Traffic says:

      Was that supposed to be a cogent statement? Try again. Maybe we can agree or disagree if we understand what you are attempting to say.

    • @@Traffic says:

      You haven’t moved forward since the Brits allowed you to govern yourself. In fact, things have only deteriorated. Take a look at yourselves versus other countries. You are Neanderthals.

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  11. YOUTH says:

    I commend Minister Kye Rymer for taking this bold and innovative step in trying to solve our traffic woes.

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  12. Beep says:

    We have a transportation Engineer on board already.
    A local.

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  13. just amazed says:

    Maybe the dumbest traffic proposal I have ever heard . Gridlock on DeCastro and traffic backed up to Riteway. Find a professional not useless ameteurs to solve real problems .

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  14. GREAT says:

    I like this move.

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  15. WARNING says:


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    • @WARNING says:

      Why are some of you in the BVI are so negative to any new idea. How in the world will you ever get to the next level of prosperity with this type of poisonous mentality.

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  16. Okay now says:

    Now this makes sense

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  17. My my my says:

    Keep pushing forward Minister Rymer

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  18. On point says:

    VIP is on point.

  19. Question says:

    What about the traffic pull off areas? Or people just continue stopping and holding up traffic as usual?

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  20. Home says:

    This is a bad move Mr Minister, this will be a hazard. What about the trucks hauling 40 feet containers and trailers hauling heavy equipments and all these big vehicles? Please go back to the drawing board.

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  21. Traffic sense says:

    The problem with the traffic is that port , Early last year i noticed that on friday afternoons the traffic was moving well compared to the normal gridlock in town, i couldn’t figure it out then i realised its cause all those boats was docking at the pier park so there was no morons blocking the road outside the port anymore , once you get past the port the traffic suddenly “dissapears” and flows freely the police need to start issuing tickets outside to prevent the road being blocked and getting backed up

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  22. Traffic sense says:

    They need to turn mainstreet around , have traffic coming down joes hill turn into main st and travel wetward , it will help people getting past the port and the roundabout that is normal chock full of cars

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  23. Concerned says:

    How about making the roundabout smaller for two cars to flow at once. If you are making are De Castro street a one way the big trucks can then use that lane to continue west bound

  24. Shark says:

    What is going to be done with the pedestrians that do not use the crosswalk that impedes the flow of traffic9

  25. Road Engineer says:

    Turning the section of road from the light at Admin Drive to the round about into one way traffic is not sound policy. It is also not sound policy to turn de Castro Street into one way. Water Front Drive needs to remain two way. Further, its cross section to thicken to facilitate the heavier wheel loads, ie, concrete trucks, solid waste trucks, tractor trailers, containers……etc. de Castro Street needs to remain two way for lighter traffic.

    To ease traffic congestion from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, traffic on Main Street from the burial ground should be one way heading west and east, respectively. Additionally, instead of all businesses closing at 5:00 pm, perhaps the closing times for some businesses can start at 4:00 pm or 6:00 pm.

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    • Socrates says:

      @Quiet Warrior, your suggestions has some merit. However, I’m Socrates so you know I will have some Socratic questions.

      Q1. Why you don’t want to turn de Castro Street into a 1 way street going west?

      Q2. Which businesses will close at 4:00 p.m. or 6:00 pm?

      Q3. Would turning Main Street from Burial to D. Orlando Smith Hospital one way heading west from 6:00 to 9:00 am and and from 4:00 pm to 7 pm heading east confused motorists?

      • Quiet Warrior says:


        Q1. Why you don’t want to turn de Castro Street into a 1 way street going west?
        Ans. Water Front Drive is a major arterial so why would made into a one way. With the current proposal most of heavy wheel load would have to traverse de Castro Street. de Castro Street is a collector and lower tier street than Water Front Drive. It is the entrance for Bobby’’s, Bolos, banks……. etc. Water Front Drive needs to be strengthened, improved and remain two traffic.

        Q2. Which businesses will close at 4:00 p.m. or 6:00 pm?
        Ans. Each business will have to make that decision. If I operated a business in Road Town, I would assessed business operations/activity between 4:00 pm. and used data to drive my decision.

        Q3. Would turning Main Street from Burial to D. Orlando Smith Hospital one way heading west from 6:00 to 9:00 am and and from 4:00 pm to 7 pm heading east confused motorists?
        Ans. Not really. It is done in other locales. The public will have to be educated through an aggressive public education and out reach programme, posting of proper signage………etc.

        Moreover, Road Town, the capital of Tortola and VI, is the major business, financial, entertainment, sports……..etc centre. Additionally, it is the seat of government. Everyday thousands of vehicles stream into Road Town. However, there is inadequate parking to accommodate them. Further, land Is not available for increasing horizontal parking. Therefore, going vertical is the only engineering option; build parking garages.

  26. Do the Math says:

    I wanted to hate this idea, but the proposed flow of traffic should reduce the wait time at major intersections because of slow or indecisive drivers.

    We might be able to circuit road town in 10-15 min compared to waiting at the light on admin drive for 20 and then sit in traffic for 10-15 min.

  27. Wings says:

    Waterfront drive should remain 2-way. Decastro street can be 1-way west if they insist.

    Main street can be 1-way west from Joes Hill to the hospital. The road by Nagico can be 1-way east. The road by the bakery can be 1-way south. The road by one stop mall can be 1-way north.

    Restrict all parking on the 2-way road between mid-town restaurant and waterfront drive.

    • One more roundabout says:

      And instead of putting a light at admin drive make it a roundabout too. Then traffic is constantly flowing without the need for stop lights!

  28. Lawlessness says:

    This will create more problems. People will start to park along the lane next to bobby’s.

    They will also park along the lane next to digicel. Just like how they park or put trailers in the bus lanes.

    There is no respect for laws in this place because the police only enforce them selectively.

  29. Listen says:

    The problem is the parking… people need to stop parking up any old how. the police need to be out here giving tickets or better yet put down barriers or something.. people just be parking any old how in town which causes the more traffic jams.. its ridiculous

    • Pier Park... says:

      Great idea for both traffic congestion reduction on waterfront and will also help drive business to the planned shopping are of Pier Park

  30. Bobby's roundabout says:

    1. Just have traffic going west (waterfront drive) in the left lane 2. Move the ferries to the Pier Park so ferry traffic is on admin drive not the highway. Simple, low cost, my $100,000 consultancy in the post

  31. meh says:

    it matters not about the law, common sense and decency and respect for fellow road users; folk will still do the most selfish thing available and screw everyone else. #BVI

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