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Traffic stop leads to marijuana find, court hears

Nigel Prince attending court. File photo

A motorist, who has other matters pending before the court, is now being accused of driving an unlicensed vehicle and possession of two grams of marijuana.

West End resident Nigel Prince got into more hot water when police officers allegedly discovered marijuana in his vehicle.

The police are claiming that Prince admitted to the offences on the day he was held. But the accused man pleaded not guilty to both charges during his court appearance.

The prosecution alleged that, on January 31 this year, members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force were on duty at Delta Gas Station in Pockwood Pond when they noticed the accused.

The accused, Prince, was allegedly driving a vehicle that did not have the required licence sticker on the windshield.

The law enforcers approached him and asked if the vehicle was licensed or insured.

“No, it is not licensed but it is insured,” the accused man reportedly said, adding that the vehicle belonged to him.

Police then conducted a search of the vehicle and allegedly recovered two dime bags from the dashboard. The court heard that the dime bags contained marijuana.

When asked what was in the bags, Prince reportedly said: “Weed. I am a smoker.”

It is further alleged that law enforcers made enquires at the Department of Motor Vehicles and confirmed that the said vehicle was not licensed.

Prince is scheduled to face trial on October 11.

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