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Traffic to be disrupted in Great Mountain due to major works

Motorists traversing the Great Mountain community will have to use alternate roads for the next three days, as major excavation works have started on the roadway.

A media release from the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) said the lower part of Great Mountain road will be closed until Saturday, November 21, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The RDA, therefore, presented alternate routes which motorists can utilise to travel to and from Road Town.

“Traffic coming from upper Great Mountain, Brewer’s Bay and Spooner’s Estate can turn left onto the Ridge Road and head into Road Town via the exit for Johnson’s Ghut/Purcell or continue to Belle Vue and head down Fort Hill into Road Town. Alternately, motorists can access Road Town via Joe’s Hill,” the RDA stated.

It added: “Similarly, heading out of Road Town motorists are advised to access Upper Great Mountain and environs via Joe’s Hill, Purcell/Johnson’s Ghut road or Fort Hill, Belle Vue and the Ridge Road.”

Traffic through Windy Hill to be diverted

The RDA also said there will be a diversion route for motorists travelling from the western parts of Tortola towards the Great Mountain area.

“Traffic coming from Cane Garden and Carrot Bay through Windy Hill will be alerted at the Ridge Road and Joe’s Hill intersection about Great Mountain road closure and would be diverted as necessary onto Joe’s Hill road,” the RDA stated.

“Residents living within the road closure designated area will have access to their properties with the assistance of site personnel,” it further said.

Signage and traffic wardens will be placed at the various intersections to assist motorists with their routes. All motorists are therefore asked to traverse with extreme caution and to adhere to the signs and directions of the wardens.

Following the completion excavation works, a single lane will be maintained for the duration of the project.  

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  1. Thank you ... says:

    … for info in advance

    Nothing worse than having to turn around 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Though there is value in having all roads functional, there seems to be a disconnect between the roads of most and least importance relative to need of urgent repair.

    It is believed to be common practice and common sense that the main thoroughfare/main, most/frequently used roads are the ones to that should be regularly maintained. So why is PWD and VIP not getting this right?

    Jesus Lord man, the road from the bridge, through east end, especially and right into town, the one road that see the most usage is in deplorable condition.

    No vehicle travelling that road daily will last for longer than a year or two. Just bought one and within two weeks it is already falling apart.

    VIP, please put politics aside and fix the roads for the people. Their investment in the vehicle is being shattered daily by undrivable roads.

    Please, is that all you all have to offer the people of Mr. Mr. Stoutt, Mr. Wheatley and the people of the East End district and the territory? This is shameful!

    The very last time your faces were seen were in this very area and district asking for support for a job, a job we gave you those jobs. Now this is how we are being repaid? With roads filled with 12 foot deep holes from end to end, while the least travel of roads and with minimal traffic are being repaired? School child ask, that makes sense?

    What kind of sense is that? Why is the main road in total disrepair and being neglected elected officials? And this is what we get in return for voting for a party? A pot hole riddled vehicle destroying road to commute on daily. This is really depressing.

    This is beyond shameful VIP!!Those roads will mash up even a mule or donkey over night.Is this what we voted for?

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