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Travel Magazine: BVI one of the safest destinations regarding COVID

“Visiting might require a few extra steps, but there’s no reason visitors can’t find the right state of mind in the BVI this winter.” — Travel Pulse

The online tourism publication, Travel Pulse has named the British Virgin Islands among the safest places the visit in Caribbean, as it relates to COVID-19.

The BVI was listed at number-two among a total nine COVID-safe destinations currently open for tourism.

In its article, Travel Pulse made specific note of the territory’s BVI Gateway Traveller Authorisation Certificate requirements as well as its rigorous testing protocols to ensure safety.

It said: “Travellers will also need to download a contract tracing app on their phone and take a COVID-19 test upon arrival and again four days after arrival. A negative result will allow travellers to move freely throughout the islands.”

“Visiting might require a few extra steps, but there’s no reason visitors can’t find the right state of mind in the BVI this winter,” noted Travel Pulse, which also did a feature on the Tourist Board’s launch of a destination marketing campaign focused on travellers “finding themselves” in the territory.

As is the case for the majority of Caribbean islands, the US Department of State has listed the BVI at Level 3 on its travel advisory scale. For this level, Americans are advised to reconsider travel to due to “health and safety measures and COVID-related conditions.

The BVI, however, has no active cases of COVID-19 for several days now.

One country in the region the State Department listed better at Level 2 is St Kitts & Nevis, which was also first on Travel Pulse‘s list of safe destinations.

In the meantime, other countries that made Travel Pulses ‘safe’ list are The Bahamas, Dominica, St Lucia, Aruba, Jamaica, Barbados, and Anguilla.


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  1. Hahahaha. says:

    This makes me laugh…Safe,, then why are they not coming? Why are they going to St Johns and St Thomas by the thousands thats are considrred not… This story is laughable, its sounds more like a paid add… We advertise 2 times when the port was going to open, Boaters made their plans each time to come and on each occation the boaters lose their money and have to be routed to another country, because the Government failed everytime and force to change their minds…Does this represent a safe destination…This is just a paid ad..

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  2. LOL says:

    It must be ‘safe’ if it’s CLOSED!!!!! Safe from COVID but killed by bills, sounds like a great life for the people residing in the BVI.

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  3. Ken D says:

    Looks like another scam, this is from today at the CDC: February 02, 2021
    Travelers should avoid all travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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    • @ken D says:

      See why I don’t trust these bloggers, this how I know most the people blogging on here about certain issues like the Commission of Inquiry are not from the BVI…

      Because look at @Ken D .. He or she clearly does not seem to know the difference between the USVI and the BVI

  4. lol says:

    it must be safe if the tourists cant come

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    Businesses are closing hand over fist. Boats are leaving. Charter ports are moving to the USVI. People are out of work and can’t pay their bills.

    Does Fahie care?

    All he is interested in is fighting with the UK and trying to squirm out from under the COI.

    Some leader.

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  6. 007 says:

    So is Mars. Just about as hard to get to as well.

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  7. hmmm says:

    like really really not even Anguilla which had only four since CONID 19 started, st Kitts Dominica does much better no death, and you telling me BVI DOES BETTER need to see the facts on that because as i can see those countries doing much better than the BVI..

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  8. GTFOH says:

    All these negative nancies with their nonsense. The facts prove that article is correct. Regardless of how you feel the BVI is one of the safest. Lowest in terms of total positive cases, deaths, safety measures in place even down to curfew which y’all still bawling about. You can’t discredit facts no matter how much you post or hate to see positive articles.

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  9. Done with BVI says:

    I am done with the BVI. This is so misleading. I had been coming to the BVI for years. I am now branching out to other countries like Belize, Brazil and the southern Caribbean. Too much bureaucracy and red tape in the BVI these days. Good luck getting your tourism back as many like myself will now discover new “Nature’s Little Secrets” elsewhere.

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  10. photo says:

    How old is that aerial photo of Cane Garden Bay?

    Quito’s webcam shows the honest empty view of CG Bay today.

    • Huh says:

      Why would you want to go to a crowded beach anyway? In a pandemic.

      There are people the world over with enough days to spend in quarantine who would feel safer in such a place than elsewhere that has community spread.

      This is a prime time for select groups to come for an extended visit. It’s possible to have a less popular beach all to yourself.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This article is complete nonsense. Safe? Well yeah, because nobody is stupid enough to go there and quarantine on vacation for 4 days. Give me St. John

  12. Rich says:

    Safe? Well yeah. Only because no one is stupid enough to go there to quarantine for 4 days on vacation

  13. Really says:

    BVI News’ hatred for this government and the negativity they constantly post will destroy this Territory before COVID-19. To all the marine business owners who have used this territory to put money in your pockets and not given back anything are the ones in the comments with their negativity. Go to the USVI and make your money and if you are not satisfied with the protocols in this territory pack your bags and go!

    • The Answer says:

      They did, and still are doing so. STJ is the new go to for my group. Easier to get to, better beaches…..common sense prevails. Good luck.

  14. Nevis Island says:

    Currently, St. Kitts and #Nevis remains the safest destination in the #Caribbean. It is marked as a Level 1 destination by the #CDC, meaning that it is a relatively safe location with a low number of #COVID19 cases.

  15. Nevis Island says:

    Currently, St. Kitts and Nevis remains the safest destination in the Caribbean. It is marked as a Level 1 destination by the CDC, meaning that it is a relatively safe location with a low number of COVID-19 cases.

  16. @Nevis Island says:

    Yes and the quarantine period is 14 days that is what make it the safest place that is what the BVI should do. A lot of people are criticising the St. Kitts Nevis Government for it but they are doing what is best for their country and so is the BVI Government. You morons always on here blogging s×××.

  17. I said it says:

    Safe because we have no visitors. The most deadly virus are some of our people minds and attitude. SMH
    People are going to places where they can travel to with negative covid results and no quarantine.

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