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Trial starts for accused cop trio, Crown witnesses testify

Interdicted cops Pamphill Prevost, Simon Power, and Shawn Henry move swiftly to evade BVI News cameras after their first day of trial in the High Court on Tuesday, January 22.

Proceedings have begun in the trial involving the three interdicted police officers who are facing criminal charges in relation to their alleged conspiracy to steal between January 2012 to July 2014.

Pamphill Prevost, Simon Power, and Shawn Henry were initially slapped with several counts of multiple charges. However, only three charges are now associated with their corruption case.

The trio is collectively charged with ‘conspiracy to steal’ while Prevost and Power are jointly charged with ‘conspiracy to pervert the course of justice’. Power stands as the only member among the trio charged with ‘acquisition, possession or use of proceeds of criminal conduct’.

Confiscated cash looked different, says witness

On day one of their trial in the High Court on Tuesday, two Crown witnesses took the stand to testify – Senior Investigative Officer William Ramsen, and Detective Constable Forbes Washington.

Officer Washington testified that he was responsible for capturing photographs of a crime scene in Frenchman’s Cay, Tortola where the accused cops had reportedly intercepted a suspect carrying a duffel bag containing several thousands of United States currency.

Washington testified that after photographing the cash at the crime scene, the said monies were transported to the Road Town Police Station for storage. He told the court that while at the station, he noticed the money seemed ‘different’.

“I observed the contents were not in the same manner as it was at [the crime scene] at Frenchman’s Cay,” Officer Washington told the presiding judge, Justice Rajiv Persad and the nine-member jury.

Cross-examination: I didn’t count it

However, during cross-examination from defence attorney Patrick Thompson, Officer Washington admitted that he did not count the parcels of cash at the crime scene.

The court and jury will hear further testimonies when the trial resumes.

Attorney Thompson represents Prevost, Queen’s Counsel Ian Wilkinson represents Henry, while attorney-at-law Israel Bruce represents Power.

On the Crown’s side, Queen’s Counsel John Black is the lead prosecutor in this case.

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