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Trinidadian fined after pleading guilty to overstaying

A Trinidadian man has pleaded guilty to overstaying in the British Virgin Islands for weeks.

Thirty-one-year-old Dolphie Nedd answered to the charge during a virtual appearance before Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin on Monday, April 20.

During the court proceedings that happened via Zoom, Nedd was fined $1,000. He has up to the end of this week to pay the fine or in default, he will spend three months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that Nedd arrived in the territory on vacation on December 22 last year and was residing in Towers Estate, West End.

He was granted stay in the British Virgin Islands up till February 22 and was seeking employment.

However, on April 14, members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force received information about suspicious activity taking place at a Belmont Estate residence and subsequently responded.

The court heard that the Trinidadian was among persons found at the home. While examining his travel documents, police noted that he was illegal in the territory.

The accused man’s attorney, Stephen Daniels, told the court that his client “just took the wrong advice”. He gave that indication in response to the magistrate’s queries as to why Nedd did not seek an additional extension if he wanted to remain in the BVI.

In considering the sentence, Magistrate Benjamin noted that Nedd had no record of any previous offences. 

“I am not minded to take into consideration a custodial sentence,” she stated, adding that a fine would suffice under the circumstances.

Notwithstanding the current territorial lockdown, the magistrate said arrangements will be made for Nedd to pay the fine if he has the funds available.

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  1. Daffy Duck says:

    I like the fact that he was seeking employment, atleast he has ambition, he wants to work, should of pound the pavement, someone would of given him a job, but I applaud him for wanting to work. It could of been me, we have life here good let’s not take it for granted. Today for him tomorrow could be a family member of mine especially now with this Covid19.
    A 89 year old lady in Jamaica told me years ago while attending Mona, that…
    ” The man you see today is not the man you’ll see tomorrow”, so be careful how you treat others and always try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

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    • true says:

      Was he working as a gunman for WSI?

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      • @True says:

        Bless your heart dear!

        I do not and care not to know who is WSI but from the looks of your comment you seemed bothered by WSI.

        Are you aware of what is happening around the world? Please refrain from having an evil heart and let that spirit of anger GO. If you know of something that we don’t know of please call the police hotline, remain anonymous and speak. Being a keyboard gangster won’t change anything. Stop spreading rumors and start spreading happiness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it illegal to seek employment when on a vacation in the BVI?? Correct me if I’m wrong…

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    • Enough says:

      It is indeed illegal to work in the BVI when you are in vacation. But too often too many persons come to the BVI and do it. This blocks legitimate workers.

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    • Bright says:

      Yes it is guess they forgot that part

    • On SPOT says:

      Yes it is but its only in force to down inland men it seems the Spanish women an men do it all the time IF IT’S GOOD FOR ONE then its good 4 all

      • @On Spot says:

        Guess every wgyite person living and working here is legal? Think again. Many are not, but they are never sought after like they do our own people from the south. Why not? Don’t fall for the divisive propaganda. Holding breathe, need a hundred thumbs down so to breathe.

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  3. GTFOH says:

    What nobody will bring up is that BVI government now have to charter a flight to Trinidad at our expense to deport him. It wont be charged to his bank account, family’s account or government of T&T. Money that could have been doing something to help the territory have to be spent on this fool. I hope you understand now why we have to create new taxes and fees. If you dont you are just selfish.

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    • @GTFOH says:

      That’s why a fine was imposed.. The fine will help the Government to send him back home.

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      • GTFOH says:

        If the guy was looking for a job and was only here for vacation you really think he have $1000 to pay? Then if he pay they will look into where he get it from.

    • flights says:

      pretty sure we have planes going to Trinidad all the time at the moment with nobody on board.

  4. Just Asking says:

    Why is this breaking news in CAPITAL LETTERS! Why does it make headlines in bold print?
    Could it be that your readers are entertained to see a fellow citizen kicked up a** and deported for overstaying ?
    Best wishes to the gentleman or “Down Islander Man” as he is probably referred to in the BVI.
    $1000 or Three Months? Take the three months Dolphie and with a bit of luck you will spend the time in a Road Town Hotel with tree meals a day during these uncertain times.

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  5. Peaae says:

    Please everyone pays tax in the BVI once your working on the books , both expats and local , tax money pays for that . Create tax that ever working class person pays. Not a selected group.

  6. Mad max says:

    These ppl crazy where they think this place is it worst than hell .

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  7. Mad max says:

    Leave the man alone

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  8. Dave hardeo says:

    I love the in America we will call that racist because the government is doing their job and protecting its borders..

  9. vinzen says:

    Well, I think I’m going to do the next one, I’m going to break the curfew, but not for grass, but for a can of milk before I run out of milk.

  10. Muff says:

    Just to show how the world has changed, once upon a time most Trinidadians would only leave Trinidad to lime(vacation). Just hope he’s not wanted by the cops or them boys..

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