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Truck driver involved in fatal crash in police custody and facing charges

Road Town Police Station

By Kamal Haynes, BVI News Staff

The driver of the flatbed truck that was involved in last week’s fatal traffic accident with a motor scooter is in police custody and is facing at least one charge.

This was revealed by Head of the Police Traffic Division, Sergeant (Sgt) Augustus Bruce whose division has not yet released the truck driver’s name.

It was reported that the truck driver had fled the scene of the ill-fated Duff’s Bottom crash that claimed the life of the scooter rider who succumbed to head and groin injuries at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital hours after the collision.

“He (the truck driver) fled the scene but he has turned himself into the police so there is someone of interest presently assisting the police with investigations,” Sgt Bruce stated.

“In this case the guy ran because he is not a holder of a driver’s license,” the law enforcer further said.

Why motorists involved in accidents sometimes flee the scene

Addressing what he described as the serious matter of fleeing the scene of an accident, Sergeant Bruce said such actions is also a chargeable offence.

But, for the time being, the truck operator is only charged with driving without a licence, pending the completion of police investigations into the crash.

“It would be an automatic charge for driving without a driver’s license, but that does not mean that because you don’t have a license that you are at fault in terms of the accident itself,” Sergeant Bruce explained.

In regards to any other charges related to the accident, Sgt Bruce said: “He (the driver) has been warned about a note of intended prosecution at this point because the investigation is not complete. I can’t say that he would be charged but he was warned about prosecution.”

And while explaining why some motorists flee the scenes of traffic accidents, Sgt Bruce said: “Most persons run from accident scenes for different reasons. For one, they may be driving without a driver’s license. Number two, they may be driving without insurance and number three; they may be frightened depending on the magnitude of the collision whether persons may attack them based on the nature of the accident.”

As investigations continue into the matter, persons with any information regarding the accident are asked to contact the Road Policing Unit at 284-368-9836 or the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 284-368-9339.

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  1. nick says:

    “driving without a license does not mean that you are at fault regarding the accident”.yes you are as you should not be driving.

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    • @nick says:

      Same thing I’m thinking. No license. No driving. But then again does the scooter rider have one also.

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    • X says:

      Sorry I don’t agree with you. That’s like saying: if I am driving without a valid drivers license and a drunk driver, driving at 80mph, on the wrong side of the road, hits me head on, I’m the one at fault. My only fault is driving without a valid drivers license and I should be punished for that.

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    • THINK! says:

      If he does not have a drivers license it means he should not have been on the road. If he was not on the road there would have been no accident.

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  2. Well well says:

    @ Nick.
    My reasoning would be. If your are on the road driving without a license, then you are a danger to all road users. If you are not there, no accident.And driving a Flatbed too? more reckless ways to cause accidents.

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  3. My say says:

    I hope he not going to get away with this. You don’t have a valid drivers licence, you should not be driving period.

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  4. Sad ending... says:

    Nevertheless, cast the first stone since you have never done anything wrong.

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    • @Sad ending says:

      No one is casting any stones. That is why your Country is so F**ked up. You people condone to much wrong and unfairnes.This is not about anyone who have not done wrong. It is about being responsible. So in your eyes it is okay to disobey the LAW AND DRIVE WITHOUT A LICENCE YOU DAMN FOOL.

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      • No stones at all says:

        The truck driver, as many is saying, was at fault driving at a rapid speed. He was a danger to everyone on the roads that night driving without a licence in a darn flatbed truck in the dark.

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  5. peter says:

    the fact is ….a young boy is dead now and driving licens or not the accident most be investigated.

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  6. nick says:

    The other problem is that if he has no license he has no insurance coverage to cover lawsuits etc.

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  7. Hm says:

    The first one should be to your head ,as there is obviously nothing inside.

  8. word says:

    No license … you are at fault because you are supposed to be a passenger not the driver

  9. Old says:

    We have a good prison here. Some people do what they want .and don’t think about other .

  10. Sam says:

    Lot of car on the road have no insurance and. License .and motor scooter .And boat and driver also .y

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  11. The Cat says:

    An investigation is always at hand let’s wait and see sometimes not having a valid drivers license doesn’t mean u can’t drive many of us license do expire don’t we drive all the way to Pockwood Pond to start the process what if on the way there u get in an accident what would u say to the police cuz therefore u do not have a valid license should you get a break because u was on ur way to renew it ?

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  12. Unanswered questions says:

    I am still lost with this whole scenario. These are my questions. What is the truck driver affiliation with truck owner? Is he one of the workers? Is he a custom of driving the truck without a drivers licence? How did he get possession of the keys after hours and where was he going that night? That’s a lot of questions I hope the police can get answers to. They might just need to hit the truck owners with a penalty if they knowingly have a man driving a flatbed truck without a drivers licence.

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  13. 2 Cents says:

    Don’t Know If It’s Right or Wrong but in my Opinion It would be ,Generous and Heart warming that at the end of these Sad News Articles that the Head Of Police Traffic Division ( Sgt) Augustus Bruce would express His/Their Condolences to the Families (Just Sayin)

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  14. hm says:

    Oct 5th, 12th or 19th 2019 there was a accident on the high way of one mart Port Purcell. A young new comer to the bvi from st Vincent driving without an driver licence ram into someone. this guy was free from arrest in police custody just because of whom he working for beg for him to be release.

    BVI need to stop it!!!

    Couple days before this St Vincent man was in that accident a local young man was sent to jail because driving without licence.

    The police force need to take their job serious.

    stop this friend and country man bullSh***!!!

    That’s why nobody i say nobody gives the police for not a information…

    Now tek alyo ass out and search this set of japan and rental vehicle with a set of un-licence people behind the wheel.

    If your that dum to take a written test then stay that dum and don’t drive harming ppl life.

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  15. Need to know says:

    Sgt Bruce Where in the traffic laws can I find that leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. I think you need to check the laws again

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